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Su Yuzhou reincarnated into the ABO world after his death and became a top-level alpha. Influenced by the conceptions of his previous life, he never thought that a susceptible period would have any effect on him – after all, as an upright young man, how could he be enticed by pheromones to push down a weak Omega?

Then, he became the one who was pushed down _(:з”∠)_

Atypical ABO story, Omega Gong X Alpha Shou.

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udonsea rated it
July 17, 2022
Status: --
I'm the translator of this novel. I love strong MCs and unexpected gong/shou dynamics, and this story fits the bill. This is an OA story - that's right, an Omega Gong and an Alpha Shou.

MC Su Yuzhou remembers his past life in a world without ABO dynamics, and as such, he lacks the prejudiced worldview that so many people have in his new ABO world. Even when he is identified as the top 1% of Alpha, he doesn't really feel like he's anything special.

ML Su Qian has fought his entire... more>> life against gender discrimination. Despite achieving countless accomplishments, people don't respect him because he's an Omega. He refuses to submit to any Alpha, and he never does - including when he meets Su Yuzhou. That's because Su Yuzhou is pushed down by him instead. _ (:з"∠) _

As is common with ABO fics, there is dubious consent during ruts/heats that is handwaved away, but it's only really an issue in Chapter 4. Don't read or feel free to skip that chapter if that is a trigger for you. <<less
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magic101 rated it
July 29, 2022
Status: Completed
So I would have rated it 4 stars except the ending and the other half really let me down especially the MC's mother and daughter and how the ML's character progressed and what happened to the grandfather

Also, I'm f*cking disappointed that it wasn't tagged for "r*pe victim becomes lover"

Remember that most of the things that happen in the book with the MC and ML takes place in less than a year

ML's character progression and what happened to the grandfather:

... more>>

The main problem of the relationship is that it doesn't read as a essentially 27 yr old (transmitor) and a 28yr old relationship. They both act like teenagers in the relationship by how clingy and co-dependent they are to each other. I thought that more time as passed on by I think ch. 50 but no its only been a whole month. By the end of the book, you know how the ML was like I don't ever want to get bit because I don't want to be suberviant to an Alpha as the bond heavily favors Alphas and that he wanted to continue working and become the CEO. At the end, he's wants to be marked by the ML bc of his own insecurities. Mind you I think only 3 months since they met and been together. And he is willing to throw all of this hard work away when his grandfather asked the MC to marry into the ML's family instead of the typical Omega marries into the Alpha's family bc he wanted the ML to remain control of the company which is what the ML original wanted. And then the ML f*cking decides to go no contact with the grandfather bc of that which is so f*cking s*upid. Which just annoys the f*ck out of me.


Spoilers for MC's family :


The MC's Alpha Mother is essentially the type who believes that the Omegas shouldn't be stronger than their Alpha's and the very old fashioned beliefs that Alphas shouldn't cook or clean. What I find funny is that the MC's Alpha mom is the type of Alpha that the ML hates but apparently since its the MC's mom is ok. Also the very fun h*mophobia that the MC's mom and dad exhibits towards the idea of the MC being with a Alpha if the MC wasn't with an Omega (ML). Also, the MC's Alpha sister is essentially the quintessential representation of a dudebro which is always fun. Its incredibly clear where the MC's idea that Omegas are "delicate" come from.


Edit: Who removed the tags r*pe victim becomes lover (the tag I put) and Reverse r*pe? Do they not know what r*pe is? <<less
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BringTheBeatBack rated it
July 17, 2022
Status: Completed
I just see that this novel is gonna have a translation and i’m so happy. It’s so good and it’s not like every other ABO, what brings a charms to the story. It’s not the best but it’s definitely a novel that I would recommend to anybody. It’s so fluff and lovely; and if you a sucker for fluff (like me) you’re gonna truly love this. It’s have his flaws like everything else, but I truly recommend to give just a chance and see how the story advance.
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Rida rated it
July 25, 2022
Status: c104
I read the main text but I'm not interested in the story enough to read 38 chapters' worth of extras. I don't understand why the author didn't just merge them into the main story.

The MC is sensitive and gentle and often cries during his rut period. Although I normally don't like MCs like this, I love anything that subverts gender tropes, so I'll tolerate it. He's decisive and pampers the ML when he needs him.

... more>>

I also really liked that he was so forthright with the ML- he even told him about his past life and how that led to his fear of being abandoned and his inability to control his pheremones.


The ML is the typical cold, president. However, I loved it- whenever he made a misogynistic comment about Alphas, it made me laugh out loud. He didn't act like the typical omega and I loved how he was willing to give up everything to achieve what he wanted.


For example, the MC and ML met when the ML was having a consultation for gland removal surgery. Although he later changed his mind because of the MC, I loved how he was willing to live for only 50 years (a side effect of the surgery) rather than submit to a typical Alpha.


The ML has a gentle side and was willing to learn things such as cooking and knitting for the MC.


But I don't understand why he cut off all contact with his grandfather at the end of the main text. I feel that the grandfather was quite reasonable in asking the MC to marry into the ML's family. He only had the ML's best interest in mind.


Overall, I loved the role reversal and how all misunderstandings were resolved quickly. However, the story itself was a bit boring. <<less
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Psychoutre rated it
August 13, 2022
Status: c45
MTL'd and it was pretty understandable.

I tried. You will have to turn off half your brain to be able to get through the plot tbh.

Maybe my mistake for jumping in with expectations, but I honestly feel that the alpha/omega gender were just slapped on for the sake of it. Removing the fact that the shou was an alpha, his mannerism is your typical shou- highly emotional, naive, impulsive and childish/innocent, which is the type of shou I try to avoid. And there's the gong who is your usual poker-face iceberg..... more>> I kept pushing through because the summary was really interesting but nope, the unusual dynamic it tries to project was just a blanket. It's the same old, same old.

Tried not to question how quickly they progressed, but I guess the novel's goal was to push out as much dog food as they possibly can. MC was said to be a transmigrator who eventually regained memories of his past life once he hit 18 years old, but in actuality was a 26-year old man. Supposedly he should have at least some of the knowledge/maturity/common sense at this age, but you couldn't tell at all.

ML dropped something and MC wanted to return it. The doctor assured MC that he'll return it for him when ML comes back. MC and ML were strangers. MC decides not to leave it at that and tries to go out of his way to speak to the ML again, despite not really having a reason to (like ok, you're gonna tell him you found his lost item but you gave it to someone else to return it for you?). I got second-hand embarrassment reading the very obvious thirst he had for the ML.

Of course, without MC doing this, ML and MC wouldn't have been in the typical heat/rut predicament and let their biology take control yadah yadah yadah. Novel probably wouldn't have existed.

All sense of logic basically disappears, it's a perfect read for those that just want brainless fluff. I'm just disappointed that I fell for it thinking I was getting a unique shou for once!

Also side note, not sure if it's only for MTL but the s*x scenes are only ever implied. E.g. "The sky was blue". <<less
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Gumamela rated it
October 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Skipped some parts because it's predictable.

The beginning of the story was great. I was looking forward to see how the alpha takes care of his omega given that based on their genders, the alphas suppossedly are arrogant and have strong desires for possession. But then, it predictable for me in the middle of the story.

... more>>

The MC, Su Yuzhou/ Alpha, is reincarnated in the ABO world. He doesn't know how to see who are aplhas, betas and omegas among his surroundings because he has memories of his past life where there is no ABO. He approached the ML, Su Qian/ Omega, to return his necklace but their rut period was triggered. Suprise... surpise... Given that ML has problems with his pheromones due to long term use of inhibitors, he asked the MC to accompany him for 1 month before he gets his gland surgery. Long story short, he did not perform the surgery. The MC and ML finally defined the relationship and got together.

There are some familial issues with the ML which is quite common in a lot of novels. He was discriminated a lot because of his gender that's why he doesn't like Aplhas. Only Su Yuzhou was different.


I feel like that there are some parts missing. For example, the story about the MCs friend Bai Ke who is Beta and Andy who is alpha. I MTLed the story but from what I understood, Bai Ke probably has a story with another alpha which wasn't mentioned, only foreshadowed. And for Andy, I think he will have a relationship with an alpha too. It's an AA love. But it might be impossible maybe....

Anyway, all in all, it was okay. I wished the author explored more story lines. <<less
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lubauffs rated it
October 21, 2022
Status: Completed
3.1/5. It's a nice read (minus the r*pe part), though the plot is predictable but I still read it just for the sake of omegaxalpha trope (even though I feel like this abo thingy here is not kind of necessary) cause finding this kind of trope is hard and I don't really have anymore to read.
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