When I Lent My Shoulder on the Train, I Started Sleeping Alongside the “Doll Princess” ~The School’s Always Expressionless Beauty Shows Only Me a Sunflower-Like Smile~


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You are my body pillow.

“Would you continue to sleep with me from now on?…”

“…Are you a b*tch?”

“Do you think I’m a b*tch!?”

Nagi Shinonome, a high school student who can no longer feel romantic emotions towards others, falls asleep on the train. When he wakes up, he finds himself resting his head against the school’s most beautiful girl, Mashiro Kuribayashi…

Known as the “Doll Princess” at school, the expressionless Mashiro unexpectedly proposed something to Nagi.

“Would you continue to sleep with me from now on…?”

Both struggling with insomnia, Nagi accepts her proposal.

“You are my body pillow.”
“Am I just a body pillow to you!?”

He embraced her from behind,

“What’s with this leg?”
“I just want to link legs with Shinonome-kun.”
As their legs intertwine,

“I feel very at ease when I’m with Shinonome-kun…”

She whispered softly as she tried to express her feelings.

Only in front of Shinonome, Kuribayashi displays a sunflower-like smile…

The two who had no interaction in the classroom have different reasons and backgrounds for their insomnia. Despite seeming mismatched, they fit together perfectly. Through sleeping together, teasing each other, and finally coming together, they will be bound in the end—a love story renowned for its captivating banter begins here…

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電車の中で肩を貸したら、『人形姫』と添い寝するようになりました 〜いつも無表情の学校一の美少女は俺だけにひまわりのような笑顔を向けてくる〜
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