When I Confessed My Love to My Childhood Friend, Whom I Had a Crush on for Ten Years, She Said, [I’ve Never Seen You as a Man, It’s Impossible!] I Was Rejected, but Now I’m Being Approached by a Beautiful Girl I Used to Help From Bullying


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End of the third year of junior high school, I. Sakurai Kirito confessed to my childhood friend, Minamino Rinne, whom I had had a crush on for ten years.

The odds are more than good enough. I thought so, but…

“I’ve never seen you as a man, it’s impossible!”

I was completely rejected.

With a broken heart, I went to school alone for the first time in ten years, and found a girl I had saved from bullies in elementary school. I found Kitajima Towa right in front of me.

She looked at me, tears streaming down her face, and told me she had been thinking about me all this time.


“Kitajima Towa loves Sakurai Kirito kun with all my heart. Please make me your girlfriend.”

She confesses to me and hugs me.

I am confused by this sudden event.

As if to chase after me, she

“Wha-wha-wha….. what are you doing ……?”

“……………… Rinne, what are you doing here?”

The one who saw the scene was my childhood friend who I left behind, who was supposed to be bad at mornings.

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5 Reviews

New Krozam
Jan 20, 2023
Status: v2c10
It's a pretty well written but slow-paced and messy romantic drama. I call it drama instead of rom com, because while it has comedy as well, the messy drama is what you'll remember after reading it.

I don't exactly like the author's style of stuffing A LOT of events into each day. I've read other stories where romance turns serious in just a few days; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. In this one, it kind of works, but it's on a bit shaky ground. Stuffing a lot of events into... more>> each day basically gives you the feeling that there are a lot of common experiences and thus allows the development to feel more or less natural, but the messy drama kind of works the other way, giving you the feeling that the characters should spend more time sorting out their feelings.

I'll put the rest in spoilers, as what I'm about to say contains some information from chapters beyond where the translation is at.


Anyway, the MC is a very serious type when it comes to love. He loved his childhood friend single-mindedly for many years, and when he got rejected (several times), and simultaneously met another girl who had single-minded love for him, he at first thought that it'd be insincere to go out with that new girl right away. However, he eventually made the decision to love the new girl, and even after the giant misunderstanding with the childhood friend got resolved, he's still very much loyal to her. Even though they only met a few days ago, he's already resolved to marry her and spend the rest of his life with her. The idea of dating someone just to try it out never even crosses his mind, he's that serious.

The "new girl" is lovely and very serious about her feelings, but as far as I've read, that's pretty much all there is to her. What I mean is, she's not all that involved in the "messy drama", she's more responsible for the sweet and fluffy romance part in the story. She's a bit quick to decide on the love of her life just because the MC once saved her, but the lovey-dovey interaction between her and the MC is indeed sweet, so whatever. I don't really have much else to say about her.

The little sister is very devoted to her brother. Yes, to the point of incestuous love. But she knows it's impossible, and thus she's resolved to give her brother to someone she believes will make him happy. In the battle between the childhood friend and the new girl, she's on her brother's side, which effectively means that she'll respect his wishes and not interfere unless he needs help. At the point where I'm at, she gets along with both girls.

Now, the childhood friend. She's by far the most interesting character in the story, and also responsible for creating most of the drama. She's a traumatised girl with a bit of a problem understanding common sense, which causes the giant misunderstanding in the first volume (or chapter, as the author calls it - individual chapters are "episodes" for the author). To be specific, she was abused by her birth mother, then taken custody of by her step-father and a woman who married him just to become the poor girl's mother. The girl considers them her "blood-related family", because to her "blood relations" are something born over time from interaction, common experiences etc. The same way, she considers the MC and his sister her siblings because of their long-time relationship. For her, being "lovers", or even married, are not deep relationships. You can break up, you can get divorce, but you can't break "family" relationships. So, for her, becoming "lovers" with the MC would be a "downgrade" to a shallower relationship. They eventually talk things through at the end of the first volume, and as a result, they "reset" their relationship to that of "strangers", in order to build a new, healthier relationship. The girl, having had her distorted understanding fixed to something resembling common sense, decides that she wants to be lovers with him, after all, so she decides to challenge the new girl, whom the MC has decided to date and eventually marry. So, it's essentially a love triangle now. I browsed a few random chapters after the point where I'm at now, and at some point, the step-mother of the childhood friend suggests that the MC should take her as a "mistress", because she's such a broken girl that he's probably the only one she could ever be with, and it'd be sad if she had to spend the rest of her life alone. Well, the MC naturally rejects the idea, since while he does feel sorry for his childhood friend and still very much cares for her, it'd be unfair towards his girlfriend and the woman he wants to marry. But the idea is up in the air, so if, by some chance, his GF decides to accept the other girl, a poly-amorous ending seems possible.

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New aPizza
Jan 17, 2023
Status: ss6
Decent so far.

It's still pretty early in the story, but it's good imo.

MC, so far, is rather likable character. He's not uber dense at least.

... more>>

He's been "trained" by his childhood friend to be a gentleman i.e. Opening doors, being the one to order food for them in the diner, getting the prize at the crane game.

Some reviews say that he should've been more patient with Rinne, but I kind of respect his decision to move on. After all, how long does he have to wait till he stops being in the sees-you-as-a-brother zone?


There's some problems with the translation or rather some sentences are repeated. It's not a big deal if you ignore, but it does lower down the quality.

There's one review that says it gets messy, but I got really no problems with it because it's a JP romcom with a long ass title.

So, if you know what your getting into after reading the title, then give it a go. <<less
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Jan 05, 2023
Status: --
Don't read this. Just don't.

It honestly started off pretty decent, not the best writing but well-fleshed-out characters.

But then you will quickly be like 'WTF, where did this incest come from?" Not brocon, but actual incest. The protagonist's harem went extreme too soon. It becomes even messier as you keep reading.

... more>>

It turns out because of her mother and sh*tty past that she could not reciprocate MC love for her and after conquering that trauma, she starts to regrets and the little sister who was against her at first even started to side with her.

I dropped it, idk what happens next but it's better off not to waste your time with something so frustrating, killing my braincells


MC should have been patient with her and understanding. Instead, he cries rivers of tears about it. [Although it was a good scene but not concise at all]

You are probably aware that there's this trend of novels in Japan with similar plots such as this. There is even "Dumped, It was my another childhood friend who saved me" as an example. There are many with the same outline but only few are actually good... You can also find some on the Translator website. <<less
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Jan 11, 2023
Status: c15
An overall decent RomCom with equal parts "Awww", "WTF" & "people not understanding their own emotions".

I read a few chapters ahead with MTL, and there's some really funny moments.

Especially when the MC goes out with some female classmates and is jokingly called a harem bastard. He thinks to himself "what sort of harem protagonist gets rejected by the main heroine?".

The girl that rejects him thinks of him as a brother, and ends up rejecting him 2 more times while trying to patch things up. The third time he just closes the door and feins amnesia "Rinne? Who's that? I don't know any girls named Rinne."

Bonus points; when Rinne tells her mom she rejected the MC, the mom who already had him pegged as her future son-in-last had a classic "WHYYYYY!?!?!" moment.

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Jan 16, 2023
Status: --
A decent story with well-fleshed characters

... more>>

So the story starts with Kirito confessing to Rinne, however she turns him down because she sees him as a family member instead of a man. Now under normal circumstances that would be fine, since they were really close as friends. But what's really going on is that Rinne thought that they were already something similar to lovers. And this is related to her traumatic past.

Now I haven't read the Raws but my guess gathered from other reviews is that essentially Rinne was possibly groomed or even r*ped by her brother or another family member. So her mind is completely f*cked in telling the difference between a lover and a family member.

I do agree that Kirito should've been more patient with Rinne, but it seems to me that those closest to them knew that Rinne would be like this and neglected to tell Kirito about it. So in all honesty, Kirito's reaction and later actions of trying to find someone else is very understandable. So when her trauma is brought up, Kirito's sister switches sides and roots for Rinne. Which is really silly to say the least. I mean, fine it's understandable to feel sorry for Rinne. But frankly they are in high school so Rinne was the one being insensitive due to lack of common sense. The Damage has already been done. Rinne trying to win him back is essentially going to make things worse since he's already essentially dating Towa.

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