When God Made Me


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I was a loser. The lowest of the low.

Was I a bullied delivery boy?

No, they refused to send me on errands because my ugliness was contagious.

But now things are different.

I’ve become as handsome as the devil.

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신이 나를만들때
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Braveman rated it
January 29, 2017
Status: c4
[Edit 1 added at the bottom]

I'd recommend against reading this. The following might be spoilers, but it's only 4 chapters. I had high expectations when this started. The MC was an extremely ugly person, and God gave him a chance to improve his life. But damn is this MC pathetic and unlikable. Imagine a situation where you're getting bullied and beaten up badly for a really long time, and you have a chance to increase your "stats". This idiot decided to increase his height. What really bothers me is the fact that he didn't even CONSIDER raising his strength, speed or intelligence. His top 3 priorities are appearance, height and charm. Does he not even consider defending himself, even after he got a chance? Then he runs away from the bullies into an empty classroom, and finds some students having s*x, so what's the obvious response for our MC? Of course it's to record them. The MC is so unlikeable. Then when he finds out the girl is the one he had a crush on? Our delusional MC thinks

"'My Ye-hee is pure.' ", when she became "his" isn't specified though. Then when he overheard her boyfriend confirming it to his friends, he started crying. And supposedly it's the girls faults for "breaking his heart". Really, I don't understand why the MC thinks she broke his heart when there was nothing between them in the first place. Oh and to top it all off, the MC uploaded that video he recorder online. So yeah, our MC is a creepy, obsessive, objectively s*upid, pathetic piece of shit. Again, I recommend you don't read this.

[Edit 1: I have still only read up to Chapter 4, and I refuse to read any further. I just wanted to responsd to reviews like:


As for those that are judging the MC onto why he invested more on charm and appearance first instead of the battle stats, I mean hello! Is this an action novel? Is there a demon king out there trying to take over the world that the MC must invest to battle related stats first? Come on, be reasonable.


I would like to say this: No, this is not some post apocalyptic world or isekai where the MC has to fight for his life. But is that the only scenario where you might want to improve your strength? Only if you are about to get killed? No, of course not. The bare minimum for any self respecting individual should be the ability to protect himself, let alone in this case where the MC is getting brutally beat up and humiliated. Just the thought that he only thinks about improving his looks in this situation is, to me, disgusting.

This is just my opinion, but appearances are unimportant. The most important thing is maintaining your dignity and self respect.

Apart from that I could go on and on about how s*upid and thoughtless the MC's decisions are.

  • He doesn't know the limit of how many stat points he would be able to get. If it was the case that his first few stat points were all he would get, then you would agree that putting it into his appearance is the height of s*upidity. He'd just become a somewhat prettier punching bag for his bullies.
  • No matter how 'beautiful' someone becomes, beauty is just that, appearance. He'd still be limited by human limits. True super powers are things like strength, speed, or intelligence. When these go beyond the level of humans, amazing things can be done. But what can he do with amazing beauty? Maybe woo a number of women? It all just seems so vain, when with his power something so much greater can be achieved.
I could really keep going on and on about how s*upid the MC's decisions are when you stop for a second to think about it. He's just lucky things turned out well for him in that his supply of skill points didn't suddenly stop after he wasted all the initial ones on his appearance.

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Mighty Action X
Nikarret rated it
February 19, 2017
Status: c11
It's actually getting better with succeeding chapters. It's like DICE without the violence and the annoying Game Master. Yes, he acts harshly at time to fulfill his quests which are fueled by his desires but as much as possible he tries to retain his humbleness and not to be swayed by arrogance that is brought by his new appearance.

As for those that are judging the MC onto why he invested more on charm and appearance first instead of the battle stats, I mean hello! Is this an action novel? Is... more>> there a demon king out there trying to take over the world that the MC must invest to battle related stats first? Come on, be reasonable. <<less
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February 2, 2017
Status: c5
It's unbelievable how quick people are to judge a novel by its first few pages. So what if he's raising his appearance first? What about strength? It's not a post-apocalyptic world where the fittest survive. No, it's modern South Korea and our protagonist is a TEENAGER. Please take that in mind before you're raving about a dislikable character just from reading the first four chapters. There's plenty room for character development. Unless you've read ahead, please refrain from posting reviews like this, thanks. From what I've read, the novel seems... more>> pretty fun. OK, he may seem like a creep, but what'd you expect from an isolated and extremely lonely teenager that has had to face humiliation and bullying every single day for as long as he lived? It's natural his mind is not normal. It's also normal that he doesn't think like an RPG-player or your average gary stu protag you'd find on here. No. He's still developing, and it's clear as day you can see that. I'd read up till chapter 5 to get an idea what the story's about-- and if you like the manhwa 'Lookism' you might want to look into this. I won't post a legit review/rating until there's enough chapters. <<less
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Temairine rated it
February 9, 2017
Status: c11
I personally like this novel, though it is still in the early stages. And in response to a critical review, like some other reviewers have said, this is modern South Korea, not the apocalypse.

So raising his appearance at first is logical. He is tackling the bullying problem at it's source, rather than putting himself in a situation where he has to fight lots (if he raised strength) in order to secure a position. Besides, he's an outcast, maybe he wants to have friends rather than enemies?

As for height? Has anyone... more>> considered that height is something he can confirm? He probably wanted to make sure the points actually did something...

And about the video he released. I do not agree with his actions, but... I can understand somewhat. When you are bullied and outcast you treasure every positive interaction, it's just the MC is such an outcast that even polite tolerance has become positive. So he put his hopes in that, it was something to hold on to. When that lifeline, his crush, snapped, he reacted very badly for sure, but I could imagine someone in his situation doing that.

The translation itself is excellent, and I am really looking forwards to seeing where this goes...

EDIT: As of the latest chapter he has looked back at that incident on more than one occasion and regretted it greatly, thinking about how he was wrong to do such a thing. That is a lot more than many Xianxia protagonists would have done! <<less
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January 25, 2017
Status: --
I'm not rating this yet. I'm only 1 chapter in. It's basically about a god who got lazy when making a guy and made him bu*t ugly. When the guy got told he was ugly for the 10, 000th time, the god noticed and decided to help him. From then on, the guy is now able to get quests and get points. He can invest those points into various attributes like a game. Classic japanese novel style, nothing really too special too far. If these kinds of novels are your... more>> fancy, go straight ahead. If I were to rate this on what is on chapter 1, it would be a 2/5 <<less
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Valven rated it
March 22, 2020
Status: Completed
I recommend reading, but I dislike the MC in general.

He isn't relatable to me at all, but at the same time, it feels like I COULD relate. He is by far, an utter loser. But then he turns into this absolute badass and handsome human being. Everyone praises and secretly loves the MC, due to appearance; this is the part that I could relate to, not the MC.

Lookism vibes, definitely read if you're waiting for a new episode of that.

Other than that, I rate it a 5* since it's really... more>> short (115 Chapters) and highlights the experience of the loser to hero type of thing, something I enjoy a lot. <<less
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TekeTK rated it
March 8, 2017
Status: c15
I came in with no expectation and no biased view. The first few characters were good because there's a solid amount of development. After that though the chapters it gets kinda stale for me, but I feel like after a few more chapters release then it should be acceptable.

All of his actions are pretty justified. It explains a lot of development in the story which is great. An example would be him making poor stat distribution at the beginning, but after raising INT he realizes how he could've been more effective with his choice. That tells me that the author is decently aware of the decision-making that's going on and not just writing his ass off. Yet even when he raises INT, he is smarter but his character is still the same. Sometimes he makes choices based on character rather than logically so he has to change that as well. He's aware of it though so it's understandable.

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Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba rated it
December 18, 2018
Status: --
Superficial, but slowly becomes self-reflective, and progressive.

Base level Korean psychological; "Appearance is everything."

Our protagonist however, let's just say one respective deity had been sleep deprived for too long! In order to compensate for our protagonist's monstrous appearance, he receives AVATAR system!

Of course he improves his appearance first, that's his inferiority complex, and makes cultural sense. Afterwards, as he becomes more introspective, he realises that he lacks many, many more qualities. Self-control. Confidence. Et cetera. Slowly, the protagonist, becomes more... real of a person. With it, he becomes popular.

I stress though, it all felt so disgustingly superficial that the nice aspects were greatly overshadowed. Plus, this story is discontinued, why bother reading this anyway? Only 20 chapters.
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MyRAMEN rated it
March 23, 2018
Status: c21

Gave this another read after my hormones are no longer raging from when I was a teen lol, and after having read so much more books since then this novel wasn't as great as I remember. The writing is very basic and their is lack of fundamental driving plot like big goals and antagonists other than a typical cliche school bully. But I'm sure it does get bjt better later on once his appearance was fixed, reread to chap 8


... more>> Original Rev:

This story is really great. Its is a great novel to pick for those who like funny novels with a touch of life and school-life/romance. It also adds in a game-element where he can change his talent/destiny. Dont listen to Braveman's review, first its the MC's personality and the book focuses on real life aspects its not a wuxia where theMC offends everyome and creates heavenly miracles. <<less
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Iris Lazuli rated it
March 30, 2017
Status: c18
This novel usually shows the fantasies of some teenage boys, to become better at their appearance, have skills to boast to their friends and many more similar to this.

What's really annoying here is on the beginning when he caught his crush having s*x with someone else he uploaded the video he recorded on the net and he just justified it with the girl crushing his feelings, And fine he's regretting doing it on the later chapters but seriously? He never even said his feelings on her. He's just being selfish and obsessive.

And yep as I said earlier on the succeeding chapters he'll just do things that young boys usually dreams about. Can't see any good character development as of now. Well I just hope that something good will happen in the near future
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Smallblackcat rated it
July 29, 2021
Status: c90
The story of this novel is quite good I just feel a bit because of the bad comment posted here.

If anyone is reading first of all the MC is not from any fantasy setting where he need to fight to the death, though they might be some action on the story.

Second the I saw the previous review well no need to be so angry about the mc's decision physical strength can be gained even without the system he can work out and something along those line but after your done... more>> with your puberty you can't gain anything related to your height again it's not like you can go back on being a teen his taking advantage of the physique that can be provided by the system and as a person who only read up to 4 chapters I'm really doubting your opinion on this story at least read it to the very end they are many good novel that really sucks at the start most of the reason as they are still new or just started they don't have the experience to see the problems on their story.

And man it's just a novel it's a fictional story no need to sound so aggrieved that you lost out money we are just reading for free here not really providing support the the actual author <<less
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DekuHero rated it
November 4, 2017
Status: --
It's not bad, but it's not good either. The idea is solid enough, but the MC is truly unlikable. He's the kind of guy that thinks he's "Mr. Nice guy" and all guys that are good with women are bad guys. Not only are his looks gross, but so is his attitude and outlook on life. ... more>>

The girl he had a crush on used to laugh with everyone when he was bullied. He assumes this girl is pure hearted and thinks he knows what kind of person she is even though he has no relationship of any kind with her at all. He finds out she has actually had s*x with her bf (Oh gosh... with.. her bf? How could she!) He automatically assumes the bf had basically forced her into it and corrupted her somehow. He later finds out that his delusion/fantasy he thought her up to be was not correct and gets his revenge on her and the guy for breaking his heart even though they didn't even know him at all. He recorded them about to have s*x and then uploaded it online. wtf. He's also pretty s*upid with how he decides to use his new power. Oh and he seems to have no problem with how two face people are to him before and after.

I give it 2 stars for having a really cool idea for the plot. It was just executed poorly imo <<less
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Fourthaid rated it
May 2, 2017
Status: c20
It's closer to a 3, 5 than a 4, but the potential for it makes me round it up to a 4. As many others have mentioned:

... more>>

the first few chapters are very disturbing, especially how he reacts to his crush in the midst of making out with her boyfriend, filming it, then uploading it to the internet. It's a seriously messed up thing that he does and I was tempted to drop it then and there. However, the MC is slowly coming to terms with what a detestable thing it was and I am hoping we will eventually see him try to make amends in some shape or form.


Another thing that seems to be a negative for some is how he dumps stats into "irrelevant" stats like looks and height. And while I could see how that would be very weird for a novel with a setting where wars or fights happen continuously and it wasn't mainly a comedy. But this is a regular high school boy who has lived his entire life being looked down on for his looks, and I am sure pretty much anyone who has gone through their teenage years can relate, regardless of them being the world's ugliest being like the MC or the prince of the school. We all have our insecurities after all, some are just easier to spot than others. So instead of raising his strength or dexterity or similar stats (which certainly would not instantly make him a good fighter), he chose to go for the root cause of why he has been ostracized and bullied most of his life.

It's interesting to see how our MC deals with this sudden change in how people interact with him. In a lot of ways, he is just as insecure now that he is handsome as he was when he was an ugly loner, and having to deal with all this new attention is a struggle for him and he is unable to discern easily if it is good or bad. Again something I am sure most of us can relate to, the uncertainty of how others view us, treat us and why? This is after all a boy who has only received attention in the form of bullying for most of his life, and now suddenly everyone wants to be his friend.

One of my biggest issues is that we're introduced to WAY too many characters, WAY too quickly. And maybe I am unused to juggling Korean names, but it's at times hard to keep track of who is who when you have 5+ characters introduced within a single chapter, some of who have very similar names. It's not been an issue I have had before with any other Korean novel, so either the author's choice of names is bad, he's introducing far too many characters at once, or my memory has suddenly gotten a whole lot worse! It sounds like a pet peeve, but it really is a big problem when you have to reread the same passage a few times to comprehend who said and did what.

TL;DR It's got potential. <<less
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ADistantDrifter rated it
December 20, 2023
Status: --
I had high hopes for this one. It had an interesting concept and a decent protagonist. However, after a bit, I realized that the plot was similar, very similar, to the plot of Lookism. An ugly guy turns handsome, defeats his bullies, and the girl who was used to make fun of him is now being nice to him and flirting with him, he works at a convenience store, and has that one girl who is nice to him, and then an intimidating guy comes over and misunderstands the protagonist....... more>> Yeah.. so I dropped it. <<less
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August 9, 2017
Status: --
It's a downgraded version of DICE. And that's it. Probably with the exception of the MC's obsession to the first crush being too excessive and ridiculous to the point he ruined her reputation when he found out that she's not pure. There are various other reasons but it's really downgraded.
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Mr.Tomato rated it
March 27, 2017
Status: c18
Its a decent story so far with some generic jp's cliches here and there even if its a Korean novel (its the generic bullied loner given a cheat by god).

Its about a guy that is so ugly that nobody wants to be near him, suddenly god appears tells him his the one at fault for his hideous appearance and decided to gave him a cheat (which is like the gamer but with less rpg settings and more focus on the individuals characteristics) for compensation, he uses that cheat to be so handsome that the devil himself would shy away and to be seen cool by everybody.


The MC really lacks some common knowledge and always base his actions on something he read on the internet. He make idiotic decisions that can affect his life (what I mean is him (mc) wasting his points on useless things) just to appear cool to everyone. I'm rating this higher if the author realizes that his MC acts so childish that he finally decided to make him act mature enough befitting his (mc) age.


Maybe add the wisdom stat cause even if he put a lot of points in his int if he doesn't know how to properly utilize his knowledge then its useless he'll just be an all knowing dumb individual


(Luckily this novel is still on its early chapters so there's still some hope on the mc's character development)
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