Welcome to the Guild of the Exiled


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“Expulsion boom”.

In this world, such phrase had become prevalent.

With the advent of “Status Scouter”, a convenient item that quantifies and visualises stats, a trend was set for high-ranking parties to expel their friends whose status numbers were in the low-end.

Eisen, who had graduated from the Guild Master Academy, had been harbouring doubts regarding the status-oriented world. In addition, with his inherent skill called “Appraisal Eye” that detects hidden skills in people, he realised that the adventurers who had been exiled for their “incompetence” were actually competent people with hidden skills.

Thus, Eisen decided to initiate a new guild for these exiles and took them in one after another. Just like that, the guild began to grow bigger.

“Off you go with your useless ability!”

“Ah, then you wouldn’t mind it if I take them in, yes?”

“We don’t need people with low stats here!”

“You dumping this kid? Are you people off your rockers….?”

In Eisen’s emerging guild, talented people who cannot be measured by numerical values gather, and eventually the name of the guild will be echoed all around the world.

Conversely, the S-ranked party that couldn’t see beyond the numerical value of their status and abandoned these people will tumble and fall in their pursuit of failure. Then they will learn who were the incompetent one all along.

“Oh, so now your party is on the brink of collapse? That’s what you get for ditching your precious friend!”

Associated Names
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Welcome to the Guild of the Exiled ~ where the so-called weak adventurers with hidden skills gather
Yōkoso Tsuihō-sha Girudo e ~ Kakushi Sukiru, Soshite Jakusha to Yobareta Bōkenshatachi to Tomo ni
ようこそ『追放者ギルド』へ ~隠しスキル、そして弱者と呼ばれた冒険者たちと共に~
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ReadsWebNovels rated it
October 7, 2020
Status: c23
Short chapters, and a flat story. No ups or downs. No tension. The MC goes around collecting members. It's like watching someone grind in pokemon.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Z-Stern rated it
September 27, 2021
Status: c42
After the author nuked the last ark he was writing, the translator decided to let the author get ahead on the story before batch translating... interesting to have a Netflix-like realise schedule.

about the story in itself. I quite like it.
it’s cookie cutter in a way, with all the elements of the kicked out trope, but this time from the perspective of the guild master. It shows some potential, in the way that it does adress some of the most obvious things you would think about :


The MC has an ability to see “hidden skills, so he can see value in people that are bearing mistreated, but then a girls with no “hidden skill” shows up. It’s not a perfect handling as the solution is of the sort of : “keep working hard abs you will get one” kind of deal, but at least the philosophy of the MC gets more sophisticated (albeit no by much)


mmm another good thing is :


Silvio, the first antagonist, as of the most recent chapters, he makes a complete 180 and show actual character development!!! Looking forward to reading more of this


to be honest I think it’s a 3.5 -4 star, not the best, but quite enjoyable to read if you are into this kind of novel
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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