Ways of Parting


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Ha Joyoon, a war correspondent for TPA, a foreign news agency, has been in a coma for five years after being involved in an accident in a civil war zone. Miraculously, he returns home and visits his ex-lover, but he was already with someone else … They were friends from birth, and lovers after they grew up. A man who never thought of breaking up with his lover and did not imagine himself with another person in his life, found his lover with someone other than him.

The world blames all the consequences on his selfishness and irresponsibility. It took time and different ways to end, but Ha Joyoon, who never experienced such a thing, falls helplessly and clings to an old lover who is trying to forget him. But then another man came into his life. This new man doesn’t need affection and just wants to enjoy carnal desires. It is the first time that Ha Joyoon has experienced separation and the responsibility of love in his thirty-one years of life.

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A Life Without You
헤어짐의 방법
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6 Reviews

Apr 18, 2022
Status: --
ITS HERE!! Brace yourselves for another angsty novel because it's so well-written and conveys the characters' emotions to such an extent that it would definitely make you tear up or at the very least, make you feel that pain. None of the characters are what one would call an antagonist or a "villain". It's all about perspective, which slowly unveils itself for each character that plays a major role. It's a story about growth, moving on, and accepting the change which may or may not have been led by you.... more>> All in all, I would definitely recommend this novel to anyone who's looking for that drama-filled, angst slow-burn. Thank you to the translator for picking this up! <<less
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May 03, 2022
Status: c0
I have yet to read the novel but I've read the completed Manhwa.

This story was so heartbreaking but also well written. It made me cry several times. As someone else had said, it's about perspective. I appreciated that it isn't a story where the MC just gets a new lover and their heart is mended; The author took time to give them (3 main characters) the character development they needed. Despite the heartbreak, the ending made it all worth it. You'll find yourself asking "How would I feel/cope in this... more>> situation." Life doesn't always follow what we have planned, this story depicts the strength it takes to get through life's wild cards. <<less
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Mar 04, 2023
Status: --
I must say I literally skipped my gym with trainer just because I cried snot reading this. I hate the ex lover tho. From my own understanding:

1. MC woke up and suddenly 5years past and the love of his life decided to be with another man

2. He is sick due to the bullet

... more>> 3. He was ignored

4. He begged his ex to accept him back even if it's just body he is lonely and don't know what to do

His ex :

1. He only waited MC like a year??? And then slept with someone else. S*upidly thought himself as rapist so he dated his new lover

2. He didn't give MC time or space to explain himself. He doesn't need to be cruel tho.

3. Suddenly he interested in his ex again when he learned someone else cares for his ex's health

4. He knows his new lover was mean to his ex but he didn't do anything

I m really satisfied when the ex boyfriend learned he actually never r*ped anyone. I satisfied when he got all his presents returned by MC as MC chose to have clean break and follow his dream as photographer. Let's learn to always be with someone who can understand you and your passion. Support from love one is important. I think the ex bf really held back MC from his career. Ex bf is really s*upid. Even tho he finally broke up with his new lover who conned him as rapist and able to moved one, as petty person as I am. I never wish him happiness. Maybe because I have similar experience as MC, so I never wish someone who hurt me deliberately happiness. Why I said deliberately, yes because the ex only care about his feeling. When MC returned he never tried to learn MC health and mental struggle. He also never had the guts to check whether he really r*ped someone or not. He just went with "I have to take responsibility" as a way to have a new lover and forget MC. Maybe if his ex is little bit kinder like: I can't break up with my new lover but I will help you adjust life. Things like that? So MC didn't felt left out by the world.

He just f*ckin wokr up from coma. And suddenly the man he loves is not even tiny bit nice to him. And kept blaming him for leaving for work. And ex has the nerve to prevent MC from going to field work again??? Shameless bastard.

It's good the title is a way of parting so they never got back together. I can't understand if they ever get back together. New ML is good. He is supportive in his own way and they work at the same field.

If all motoGP racers family and loved one held back the racers just because it's risky, would there be any racers? All works have their own risk. I think if you can't support someone with what their passion and work at least please do not blame or burden them. I dislike the ex so much <<less
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May 10, 2022
I’ve read the manwha because the novel is Korean, I couldn’t MTL it, so thank you to CG for starting their translation - they’re great chapters! This is a beautiful, angst filled love story for which you’d better come prepared with a case of tissues, electrolyte drinks to rehydrate from crying, and wear or use your light therapy while reading; just the premise is heartbreaking! I think of this as being akin to Decade of Deep Love in the deep, dramatic realistic emotional trauma described, only with a HE. I... more>> recommend this novel, only be prepared accordingly for your mood to plummet. This novel is written to grab and wrench your emotions. <<less
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Jan 13, 2024
Status: c57
I’m so sad if this novel is dropped. The TL is quite good and I can’t bear not knowing how the story plays out! Thanks for all the hard work and I’m hoping you keep going or perhaps someone will pick it up? Such a shame that this story is left dangling in TL purgatory! 😢😭
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Jan 09, 2023
Status: Completed
like some other reviewers, I also came from reading the manhwa. I typically read only chinese novels but for this one, I would read the novel once translations are completed. However, i’ll be referring to this as [this] “novel” while talking about it in this review.

this is one of my most favorite works because of the theme it deals with and how they’re handled. It is most definitely not a lighthearted read, but it is not unreasonable or frustrating like typical romantic dramas. Every character has something he’s dealing with... more>> that gets in the way of his being able to make a choice and move on because of different factors in their life. Unexpectedly, I am sad and happy for all three of these main characters. It is rare for me to appreciate exes and side with them or even support them.

relationships entangle us with people and them with us. I appreciate this novel for actually having the fresh concept of portraying how moving on is difficult and love is complex. I have read comments of people complaining about the pacing but considering the theme of this novel, I feel it’s reasonable, paced right, and realistic. Everything is necessary. It doesn’t make sense for this novel if the MC was able to pick between his lost love or his new, budding love within a few chapters. Moreover, the gaps in time, the separations, all contributed to either or both the development of characters and/or their relationship.

besides all that, I appreciate how this novel doesn’t forget to talk about different kinds of love. After all, this is why the MC had such a difficult time.

for a more detailed discussion on each of the three main characters, look under the cut but be warned of spoilers! I feel that reading it won’t let you fully appreciate the novel.

  • mc: of all characters, I feel like he was the one most affected and hurt by all this. His lover fears the idea of losing him and as such, isn’t supportive of his dreams. The last thing he remembers of his lover before he gets into a coma is their fight and when he wakes up, his lover is with someone else. He has no one to blame, doesn’t know where to place his anger, and doesn’t know how to adjust to such a severe change. He was so strong for being able to keep on going despite all this. I genuinely admired him and supported him wholly. I don’t believe anyone could handle his situation better than him. I think what stopped him from being able to make a decision between his ex and ML is that he’s still so caught up in his love with his ex. And yet, it’s such a normal and humane thing. It makes sense that he can’t even look past that because he’s filled with guilt, heartbreak, and helplessness while trying to follow his dreams. How would he have any spare time to realize that the love he had for his ex had already been placed on the ML and that he was just hung up on his ex because he did love him, but differently, the type unique to their relationship—one where they knew each other from birth. That they’d be together just came naturally to them, the MC forgot they started out as friends and that he could still grow a space for another person in his heart to love. Yet, at the same time, it’s also the part of him that is still in disbelief and still genuinely in love with his ex that hinders him from truly loving our ML wholeheartedly. I love that despite everything he wasn’t ashamed to fight for the love he had for the ML at the end. He is so brave and so strong. Anyone else would have flinched but he let go when they needed to and came back when he was ready.
  • ml: I admit, I forgot the whole plotline for our ml. I read the manhwa sometime ago and just skimmed parts of it in passing some other time ago. However, I do recall he had someone who was also on the field with him and he lost him. To the end, our ML holds him dear. I gotta say, seeing ML willingly let go of the MC, loving him despite everything, and respecting him on top of all that was so refreshing. Like the MC, he feels so human and just from his behavior, you can feel the tenderness and genuine love for the MC. His utmost support for MC whether it be for his dreams despite him not wanting to lose him too or with getting closure with his ex, the ML was such a great pillar for the MC. It’s honestly such a shame that there were no extras about their life after everything. I’m hoping the [actual] novel has some. There is not much I can say about his story or character, but I can say he is definitely wonderful and deserving of MC. I was pained to see him worry about the MC and choose to relieve MC of worrying about their relationship even if it clearly pained him. That gentle and loving kiss goodbye before he left was so painful and so memorable. It spoke so many things.
  • [mc’s] ex: ngl, I lowkey was annoyed by this man at first. He was selfish about the mc’s dreams and let the MC leave with a fight. Yet I couldn’t stay mad at him for too long because I could also see where he was coming from and understood how scary it was to think of your lover dying elsewhere, with the risk of his lifeless body getting lost there and not being able to see him anymore. I couldn’t blame him either for wanting to move on with his life. This was really what I loved about this novel. The more frustrating it seems, the more you realize it is because these characters were all behaving within reason and also fighting in their own way against the sadness of heartbreak. I loved that he and the MC stayed as friends and that he and the MC genuinely wish each other happiness. I honestly wished he got a better partner after everything.
this story isn’t meant to be perfect and yet it feels like it is. I hope you would give it a try. It’s definitely not a waste of time and emotional investment, haha! <<less
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