Ways of Parting


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Ha Joyoon, a war correspondent for TPA, a foreign news agency, has been in a coma for five years after being involved in an accident in a civil war zone. Miraculously, he returns home and visits his ex-lover, but he was already with someone else … They were friends from birth, and lovers after they grew up. A man who never thought of breaking up with his lover and did not imagine himself with another person in his life, found his lover with someone other than him.

The world blames all the consequences on his selfishness and irresponsibility. It took time and different ways to end, but Ha Joyoon, who never experienced such a thing, falls helplessly and clings to an old lover who is trying to forget him. But then another man came into his life. This new man doesn’t need affection and just wants to enjoy carnal desires. It is the first time that Ha Joyoon has experienced separation and the responsibility of love in his thirty-one years of life.

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헤어짐의 방법
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thvmzs rated it
April 18, 2022
Status: --
ITS HERE!! Brace yourselves for another angsty novel because it's so well-written and conveys the characters' emotions to such an extent that it would definitely make you tear up or at the very least, make you feel that pain. None of the characters are what one would call an antagonist or a "villain". It's all about perspective, which slowly unveils itself for each character that plays a major role. It's a story about growth, moving on, and accepting the change which may or may not have been led by you.... more>> All in all, I would definitely recommend this novel to anyone who's looking for that drama-filled, angst slow-burn. Thank you to the translator for picking this up! <<less
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Audmod rated it
May 3, 2022
Status: c0
I have yet to read the novel but I've read the completed Manhwa.

This story was so heartbreaking but also well written. It made me cry several times. As someone else had said, it's about perspective. I appreciated that it isn't a story where the MC just gets a new lover and their heart is mended; The author took time to give them (3 main characters) the character development they needed. Despite the heartbreak, the ending made it all worth it. You'll find yourself asking "How would I feel/cope in this... more>> situation." Life doesn't always follow what we have planned, this story depicts the strength it takes to get through life's wild cards. <<less
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PhoenixChameleon rated it
May 10, 2022
I’ve read the manwha because the novel is Korean, I couldn’t MTL it, so thank you to CG for starting their translation - they’re great chapters! This is a beautiful, angst filled love story for which you’d better come prepared with a case of tissues, electrolyte drinks to rehydrate from crying, and wear or use your light therapy while reading; just the premise is heartbreaking! I think of this as being akin to Decade of Deep Love in the deep, dramatic realistic emotional trauma described, only with a HE. I... more>> recommend this novel, only be prepared accordingly for your mood to plummet. This novel is written to grab and wrench your emotions. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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