Warm Boy


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With an intent of retaliation, Kwon Taejung who happened to cause an embarrassing accident, was suddenly relieved of all his duties and was fired from the company. Surrendering to the cruelty of his father, he was banished to the troublesome and ruined Daramdong slum, which was soon to be demolished by the company.

The Daramdong slum was famous for being broadcasted in a program as, “The Nightmare of Slums”. However, the once persistent screeches of the public against the demolition had died down, only recently the demolishing plans were started again.

Only 3 months were left until the demolition and Kwon Taejung could only return the company after the said 3 months, if he could complete a “Safe Demolition” of the slum without any further accidents. But of that “Safe Demolition” there was only one protester and that was the youngest resident of the slum, Yigyeom.

“I am the recent resident of the red container.”


“Yes, a red one. It’s a total landmark of the slum.”

The broadcasting team of the program, “The nightmare of slums” requested an interview from Yigyeom for a follow-up report. So that there were no arising issues regarding the demolition of Daramdong, Kwon Taejung thought to approach Yigyeom to stop the broadcast.

Lee Yigyeom who had been suffering under the demolition management of the slum for long, misunderstood Kwon Taejung as the new thug like service chief and Kwon Taejung didn’t correct his misunderstanding. After all, the Daramdong was planned to be demolished in 3 months anyway and there would be no chances to meet Yigyeom after that, so it was better to let him consider him as a thug until then, Kwon Taejung thought.

But Kwon Taejung could smell the somewhat sweetish peach smell Yigyeom emitted but it was unusual for a beta, which Kwon Taejung assumed Yigyeom was. But once he was aware of the fact, Yigyeom was an omega, his interest towards him slowly piqued. Forgetting that his initial plan was to obstruct the broadcast, he was steadily being absorbed in the strange feeling he felt towards Yigyeom. Yigyeom was well-behaved and diligent and often felt feverish in response to Kwon Taejung’s pheromones, and for those reasons, Kwon Taejung couldn’t help but follow Yigyeom with his eyes.

“…I don’t like thugs, you know.”

“Well, I don’t like kids either.”

Even though Yigyeom seemed meek, he was strongly confident and intuitive and wasn’t to be pushed around. There would be times when Kwon Taejung would distract him off his tracks, as childish as it was, but whenever there would be times where Yigyeom would wither, Kwon Taejung would stay by his side and his once closed heart would start to open. As the strange feelings grew towards each other, they became close without knowing they had different objectives.

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미열 소년
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flyingpingu rated it
May 12, 2023
Status: c68
It's literally story of how love from first sight bloomed beautifully. Their relationship is adorable and affectionate. MC is purehearted and ML is showering him with affection.

There is nothing bad, or inadequate about their reltionship development so far, no forceful stuff or angst. Also ML attitute towards MC is somewhat influenced how his paretns brought him up, even though their family is very rich. No toxicity actually is enjoyable to read.


Smut is super hot too.

12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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