Violet Love Affair


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The Marquis couple, Garcia and Anais, were hailed as picture-perfect by high society, like a painting.

Anais lived contentedly in this loveless, restrained tranquility. However, when her first love, whom she separated ways with painfully seven years ago, appeared, cracks began to appear in her daily life…

“May I draw you one day, Milady?”

The changed name, the status of a famous painter, and everything changed from their childhood, Siasen asked to paint Anais, and Anais, who had deep guilt about him, accepted his request.

“My wife praises you so much for being an artist. I thought about meeting you, too.”

Although he was polite, the attitude of her husband, Garcia, who always seemed cold, began to change.

The cruel and tragic incidents and accidents began to appear in the social circles of Katisha, the capital of the Empire, surrounding the three people: Siasen, an immortal painter whose love for a woman had become an ardent obsession, Anais, and her husband Garcia, who harbored a secret.

What was the truth and secret of the two men, who were after Anais?

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바이올렛 치정극
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