Villain: My Strength Depends on Heroine’s Imagination


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Ling Xue traveled through the fantasy world and became the villain.

At the beginning of the story, he gained an extraordinary ability linked to the consciousness of the number one heroine.

The stronger the heroine imagines him to be (only on the surface), the stronger he becomes (In Reality).

The heroine perceived Ling Xue as an enduring force, an invincible golden spear. She believed that Ling Xue has reached the pinnacle of cultivation and can achieve the highest realm.

So far, Ling Xue has only pretended to be imposing, leaving the rest to the heroine’s imagination…

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Tewingus rated it
August 27, 2023
Status: c39
Before I begin to announce my opinion, I’ll give my rating for the different aspects of the novel :

Story : 4/5

Orthographe : 3/5

... more>> Writing : 2/5

Bonus : none

I cannot pinpoint if the Story was written by a hidden genius or a lucky newbie.
The story is basically : a dude reincarnates as the villain in a novel he read, but it’s the only unoriginal thing I’d have to point out. The theme of the story itself is hardly ever seen elsewhere. The protagonist keeps a relatively consistent personality trough the novel (so far) aside from some sudden jumps that can be attributed to the heroine’s power wrapping his mind, which brings us to the pinnacle of this story : the fact the heroine unknowingly has the protag at her mercy. This create a very original and enjoyable power dinamic between the two MCs.

Orthographe : the translating team obviously lacks proofreaders, which kind of miffed the experience.

Writing : albeit the plot is great, the execution is quite terrible, an example being that an important character suddenly switched gender at some point without any explanation on how or why which makes me think the author just forgot. A few other plot holes pop up here and there albeit more discreetly. Still the characters are mostly well written and enjoyable, and the world building seems to be progressing well enough.

My total rating is a 9/15. A good read if you have 1-2 hours to waste, but hardly remarkable. <<less
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