Vampire’s Garden


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Werewolf Rando has been living alone since he was young, never once getting recognized by his own pack.

Then one day, humans in a nearby village asks him to kill a vampire living in the castle on top of the forest hill. Thinking that he may be accepted by his pack if he does this, Rando hurriedly heads to the said castle. But what he doesn’t know is, the vampire, Cassar, is much stronger than he thinks.

Rando has to beg for mercy on the vampire’s bed.

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뱀파이어의 정원
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10/25/23 BIG but ADORABLE c8
10/24/23 BIG but ADORABLE c7
10/18/23 BIG but ADORABLE c6
10/17/23 BIG but ADORABLE c5
10/11/23 BIG but ADORABLE c4
10/10/23 BIG but ADORABLE c3
10/08/23 BIG but ADORABLE c2
10/08/23 BIG but ADORABLE c1
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