Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor


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There was once an immortal cultivator fighting for the fate of human beings. Unfortunately, he failed that time; but fortunately got another chance as he was reborn once more as a human, on the earth of 5,000 years ago. With a second chance, he not only would embark on the road of saving all mankind, but also would retrieve his human nature on the new journey that would last for 5,000 years.

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1 Review

Jun 11, 2020
Status: --
This is like a more mature version of "Rebirth – City Cultivation" (aka - "Rebirth of The Urban Immortal Cultivator").

It's got the core story from it (as of chapter 58)....

... more>>

Big arrogant cultivator from x years in the future gets put into the body of a teenager... in this one it's via transmigration apparently.

Mother's friend has a daughter... check

Meets old man and his granddaughter who are cultivators... they give/help him get some stuff... check

Criminal Boss becomes lackey..... check

Basketball game he shouldn't even be playing in.... check


That being said.... it IS a more mature version... although it seems to be heading towards a harem (which I despise).

There isn't nearly as much in the way of senseless face slapping.

And so far there are NOT a bunch of people who seem to exist just to go "He said/did that to/about him... doesn't he know how super powerful the MC is???"

The MC seems to actually be portrayed as an actual person who has managed to be mostly cured of '8th grade syndrome' that so many of these seem to suffer from.

That being said... it has only been 58 chapters... so there's always a chance for a relapse into '8th grade syndrome' or for the budding harem to actual become annoying.... so for NOW I'd rate it as 3.5/5.0 <<less
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