Unrivaled Efforts of Ordinary Reincarnation ~When I Was Working Hard Since I Was a Baby, Before I Knew It I Was Shouldering Japan’s Future~


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“I don’t want to die anymore, so let’s aim for the strongest!” After being stabbed by a street thug, he was reincarnated in Japan, where “demons” such as youkai and monsters exist–and among them, it was a family of “exorcists” who exorcise monsters!

Being an exorcist is an important job killing monsters, but it’s a dangerous job that can kill people.

So he—Itsuki made up his mind.

In order not to die again, I will try to be strong.

Aiming to become the strongest, he has been practicing magic without fail since he was a baby――he noticed.

“Huh? Isn’t this too much?”

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Bonjin tensei no doryoku musō ~ akachan no koro kara doryoku shi tetara itsunomanika Nihon no mirai o shottemashita ~
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Mabbo rated it
May 3, 2023
Status: v4c17
A summary of this novel since the current summary makes you believe it's just another mind numbing power fantasy:

Our MC is an office worker with zero purpose and joy in life, living as if he's dead, when suddenly a "red-pilled" schizo stabs him in the chest, thinking he's the "government" who's been spying on the man. In the last moments of his life, MC learns the true pain of death and regrets the dull life he has been living.

The next thing he knows, he, Itsuki, is reborn in modern Japan... more>> that is slightly different than the Japan he knew. There is a strange illness that kills infants under 3 years old, monsters all over the place hunting children and killing people, and most surprisingly, the existence of magic. Not wanting to experience death again, Itsuki trains from the moment of his birth, perhaps he trains a little bit too much, but he swears he will never stop getting stronger to protect his second life and all he holds dear.

Regarding the main character.

Usually, reincarnation novels where the MC stays being a kid don't really strike me fancy, as most of those novels would give a supposedly very adult MC obstacles aimed for children, and the MC will be treated as some kind of genius over nothing. I would even assume that their authors just have some kind of praise kink or infant kink.

This one, however, is a bit different. Sure, Itsuki starts from baby and does get praised for being the genius that he isn't, but nothing that he's praised for that he isn't worked hard for. Be it the colossal amount of his mana/magic power, or the arsenal of magic that he is capable of unleashing.

Moreover, the obstacles he is tackling have real stakes. It may not appear much on the first volume, but his enemies are gradually getting stronger and more complicated as time goes, to the point where simply having a colossal amount of mana is merely a requirement.

The author does not treat MC as a kid, neither does the side characters (except maybe his doting daddy at times).

Regarding side characters.

They are fine. They can feel a little bit lackluster, but it is only because the MC takes the center stage so much. For that part, however, they are not overshadowed by the main character, and they feel like actual people instead of cardboard cutouts meant to fill in roles. Hina, the little sister, is just adorable when she's jealous. Shouichirou, the dad, is such a doting parent. Kaede, the mom, can feel like a simple character, but she's complex underneath.

If you are wondering, yes, it is a harem, and it's weird to say that when both the main character and the "love interests" are all grade school kids at most, but surprisingly enough, none of them feel like a damsel in distress that needs to be won over by the MC. The girls have their own stories and strengths and problems they tackle themselves, and most of the time, all MC does is give a helping hand. If you ask me, the story so far (volume 4) feels like a set-up for a high-school romance, but who knows?

Regarding the monsters

While there's no illustration of them so far, their depictions are simply creepy. They are offsetting, bordering the uncanny valley. They are people, most of them are, but wrong, deranged. They repeat phrases people use everyday, as if trying to blend with the rest of us. They are stuff straight out of horror manga (and they really remind you of the ghosts from Mieruko-chan, with how they keep asking you if you can see them and tell you to play with them), and those are all mostly the weak monsters. The stronger the monsters, the more dangerous they become.


My favorite design shows up in volume 3. A monster standing on four legs, but its body made entirely of arms. Its head is missing, instead there is a hole with arms going inside it. From the hole a whimper is heard. "I'm looking for someone, " it says. And if you ask it who is it looking for, the hole opens up, a flower of hands blooms, and from within, shows a face. Your face.


Regarding the power system.

Simply the best part of the novel. The power system is unique. It takes its own spin of magic/mana, and the pun is totally intended. I don't want to spoil the fun, since discovering all the ways you can do with mana is also a huge part of the story, but all I can say is it won't ever bore you. Even when you think the novel already explored everything the magic system can offer, it turns out it's just a small part of the world, as there is a stark difference between eastern magic system and western magic system, not to mention ancient magic system and more.

Itsuki, the MC, is constantly reaching out for greater heights despite already strong enough to oneshot small fries, and his hard work is paid for. What I like about it, however, is nothing is brushed off. We are following Itsuki in his journey learning magic every step of the way.

As of writing this review, I have caught up with the raws. I must say, this is unexpectedly a good series for what I thought to be another quick power fantasy. I will give it 5 stars to boost its rating, in the hope of giving it the chance to be found by more readers, although it does deserve to get 4.5 stars or higher. <<less
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Foeman111 rated it
April 1, 2023
Status: v1c16
I'm digging this one. Seems to be pretty well written. Description is on point. Still early in its writing so we'll have to see where it goes. Actually it's a lot better than many others this far in (16 chapters as of writing), and that's before considering it's got the harem tag. Giving 5 stars for now, but based on how it's looking that probably wont change.
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MyRAMEN rated it
May 3, 2024
Status: v1c21
It's an interesting concept but the writing is subpar. I tried to give this book a chance by going 20 chaps deep, but it really is just a time waster in summary. It is nothing special to be hooked on, I don't think this can fall into any niche category that I can recommend to those who like those genres either...
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Odorico rated it
July 15, 2023
Status: v2c1
This is a novel with extremely childish writing and chuunibyou but the worst thing is that the author is clearly trying to write a serious story which makes everything even more distressing, not to mention the annoying protagonist who has to wait for everything to go wrong to remember that he is OP, I honestly only recommend this novel for those who don't have or have little experience in reading
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isekaitruckdriver rated it
February 1, 2024
Status: v1c37
So far, this story is actually pretty good. The magic system feels unique, the author actually put some thought into it instead of just going with the regular stuff. The MC is also fine, though nothing special.

The monsters are also not just your typical goblin-orc-whatever and they seem to be kinda smart, so the MC can't just steamroll them despite having a lot of magic power.

The flow is also pretty decent, the passage of time neither feels too slow or too fast, I think the author got it right and... more>> the new elements to the story are also introduced in a good pace which keeps it interesting but easy to follow.

BUT what the hell is with these parents?! The mc's mother and father are acting like as if they were high on something, and badly. They are extremely slow and feels like they can't even process what's happening around them. Even though the father is a high-ranking exorcist with a lot of experience, he comes off as a total incompetent who's just staring out of his head while drooling.

The MC goes to work with his father and he's expected to contribute but the father doesn't even explain what they can expect, even his colleague is surprised why he didn't explain the fundamentals, he's not sharing basic information and gets caught off guard all the time. The mother is also on something. MC defeats a high ranking monster that unfortunately blows up half their house, the mother is standing close by. After the monster is defeated, she asks the MC whether the monster ran away. Dude wtf. Before that the MC tells her to get away because the monster can one-shot her but she starts arguing while it's apparent that she cannot do anything in that situation other than running away.

They are in a constant state of incomprehension, they remind me of zombies. The small kids (who are not reincarnated so they really are just normal kids) have more presence of mind than the mc's parents. <<less
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Theo d d
Theo d d rated it
October 13, 2023
Status: v3-intermission
I like MC way to thinking, way to be strong more and more.

but only one that not suit or minus of this story is scene fighting not imaging in a away dramatic not easy win, however his win easy but in process it, and so much story MC so long with character nina not interlude. But all Story good cause I'm give 4 star.
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