Unparalleled Understanding, Achieved Immortality at the Age of Eight, Shocking My Master!


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Once again, as he opened his eyes, Ning Changge awakened his extraordinary insight, only to find himself reborn as an abandoned infant.

Coincidentally, Zhang Sanfeng passed by and took him in as his eighth disciple.

From then on, on Wudang Mountain, there was an unparalleled prodigy with extraordinary insight. While others practiced martial arts or cultivated immortality, Ning Changge aimed to forge a path to eternal life in the world of martial arts!

【You studied three thousand classic scriptures, mastered three hundred inner cultivation techniques, and, with your innate inner energy, created the “Eternal Green Immortal Technique”!】

【Reading a hundred volumes of swordsmanship, observing battles between peerless swordsmen, you gained insights and created the “Gold-ranked White Tiger Sword Qi”!】

【You established the Immortal Sect, spread the teachings of immortality, and led people around the world to cultivate immortality. You observed the path of mortals cultivating immortality and used their inspiration as nourishment, creating the “Great Dao Elemental Infant Condensation Technique”!】

【You led the world to ascend, and the world’s will rewarded you with the Supreme Merit Golden Dragon feedback. You refused to absorb it, pondered carefully, and created the “Supreme Merit Body Forging Technique”!】

Martial techniques, passing them on to others…

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Incredible Insight: Cultivating Immortality at Eight, Astonishing Zhang Sanfeng
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