Unbelievable! All the Holy Maidens and Princess are crazy about marrying the Villain!


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Ji Changsheng gained the ability to marry multiple wives and received generous rewards, empowering him to become stronger. Moreover, his wives also benefits from the system by sharing in his cultivation achievements. As a result, numerous heroines became infatuated and did whatever it takes to marry him.

Protagonist: “The Holy Maiden broke off her engagement with me just to marry Ji Changsheng?”

Supreme Empress: “Young master Ji, I’ll bestow you with emperor-level techniques and elixirs to help me ascend to immortality!”

Dark Supreme Overlord: “What did you say? All the female overlords sent to conquer the human race have become Ji Changsheng’s betrothed?”

Thus, Ji Changsheng married across the myriad realms, achieving unparalleled greatness. However, this also triggered the rage of all protagonists in the multiple start domains, vowing to tear him to pieces and turn him into ashes.

Confused, Ji Changsheng wondered, “I only wanted to marry and grow stronger. How did I offend all the protagonists and become the ultimate final boss in the world?”

All the Protagonists: “Run! This boss has gone mad!”

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1 Review

Oct 08, 2023
Status: c54 part2
I've got only two good things to say about this story:

  • Premise is interesting
  • Great translation (10/10)
Now for for everything else:

  1. There so many filler paragraphs.
  2. The power up is all over the place
  3. Often times names of realms are jumbled
  4. The writer puts in pointless effort in letting the reader know what each 'powerful' or barely 'significant' character thinks about the protagonist. Completely breaking the story flow in the process.
  5. The characters are not even 1 dimensional. They feel so empty and fake that even a random picture has more depth than them.
  6. My mind gets cluttered with all kinds of names for characters, places, techniques, realms, powers etc. that it feels as if I am back to school where I am forcing myself to learn something irrelevant.
  7. Although I had an inkling at the beginning, it has became apparent in the later chapters that this story is written by someone who has lost all mental faculties, using only their g**itals as substitute for a brain. However, for the case that I am wrong, and this story has specifically been written to target a specific audience... I am really disappointed and disgusted by the existence of such readers.
Overall, this is exactly what you would expect from a story written only for the word count.

Once again, the translator has done an amazing job. However, I pity them having... more>> to go through the pain of translating this thing. <<less
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