I Can See Through Everything


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Reincarnated into a poor youth in an unnamed mountain village in another world, Lu Qing expressed deep helplessness. Fortunately, he awakened an ability to see through the information of objects, giving him a bit of capital for survival. He looked at a patch of grass by the roadside.

【Cow Bone Grass, average quality, medicinal, quite effective in treating bone injuries.】

He looked at a red carp in the river.

【Red Moon Carp, excellent quality, delicious meat, a top-grade tonic.】

He glanced at a wild rabbit in the mountains.

【Gray Rabbit, common wild rabbit, edible.】

Relying on his innate ability, Lu Qing gradually found his footing in the village, able to survive. Just when he thought he would spend his life peacefully in this ancient world with low productivity, one day, he suddenly saw a figure flying across the sky…

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I Can See Through All Information
I Can See Through the Information of All Things
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MeatEatingPriest rated it
June 10, 2024
Status: c25
This is a pretty straightforward and easy reading novel so far. I'd currently (chapter 25) categorize it as a chill (maybe even shallow) survival/slice of life in a rural ancient currently low cultivation setting. Like the name says, our protagonist Lu Qing has the ability to identify objects. He gets a few lines describing what they're good for. He can also see a sort of item quality aura, so far he's seen gray (lowest) white (mid) and red (high.) He can also see this aura around people which allows him... more>> to identify a local cultivator. We've also gotten peeks of other abilities, it appears he might be able to copy other's martial arts by viewing them and download/memorize the contents of books.

Speaking of cultivators, the setting is in a cultivation world. We don't know how widespread or advanced cultivation can get yet as we only know what Lu Qing knows and he's living in backwater rural village filled with fellow mortal peasants. The current plot is mostly focused on day-to-day survival as he recovered from a bad illness when he transmigrated into the current body and has a young sister to take care of. Their parents are dead and the two don't have any other relatives so naturally his first priority is to make sure they are able to survive and work to improve their situation. He starts with fishing which is not a common skill in their village and is aided by his system. He's currently trying to get closer to the town doctor by learning herb identification skills.

Translation by The Noble farmer is fine. Dialogue can be a little stilted but it's easy to follow. The classic lazy/bad machine translation errors of pronouns all over the place / inconsistency with odd proper nouns / difficulty conveying more abstract ideas are thankfully absent. <<less
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