Necromancer Before Awakening


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Necromancer Before Awakening follows the story of Kang Sahu, a skilled embalmer and hidden necromancer, navigating a world suddenly besieged by monstrous creatures and mysterious Gates. As a cataclysmic event unfolds, Kang Sahu reveals his true abilities, awakening to new powers amidst chaos. With spirits aiding him and undead creatures under his control, he fights to protect those around him while uncovering the secrets behind the Gates and the Awakened.

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각성 전부터 네크로맨서
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Kakipii13 rated it
June 6, 2024
Status: c22
MC's family comes from a secret community of necromancers, being capable of using magic and communicating with spirits and such. Then the world turns into a Hunter/Gate world and he awakens - something about the system didn't want the MC to pick the Necromancer class but he mashed the "make me a necromancer, dammit" button until the system broke and allowed it, and he gained... powers that he already had, though he could already do things that the system doesn't allow for and now can do some extra stuff through... more>> the system like get monster souls and summon them, so he's more powerful all-around.

A lot of minutia of hunter day-to-day stuff, like registering, reserving gates, and detailing each expedition into the gate, effects of abilities and items, and other hunters who are met. Also talks about the world's reactions to events and government policies and how things change as time goes on, and there's hints of a conspiracy in the background of course. It's an average Hunter genre novel in a lot of ways, but the existence of people who had abilities before awakening that might conflict with the system seems to promise an interesting twist on the typical plot lines.

The character of the MC is kinda flat, an the plot hasn't developed into anything especially exciting. However, it's a solid Hunter/Gate series that, if you like this genre a lot, is worth a read. 4/5 for being kinda average but good and without anything I particularly dislike. <<less
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