Two-Faced Princess


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“Your Majesty, please break-off my marriage with Her Highness the Imperial Princess. I fell in love with Lady Adriane Reese.”

“Six engagements, Six break-ups.”

The princess’s fiancé always had an affair with the maids!

“I don’t want to marry the crown prince, I want to live with my father forever…”

“Such a useless being. Begone!”

The princess who is known to be weak and s*upid, Apollonia.

But she has another hidden face…

“It’s because the throne is hard to obtain, my father also spent 10 years on trying to kill my mother, the empress.”

As Apollonia grinned, her red eyes shone intensely. Usurpation of the throne.

Her goal was clear. She was never shaken.

‘I want to live my life with my father.’

To be exact, I want to live my life where my father is seated.

Please wait, father. Your daughter is on her way.

To take back everything that was stolen from me.

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The Double-Faced Princess
두 얼굴의 황녀
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November 3, 2020
Status: c11
This novel has a lot of potential. It’s basically a story about a princess trying to take revenge on her father for killing her mother and grandfather (the current king) to take the throne.

... more>>

We find out early on it’s because her father wants revenge on the royal family for killing his lover. He even brings his son into the palace and lies to the empress that it’s just a child he’s caring for.


With the abundance of fluffy father-daughter novels out there, this type of plot is new. I just hope this one doesn’t end up with her finding a guy to depend on and losing every shred of her personality. Anyways, the father is complete scum and I’m looking forward to the day she goes off with his head. :) <<less
30 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
chihamin rated it
May 20, 2021
Status: c55

FIRST OF ALL, very underrated story. (Deserves AT-LEAST a 4.5)

You have a smart, cunning MC who — admittedly — has some cheats she started out with, but still uses her intelligence well!

... more>> The male lead is a c*cky, sly, and loveable bastard, who is introduced in a very interesting way you don’t see many novels do at all.

The story is pretty unique itself; a girl who plans to usurp the throne from her wicked father, but plays the role of a timid and weak girl to avoid suspicion.

On top of that, it’s not even an isekai! Thank god!! (Not that I hate isekais, but it’s refreshing to see a historical romance that isnt an isekai)

Also, if you’re like me and struggle from second-hand embarrassment, you’re in luck! This scene personally doesn’t have any scenes that really urk me and send me into the stratosphere from second-hand cringe.

Important to note, this is coming from someone who will literally instantly drop a series if the characters embarrass themselves.

Overall, good story. Chapters are a bit short, however. Because of this, i’ll probably be letting chapters stack up before reading them. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ecirteab rated it
March 31, 2021
Status: c43
Fantastic. A tense, tight battle of wits within the imperial family. MC is smart and an underdog, she's decisive and cunning but still has compassion for the people without hypocrisy. The antagonists are cruel and also smart, they hold the advantage in terms of power so MC always has to be on the lookout, giving the story an underlying tension that never loosens.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 21, 2021
Status: c72
At chapter 72 I can say the novel isn't bad. the story starts out when the MC is only but 16 a young princess who was formerly raised as her grandfather's heir at a very young age (a lot of political knowledge/theories even some survival skills etc). However, when she was around 9 y/o she witnessed her father kill her mother for revenge as well as her grandfather finally taking over as the new emperor under the guise that she's too young. With the same excuse, he manages to take... more>> over most land/estates that were left to her by her grandfather.

our MC basically has had to live her life very carefully pretending to be immensely naive, kind and foolish. She endures mistreatment and even has to live with caution not really due to her father but his sister. While the emperor without a doubt is smart and even capable with a sword his sister is very sharp and is the brains behind him. She's a lot more cautious and observant with her than the emperor. She has had to live her life through multiple setbacks and watch out for her life all the while maintaining the facade of foolishness.

even till now in the story, the MC is still very much helpless a lot of the times. She meets the ML fairly early on in an unexpected encounter to all the novels I've encountered... pretty interesting if you ask me. Now that the story has progressed to hinting at how she'll secretly expand her influence I cant wait to see how strong she grows.

in terms of world-building currently, it's only so-so IMO. we only know a bit about the kingdom she lives in and one other kingdom was mentioned. I'm still not sure of whether abilities exist/are common.

when it comes to character background it's pretty much a 10/10-everything is explained well enough such as how MC has been living with hints of moments here and there. We also know the grievances between MC's father and the previous emperor etc.

the plot flow is fairly neat. the translator has cut the chapters well so it doesn't end awkwardly, however, a lot of things feel draggy sometimes. but judging from the original work things are building up with stability.

personally, I'm not a fan of reading novels when we're shown the MC's journey to the throne/end goal very early on when she is still very helpless. I prefer reading it when MC's have instant abilities or have been bosses behind the scene who have yet to act out however this has managed to capture my interest and I hope it doesn't disappoint. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
HentMas rated it
November 8, 2021
Status: c106
It's an interesting revenge story where the MC acts as a fool to fool everyone around her.

And she succeeds, even when we KNOW her and we've read how she thinks, she comes off as extremely dumb in some instances that you sometimes forget it's all an act.

This is wonderful because when the scheme is completely revealed you get a feeling of "OOOoooh now that scene makes sense!" even when you "know" what's supposed to happen because you "know" the planning stages not everything is fully revealed (unless you can make... more>> conjectures at the level of Sherlock Holmes which if you can, Kudos!, more power to you, she has had me fooled several times)

It's got a few pacing issues because of some over exposition and dragged on sequences that seem to meander onto obnoxious tidbits that are not entirely relevant to the plot but are relevant to the characterization of the people affected by her schemes (take them or leave them, I feel some are unnecessary but they do expand on her actual influence affecting the people around her).

So, yeah, read this if you like schemes and not knowing how some things tie up till the end of the arch, because it's very good at not showing all the cards the author's got in his hand. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rosaa1 rated it
January 6, 2021
Status: c22
Promising. So far it’s been to enthralling to read about FL’s life, personality etc. I would definitely recommend to those who like to read about schemes in the palace life.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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