Transmigration with Cheat Codes


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In a surprising turn of events, Meng Jintang suddenly found herself transported into the immersive world of “Martial Arts Ascension,” a wuxia-themed single-player game she had acquired only a few days earlier. As she took in her new surroundings, the first thing that crossed her mind was the desire to simply close her eyes and drift into a daydream, even if returning to reality seemed impossible.

With an uncertain path ahead, Meng Jintang discovered a silver lining – she had brought the game’s system with her during the crossover. “Martial Arts Ascension” was known for its intricate controls and challenging gameplay, yet it had gained immense popularity among novice players due to a widely shared set of cheat codes. Now, Meng Jintang had to navigate this complex world and make the most of her unexpected situation.

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Vthree rated it
January 9, 2024
Status: c224
If you want to see the story the story with the OP heroine who focused on her own career and didn't go with romance route you can try this story because the romance part in this story is really subtle in the last part.

they didn't say they became couple but they live together after ML chase her to modern world


I like the progress of MC leveling up all her skill and she didn't forget about her main goal to go back to modern world with gadgets and her wifi

The only thing I didn't like is too many info dump too many details and make me as reader get bored and skip some part that I think not too important, and the only thing that keep me continue reading this is the battle part where MC in action and really see her progress, do you know how hard it is to find novel where the Female MC doing her own battle in didn't need ML to save her? And the Author didn't skip the details in all this battles too.

I don't know if it's because of her game system make all her world more gamified and all her enemies became loot and EXP but she as modern person didn't feel guilty when she first killed human and all her thinking and complaining for the game planner make me feel like she playing VR version of her keyboard game and need to finish all her missions to log out.
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Angela2nite rated it
May 11, 2024
Status: c220
Five stars! It's difficult to find a wuxia or xianxia novel with a female protagonist in which the romance is not one of the main parts (they are always a cliche relationship). I thank the author for this no romance focus. ... more>>

Although I like the ambiguous atmosphere at the end with a certain character... It leaves the reader with the option to understand that they have some connection but the development of their relationship it's not clear


A beautiful journey of a woman transmigrating into a "videogame", she can see a pannel with her stats and uses cheat codes.


There is a subplot about her origins and what happened to the original body.

Also I enjoyed the fights a lot!

Really really good! I was fed up with Josei novels and wanted to fresh my bud tastes. The novel is good short xianxia novel, I enjoyed the "game" features a lot since it gives a new perspective to the cultivation journey stories. I appreciate the work of the translator, a good translation it always gives an opportunity to immerse oneself in the novel. I couldn't stop reading so I have to finish it with the raw chapters (all in one weekend without sleep).

When I was finishing it, it was bittersweet... I wanted to know more about the future of the characters! <<less
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Fun protagonist. The cheats are quickly forgotten. Feels like the author realised very early on that they didn't know what they were doing with the concept, and then just unceremoniously ignored them for the next hundred chapters.

Neat story that wraps up tidily, but without a massive climax. Wouldn't have minded more time with the characters.
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ghostlybusiness rated it
May 25, 2024
Status: c220
MTL'ed to completion. MTL was a little difficult to understand at some points, but 70% readable.

Genuinely nice to read! A modern day woman downloads a game to play and ends up transmigrating into it. She doesn't know anything about the storyline of the game at all but she knows a lot of cheat codes to help her along, and the general vibe of the way the game presents challenges for the player.

What I really liked about this was how this wasn't romance focused. It was focusing on the wit of... more>> the main character, her abilities to solve puzzles and issues that arise from following the game storyline, and interpersonal relationships between herself and other people, herself and disciples of her sect and the sect's relationship with other sects.

Compared to other martial arts stories with female protagonists, this felt much more like a genuine retelling of a story from a neutral female perspective; a nice breath of fresh air. Honestly beautiful to read; intriguing at times. This story is what I want from female oriented martial arts stories and I'm glad I found it.

If you want a story that is medium paced with more focus on the martial arts world that we're exploring rather than an immediate and overbearing romantic storyline, this is it.

The only downside I have about this story is that I wish the author wrote more of the ending, maybe some extras?? I didn't want the story to end, but it is a complete story through and through. I didn't feel it was rushed through or poorly thought out at all.

5 stars, would recommend, hidden gem, 10/10, would tell all my friends. <<less
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January 12, 2024
Status: c40 part2
So far this story has the perfect balance of peace vs drama. MC is OP but is a very reserved person. She likes to spend all her time cultivating alone and improving her skills, only coming out when she reaches a bottleneck or someone comes to her for help.

However, it is not boring or slow paced because the author glosses over the grunt work, and soon something interesting will happen. She is very calm and in control, appearing in front of low rank enemies as if she is leagues above... more>> them and moving into mid tier enemies when she is leagues above them. Basically she has an extremely clear understanding of her own strength and that of others, and she spends a lot of effort to always appear much stronger than she is to ward off predators.

She is not particularly nosey, but if put in a situation she will always act righteous and save people. However, I don't get the impression this is because she is a saint-- instead, she sees these interactions as game events and thus opportunities to get rewards. She treats good people well because they are the supporting cast arranged by the game developers, and she treats the lives of enemies like grass, going so far as to call them "humanoid monsters" instead of people.

I really enjoy this kind of "career-focused" or "self-improvement focused" female lead. The one I suspect is the male lead is introduced early on, and they develop with mutual respect and revolutionary companionship. He is a very perceptive and considerate person, acting in small ways to take care of her mood despite her lack of emotional signaling. They have a very good tacit understanding of each other.

I hope more people will read and recommend similar stories because I really want to read them! <<less
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