Transmigrated Farmgirl’s Scheme to Get Rich


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The web novel author Mo Yan trasmigrated to ancient China and experienced life there.

Her new body was weak and sickly, and she just so happened to have a short-tempered mother who favoured sons over daughters. Each day was filled with arguments, and she was never full. It was such a bitter life! Thankfully, she still had an older sister who still cared for her.

To put food on the table, she started studying, fed ducks, dug for medicinal herbs, and even opened a shop with her sister.

She used brains to outwit her mother and earn her sister happiness. She taught her useless dad a lesson and kept mistresses away. She kept her lazy brother in line and made him take on responsibility.

With her careful planning, her life got better and better. And as the cold winters passed, Mo Yan grew up.

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rakusu rated it
October 16, 2022
Status: c289
I've been using the Series Finder to refine my search and I'm so glad to find such a novel. It's about Mo Yan's life in the country side after transmigrating. But she has physical problem so she's opt to be a merchant than a farmer. At the start she is 10 y.o. And in the chapter I'm reading now c156, she is just 11 y.o. So this story is quite slow paced. ML himself is still young. Maybe 2 or 3 yrs older than FL and he is happily doing... more>> business with Mo Yan. You might not like it if you have no patience.

At the start it's just finding other ways to make money so there's not much happening but later on there were conflicts with business, family and other characters so it will get more interesting.

The closest novel similar to this that I've read so far is Eldest Sister, Why Haven't You Married Yet and I talked about how there is no conflict in the FL's business side of things and it was all smooth sailing.


In this novel it avoided that. For example, there is the manager of the Shulan Inn who's trying to ruin their business, Mo Zenian who's trying to sell the same thing they do, or Mo Yan's unreliable brother trying to be a shopkeeper at their store, and various other scenarior.


While on the family side, it's difficult to talk without spoiler but there's enough drama. The thing I like is the characters are not so annoying. There may be some shameless people but at least they don't always come back to the scene every other chapter to annoy you like in Picking Up a General to Plow the Fields.

One bad thing I can say about this is the author is inconsistent sometimes. One moment you would see some character improvements but later the old character will revert back or even get worse. FL needs to slap face real hard and teach unforgettable lessons so characters will be regretful and change for the better.


Okay, I take back what I said about the shameless characters. After reading past through 100+ chapters, I don't know if author ran out of idea but the characters started to be so annoying.

The father and sister-in-law did something despicable to FL on multiple occasions that's worth them going to jail. But they were not punished. Then FL did something good to them and just when you thought they had repented because the author wrote about their gratitude, they came back in another chapter and do something more evil. And once again, the FL did nothing about it. <<less
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