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“If we… were not a mismatch from the beginning…”

I, born as a half-blood between a human father and an Ime mother, faced various persecutions from fellow Ime individuals and grew up without even obtaining a name.

Having inherited the only talent from my deceased father, the skill of drawing, I managed to sustain a living by occasionally selling my body. However, I had a beloved mother to protect.

One day, the Ime village, known for the rumor of the merciless Black Martial Emperor, the king of the Baedal Kingdom and an assassin, was devastated by the extermination led by the notorious Black Martial Emperor. My mother, too, fell victim to their cruel hands.

Devastated by shock and grief, I resolved to seek revenge against the Black Martial Emperor. Disguised as a painter, I successfully infiltrated the Baedal Kingdom’s castle.

Despite appearing slender and having no proper training in swordsmanship, I possess a formidable weapon known as the ‘Ime’s Poison’…

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EchoAndromeda rated it
April 11, 2024
Status: c50
When I originally found the novel at the beginning of March there was only 1 chapter available in English so I took myself to task to read in the original language.

Then I found out that this story was written well over a decade ago. It's hard to believe but the author (Mechanist) was WAY WAY ahead of their time in terms of writing. Up until this point I thought "Into the Thrill" & "Perle" were neck-&-neck as the most intense BL I had ever read but after reading this... THIS... more>> is by far one of the most intense reads of any KNovel I've put my eyes in. By no means an exaggeration at all.

The characters are all so rich, life-like and deeply complex. Not just the main characters like Nameless, Roanhiljo, or Garon but down to the side characters like Maro, Unsa & Usa, even Narsha or Orumun. The tension between Garon & Roanhiljo during their fight scenes are so palpable that you can feel the anxiety of every moment while they battle each other to the death. The unbridled desire/lust of both men for Nameless (especially Garon) is both terrifying and adrenaline inducing. All the little twists & turns in the plot & sub-plots are worthy of the praise it's received. Seriously, the author is really masterful with their writing. It's just the right amount of action, revenge, enemies-to-lovers, unrequited love, court politics, war mongering, & smut.

Definitely give this a go. The scenes with Garon & Nameless are entire meals. The manhwa adaption is doing such a good job and going at just the right pace to do this masterpiece justice. I am only sad that I will likely be unable to ever get the physical copy of this gem in my greedy hands. <<less
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