Tomorrow, I Will Die. You Will Revive


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Born with a scary face Sakamoto Akizuki has always been feared in his school, however one night he witnesses a girl’s death.

He is faced with a choice where he is asked a question by a mysterious person, “for half of your life span will you revive her?” After following through with his decision the girl is brought back to life and now begins the romantic comedy between Akizuki and the girl Yumesaki.

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Ashita, Boku wa Shinu. Kimi wa Ikikaeru.
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colonel rated it
September 22, 2016
Status: v1 afterword
This is one hell of enjoyable read,.. There is many emotion used in this novel from funny, happy, sad, bitter, also cringe worthy (LOL) such a roller coaster!! It fells like when you fail 100 level dungeon on level 99 and got sent back to level 1 only to find teleport portal to level 100 on that floor. It such a fresh wind in the middle of isekai theme novel nowadays. 5/5
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robonxt rated it
June 7, 2018
Status: ss afterword
Damn it. I thought this would be a happy and dumb story, with a bit of romance in it.

Guess what? I was right about it being dumb (the silly type) and romantic. But it's anything but happy.

It's heartbreaking. I've never gotten into a serious relationship before, but I still feel the pain of the ending... Please, someone heal this broken heart!
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SunsetChaos rated it
June 19, 2016
Status: v1
My thoughts on volume 1 only. In case you're wondering, the translation is excellent so you can focus on the story without getting distracted by Engrish.

It has the comedy, romance, and a bit of emotional ride that will play with your feelings, whether you like it or not. I think it feels similar to Oregairu (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU) . It won a Dengeki Novel gold prize and I can easily see why. The first volume is really well played, certainly entertaining and enjoyable to read.

Personally I think it's... more>> also fine to stop at the end of volume 1. Pretty good ending. The same probably can't be said about the later volumes, though I haven't read them, but from what others say...

it seems the later volumes are also emotional rides and rage inducing. There probably won't be a completely happy ending which is kind of obvious, given the fact that the heroine is already dead and the tragedy tag....

Of course that's just my opinion, just keep reading if you don't mind. <<less
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Exterial rated it
October 6, 2017
Status: side story 2

i ramdomly stumbled upon this while downloading an epub, what cought my eye was the title.
I'm a very lonely person hence why I tend to love every novel with romance in it, sadly a lot of the time I don't exactly get what I want but I keep trying anyway.
This is a sad and funny novel, expect to laugh and if you're fragile maybe even cry.
It's a short novel, only took me 5 hours to finish but those were a good 5 hours.

Speaking of the length, I... more>> say the author did a good job.
It could very easily be longer or shorter, but the length he picked fits.
This isn't the type of story you read for a long time, it's the type you binge through once and forget it later.
If this is one of the first novels you've ever read however then it's likely you'll remember it for a long time, for it does teach you some things about life in general.

I am however, slightly frustrated after reading it, I have no use for the life lessons as i've learned them from other novels ages ago, and my main reason for reading it was that I was in the mood for some romance.
The romance is there, just sadly not in the form I would like it in.

I wouldm't recommend reading it purely for the romance but together with the comedy and sadness it is a very well balanced package hence I'm not going to detract anything from the rating.
Overall a very nice and enjoyable read, but also takes a special type of person to really enjoy; Loners, Pe*verts, and people with a Mental age of 16-23 will enjoy this novel the most.
It gets 4 stars for the story and overall enjoyability of the novel, plus 1 extra star because of the high quality translation and the fact that it's fully translated already.

Don't read this in the middle of the day, read it in the morning in bed or at night, especially if you are in a sad mood, and don't be that guy that goes looking for plotholes everywhere.

Unless you actively search for them you won't find any. <<less
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sabishi desu
sabishi desu rated it
July 21, 2016
Status: v1
This is one of my favourite LN if I have to put it in words this is colorful and full of surprised. From beginning to the end you will be surprised with how is the story progressed. When you think about A the story goes to B, when you expecting B you will get C, Hmm... something like that do you get it? :D

And a strong point of this LN is the heroine, she is screwed. You'll never knows what's inside her head you'll never bored about her. Truly a... more>> great character ever !! <<less
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zaphkiel_el_rem rated it
December 24, 2017
Status: side story 4
As a very open minded person I am..............

I cannot help but fall in love with the slice of life, the over exaggerating comedies of error, the playfulness and the hidden sorrow behind the strong smiles of every characters, especially to this most dazzling main heroine named Hikari Yumesaki.

The story revolves on those genre above I said and of course with a slight touch of fantasy picturing a spiritual detachment and swapping. Those are certainly hard to pulled in terms of execution because taste in drama and hilarity are both broadly... more>> subjective. So let's put a hypothesis based on the novel's surface:

    • A boy suddenly realized that he don't have a memory of yesterday and the other 3rd day and found himself next morning waking up in a watermelon field ---------------- Isn't this an exciting mystery to start a story?
    • He then finds out after dissolving his common sense that there's another soul using his body every other day and finds it out to be a girl at heart ----------------- Not a very original idea and calling it cliche is not underrating it but think about it, have you ever completely thought out all the possible events that could happen in such cases of a boy/girl sharing a body? Factor it also that these two doesn't know each other to begin with.
    • Our male protagonist have a delinquent looks and demeanor but a coward at heart and our princess here is a cheerful, dynamic, outlandish and an unpredictable type of girl. --------------------- A perfect opposing personality, hence at this point, you're not wrong to tell that big changes are bound to takes place at his environment from now. Be it from the misunderstandings, old habits making a disaster, unveiling each other's soul etc. etc. Meaning a good sign of fleshing character developments.
Now it's easier to see the outlines of this novel's story-telling, basically, it's style is to let you experience a long skit of easygoing happiness but deep down it's a way to shift your balance of laughter to sadness in a natural manner. It's narrative is also easy to point out which and whom the sentences is describing.

I highly recommend this novel for those who have such fondness of lightheart/drama series in perfect harmony. <<less
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Darkcelestial rated it
July 7, 2017
Status: Completed
The story greatly confuse me.

There are many parts that vaguely explain.

There is many part so shameless to the point I felt sorry for the MC.

The phenomenon exchanging life every other day left so many question.

Through the author said something like its end there...... but the story feels like unfinished.
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Gaelas rated it
January 5, 2017
Status: v1 afterword

Not recommended for men who can't understand women, or people who hate the kindness of Japanese people. This story confused me. Greatly. In the first volume, there is no reason provided for the phenomenon that is at the heart of the story, nor is there any indication that the protagonist cares about how ODD his situation is.

I'm still reading this one, so I'll give it some slack, and edit this later, but my rating stands at 3/5 for plotholes and first person limited POV... And cringe. So much cringe.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
baml13 rated it
September 30, 2021
Status: --
So bittersweet. I'm crying. There's a reason why this novel won an award. It's amazing!!!

For new readers: the chapter SS Prologue that's in the middle of V2 (Volume2) should be read with the other SS chapters. Otherwise you will be spoiled about a few things.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Alphatier rated it
February 27, 2021
Status: Completed
It is most certainly on the weirder side of LNs. You will find yourself confronted with every argument against "weeb-culture" there are and a lot of the time I was wondering if that is necessary. After finishing I realized it was just a means to show the uniqueness, to put it very kindly, of the FL. On the other hand it was also a way to lighten the mood. I don't normally cry, but quite a few chapters did this to me and I was basically constantly crying rivers for... more>> the last 2 chapters.

It's a beautiful, yet weird little story without much of a conclusion or meaning, but one hell of a emotional rollercoaster. Simply put, you'll enjoy it if you can stand it's weirdness.

Ah before I forget, Hellping once again delivered excellent translations. <<less
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shadows06060 rated it
October 20, 2019
Status: ss afterword
This novel should really have the harem tag and maybe shoujo, just because the target age group is about 13. It might be well written with emotion and beautiful language, but damn is it generic as hell. Basically, a harem built by the heroine, that the protagonist doesn't want, because... love. Fan-service girls, each with an unoriginal sob story, in*est love, because why not - Japan, right? A scary protagonist probably based off of Ryuuji from Toradora, but so much weaker, exploitable and downright pitiful.

... more>>

When in a fight, what matters is not your physical strength, but the strength of your resolve!

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April 3, 2018
Status: Completed
You're the protagonist of this story, a high school student who makes a deal with Death to trade away half of your life to save a stranger's. What happens? You become host to a prankster intent on helping you find a girlfriend, but more importantly you find friends and the strength to step out into the world by yourself.

The story is all about character development and character interaction, so expect to become more and more enamored with the protagonist as time goes on and to the several memorable characters. There... more>> is some romance, but a lot of comes from the protagonist's "kindness" aura and the rest of the romance is pretty unromantic. The story? The story could use some mending.

Read this for the "slice-of-life" aspects and the characters rather than for the story or the romance. <<less
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Your welcom
Your welcom rated it
April 5, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a love comedy that hooks you in and gives you a sucker punch it's very fun highly recommended
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DarthSkrill rated it
September 29, 2018
Status: v1c5
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1progenitor rated it
June 6, 2017
Status: v3 afterworld
It was such a wonderful Novel, in the first I thought "I am sure that it will be a 2Star novel." But I was wrong, in a good way. The end too, was amazing. If you like this kind of story with humans, their fearover death and how each person handles it. Read this Novel.
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