To Never Lose Her Again


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“I have been awarded. Now you are mine.”

A sweet girl who was the only light to a boy who was persecuted by everyone.

In order to force her to become something she wasn’t, he broke her foot and killed an escort who tried to protect her, but all he had left was her cold body.

As he embraced her body and regretted it, a new life was miraculously given to him. He would not repeat the mistakes of his previous life in this life.

His second life as a knight was happy. But one day, when the prince, who was hated by everyone, returned with a ball and visited her, he realized something was wrong.

Her escort, who he killed in his previous life, was who he was now. Every ugly thing he did in the past has returned.

If he didn’t protect her from all that, he’ll lose her miserably again. Will he ever be able to protect her without losing her again?

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In order not to lose her again
그녀를 다시 잃지 않으려면
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