To My Beloved Misfortune


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Marriage with him? I’d rather live in seclusion for the rest of my life.” Milord Eckhart, Selena’s rival and an unfortunate man who can’t get anything right from one to ten. What’s all this about ‘everyone’s first love’? Even if it was a request from the king himself, marrying him was an absurd idea. …That must have been the case. “You ungrateful wretch! I fed and clothed you, and you don’t even appreciate it! Do you not know who’s keeping your sister alive?” Selena realized her situation. If only she could escape this life, which was no different from being a s*ave. ‘I will become Selena Eckhart, not Selena Steward.’ Selena decided to use the arrogant man, Milord. * * * “Let’s get married.” His lips, which had been close, slowly moved away. Milord looked at her wet lips, then shook himself and pushed her away. “Selena, what are you doing now?” Selena put her knee between Milord’s legs. “Once is difficult, twice is easy, Milord.”

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다정하신 나의 악연에게
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