Three Years and Three Years


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Zhou Mushi followed Jin Yang when he was eighteen years old. A well-behaved rich second-generation (Zhou Mushi) was made to look like a male college student who was supported. In the third year, Jin Yang stopped giving Zhou Mushi money and started hanging out with other men and women. Everyone says, “The seven-year itch, if it itches after three years, what about the seventh year?” He only said “I love you” twice in his life, but never dared to say it in front of you…”

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Lucy666 rated it
March 9, 2023
Status: --
Um honestly, this story is very dog blooded, and I'm guilty of not reading it completely. I thought it would be BE so I kinda ended up reading the last few chapters so it's safe to say

... more>>

It's HE. And a good one at that.


The problem in the entire story comes up because of communication gap. A HUGE communication gap. However, the way it's handled by the author made me read ahead. I'm not a big fan of communication gaps, but the way it was written made me stick around.

I'm actually not eligible to say much about the story, except that if you like melodrama with a big spoon of angst, then this story is for you. But how do I say it, I still liked whatever I read. Even with the MTL, it was clear that the author is a mature person who knows how to write stories. There was character growth, I could feel the characters growing through their ordeals. Sure, it was frustrating, the misunderstandings made me very angry, made me wish I could just transmigrate inside and bash their heads together like COMMUNICATE DAMMIT but at the same time, I wanted to read along and find out what happened next.

The MC and ML are both pitiful, they aren't exactly scummy (up until I read).


The MC gets into a business marriage with a girl long after breaking up with the ML, who, he thinks, cheated. Both of them think the other person cheated, and that's the start of the story. Dw, in the ending the MC has a peaceful divorce with the girl and marries the ML, regardless of how homosexuality is seen in their country. I generally don't like almost all the things that happened in the story, but they were all written in a way that mirrored reality and the author was also pretty persuasive. It felt natural, like a story with actual growth, tho the fact that neither of the protagonists were actual scum and the fact that it's a natural HE really did a lot to ease me into it.


I sometimes think "what would happen if they actually talked with each other? And surprisingly, I find myself answering, "not much would happen, actually. Communication is important but not every problem with the relationship can be solved with communication."

At the beginning, MC and ML were in a very disbalanced relationship. MC hid his family conditions from the ML, the ML hid the fact that he was having a hard time maintaining his company. Both had a reason, but it eventually ended up breaking them apart. I actually liked that they broke up, because the MC already had very low self esteem, so much so that his mental status had devolved to such an extent that he was having physical symptoms. It was impossible to maintain a relationship with just "love", when there wasn't mutual trust, respect and companionship involved.

A lot of things were very grating on my nerves, and I would've liked it if it was a shorter story instead, but the fact that the author managed to make me take back my words of "never get back with your ex" for this story.... Really impressed me.

Their time apart actually helped them grow and gave them the opportunity to learn how to trust, respect and believe in your other half. The MC found his self respect and confidence in their time apart. I see that as an absolute win.

All in all, a story worth reading if you like angst melo-drama and character growth. Took that one star off the rating because I absolutely hate prolonged misunderstandings, but this one was understandable so 4 stars it is. The current translator uses MTL but cleans up nicely so it's more than just readable. The story is also pretty easy to MTL if you wanna read ahead, but I personally feel the translator is doing a better job so might come back to read the complete story (I'm guilty, don't lynch me) after it is translated. <<less
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Taw rated it
April 2, 2023
Status: Completed
Hello~! I'm the translator of this novel, Taw.

Why I picked up this novel :
Personally, I think this novel is just right. There's not much dogblood, there's enough dogfood, and there's some comedy on top of it.

About the plot and main couple :
... more>>

the MC is Zhou Mushi and ML is Jin Yang. In short, it started with a misunderstanding, broke up, spent five years apart, met again, and reconciled.


About the conflict of main couple :

Most of the minor conflicts are solved in 1-2 chapters. For the major conflict, I thought it was going to escalate, but it was resolved in a toned-down way.
It's when Jin Yang's company was bankrupted by Zhou Mushi's mother. I thought Jin Yang would have feelings of resentment or hatred towards Zhou Mushi, but he just let it go because it's all in the past.


About the side couple :

the side couple is MC's brother, Zhou Muxian and ML's twin brother, Jin Yuan. They started to get to know each other through online communication. They planned to go on a vacation together and became a couple. They got married after Muxian divorced from his business marriage with Cen Wan. (Muxian got into a business marriage with Cen Wan (lesbian) because of the pressure as the eldest son of the Zhou family.)


About the conflict of side couple :

The conflict that happened is more related to their past life stories. They are connected to a character named Chen Sheng. Muxian is a childhood friend as well as a friend with benefits of Chen Sheng, while Jin Yuan is Chen Sheng's ex-boyfriend before Jinyuan went to jail. Both Jin Yuan and Muxian have let go of their past and moved on.


Ending :

It's a happy ending for both couples.


My conclusion :
It's not a bad read for leisure or pastime. <<less
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CrossMyHeart rated it
June 25, 2023
Status: Completed
A very dog-blooded story fueled mostly by misunderstandings and lack of communication (on everyone's part really, to the point where it was even a comedic point)

So we have Zhou Mushi (MC) and Jin Yang (ML) who have been dating for 3 years at the start of the story. MC used to be a rich boy but because he is gay, his parents cut him off and ML has been taking care of him ever since. However, a series of misunderstandings on top of financial struggles lead them to breaking... more>> up and not meeting for 5 years. During this time, ML becomes successful as a businessman and MC's father finally comes around to his son being gay and tries to set them up. So it's an awkward time for them.


Honestly, this story is pretty fast paced. Pretty soon after they reunite, they become FWBs (also, neither of them have pursued any other relationships since they broke up. As it turns out, they both essentially fell each other at first sight and were each other's first and only loves). The lines blur quickly though and they find themselves in a situationship (?) for a while.


There is a side plot to this of their brothers also falling for each other while they recover from their wreck of an ex (Yes, they both dated the same guy at different points and were both dumped by him). This was an okay side plot but I wasn't really invested in their love too much... Again, lots of miscommunication here.

And don't even get me started on the MC's father. He is a whole rollercoaster where I thought he was the antagonist for a while and then he became just an unreliable parent. He ended up as comedic fodder. (He also never makes it up to his children IMO)

I don't think either the MC or ML are very compelling characters. The MC starts off as very weak-willed and doesn't think very much about the woes of other people. He does grow during their 5 years apart but he is somewhat immature as he often wants to retaliate when he's been wronged instead of talking about things. Similarly, ML starts off a little bit better in my opinion. He is a businessman (he started his own business his 2nd year of university and has climbed his way to the top as an orphan while raising his niece as his twin brother is in prison) and seems like a reliable person. He just never tells the MC any of his hardships which exacerbates all of their problems.


HUGE SPOILER: Near the end of the story, the main conflict that causes them to break up again after 3 years (hence the title) is that he believes he has lung cancer (on top of discovering that the reason his business failed was MC's family sabotaging him). So of course man just leaves a letter explaining that he loves MC and the business betrayal but not the fact that he was dying. It made me want to shake him so hard. How can a man so intelligent be so s*upid???


As someone who enjoys dog-blooded stories, this is pretty decent. I personally love exes to lovers and seeing how they can reconcile and grow from their previous time together. Overall, I'd say there was some character growth but not as much as I would have liked from the main CP (the side CP had decent growth though, I must admit). I think this is an easy read and fast-paced with a decent HE. So read if you're interested but it will definitely make you frustrated at times! <<less
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wasthequeen rated it
July 13, 2023
Status: Completed
I skipped the side cp as I was dissatisfied with the main cp's progress, usually I read side cp's as they tend to start when the main cp is established, here I was more inclined to see the main cp coming to some conclusion.

I felt like the 153 chapters were a waste of time, something that could have been completed sooner if not for the drama that happened in the last, which I personally felt was dragging on.

But given all of this needless stuff, I couldn't even see a proper... more>> conclusion. I still feel like there should be more extras. I personally liked the first 30 chapters where things actually felt like they were progressing only to have misunderstanding after misunderstanding, but none of them seems to be properly resolved, before another resurfaces.

So in conclusion, start this novel because it has some good character development and stuff and whenever you feel things are getting boring, drop it. You won't regret it. <<less
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