Three-and-a-Half-Year-Old Quick Transmigrator: The Sweet and Soft Little Milk Bun is Everyone’s Favourite


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Nan Zhi was still just a baby, but she must journey through numerous worlds and save the children who were vulnerable to pain and abandonment.

The adults’ world was big and complicated. Grown-ups had to experience heartbreaking romances and soul-stirring emotions. They had to shake their head and grip each others’ shoulders, asking, “Do you love me?”

For them, to love meant giving their life to someone, even if that meant neglecting the little baby by their side.

When consumed by hatred, they could destroy themselves and others, causing the Heavens to tremble and the earth to crack in their quest. “If I can’t have you, I will ruin you and your wretched offspring!”

They could go so low as fighting the weak, who could not fight back or defend themselves from the strong…

And children were the weakest of all!

Nan Zhi: Please get a grip. We, little ones, just want to grow up in peace!

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93millionmilesfromthesun rated it
August 7, 2023
Status: c9 part2
Nan Zhi is cute, and I feel so bad for her, that she's away from her real parents in her world, to the cruel world of quick transmigration. I'm rating this 3/5 so far because of Nan Zhi, and I want to read just to see her survive.

The Emperor Hui is infuriating. He's violent, a mu*derer, your typical cold and psychopathic emperor with a harem of concubines. I hate him so much. In the story of this world, he supposedly becomes a "kind and caring" father when he meets the... more>> love interest/MC concubine in his harem, who will bear him children. Nan Zhi, who is Consort Xian's child, and the Empress' son are the current children of the Emperor, but it is their fate to die in the world's story.

I can not stress this enough, I hate and despise Emperor Hui. I utterly loathe him. What was his reaction to finding out Nan Zhi's wet nurse's backstory? That her child was killed by her husband's family, so they could send her to the palace and use her for clout as the prince's wet nurse? "I will promote the Li Family, and they will become rich and I benefit from their wealth." So you're not going to punish the family that literally killed the legal wife's child? Okay.

So far, what we've heard about the Emperor's brother, Nang-wang (title referring to the previous Emperor's son, and the current Emperor's brother), is that a. He doesn't have a good relationship with his brother (great!), and he's wiser and more sensible. In fact, there are rumors he was even supposed to be the Emperor, favored by their father, before the current one used some unscrupulous means to gain power. If this arc doesn't end with killing Emperor Hui, so his brother comes into power, I will be severely disappointed. Nan Zhi is a princess, so she's no threat to the male-dominated society. The Empress' son is also destined to die; Nan Zhi is just a child and can only save herself.

It seems like the author is going in the direction that Nan Zhi has to hug the golden thigh of the Emperor to survive, which I don't like. Honestly, this author of Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks has written some questionable things in that novel (like h*mophobia, using AIDs as a weapon, etc)

As for Nan Zhi's mother in this arc, Consort Xian, she's not the best mom. But it's understandable, since her position hinges entirely on her being the mother of the Emperor's one of two children. And she does care, since she was terrified after Nan Zhi almost died, and was rightfully furious at the culprit. <<less
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