The Youngest Hides a Lot


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In the middle of the bloody battlefield, Rubian remembered.

This is the war novel!

If things continue like this, Duke Leviathan Zibert, the hero of the continent, will die.

And the terrible war will begin again…!

“It’s unfair that it’s rotten on the battlefield, but you want me to end it with massacre?!”

I want to live! I don’t like war anymore!

The only way to escape the massacre ending is…

To sit next to this guy called ‘Hero’ and keep an eye on him so he doesn’t die!


“Uncle, do you need the youngest child at home?”

I’ll stick right next to you and protect you.

So, uncle, please save this world!

To the Duke family who happened to become my new family,

I ended up hiding a lot of things.

From the flashy title of ‘Wizard Who Was a Child Soldier Who Ran Away From the Magic Kingdom’

Although it was unintentional, even my gender…?

“What kind of affection to call me Old Duke! Just call me Grandpa!”

“…Can a fairy also be a younger sibling?”

My family who loves me without even knowing my secret.

However, at some point, I started to feel anxious.

‘If they find out that everything I did was a lie, will people still care about me the same way then?’

My heart, which was tickled by the affection I received for the first time, is now starting to sting.

‘Is Ruby hiding something?’

Even though he hoped it wouldn’t happen, Leviathan couldn’t help but think about it.

My precious child that I need to protect now.

However, the darkness that can’t be covered by Rubian continues to strike.

My beloved jewel, Ruby.

What on earth are you hiding?

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막내가 뭔갈 많이 숨김
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3 Reviews

Mar 04, 2024
Status: c230
Here's a few facts, spoilers, yadada. I'm a bit sleepy right now, so forgive typos.

Intro - The 10 year war has ended, humans verse dark magic beasts. 10 year old MC Rubian is the 'Seventh' daughter of the Sorcerer King, and a soldier who fled her post. She has a bounty and is being chased down by the kingdom for being a 'runaway wizard'. While rummaging through the pockets of fallen soldiers on the battlefield, Rubian is scooped up by Leviathan Gerbert, the Northern duke of the Bermian Country.

A more... more>> colorful intro -


A year or two before being scooped up by Leviathan, Rubian remembers her past life. She read a novel that this exact world resembles and believes she needs to prevent Leviathan's death to keep the world from becoming a living hell. Rubian waited until she could successfully fake her death in battle, she made bodies with magic and fled. Ran into a fire monster that burnt her hair short, dressed in rags to conceal her whereabouts, she ran and found money from the corpses along the route.

She greeted Leviathan while leaning over a corpse. Dirty, skinny, dressed in rags with short hair. He thought I was a boy? Sure, I'll be a boy for now. I'm not the 10yr female runaway wizard everyone is searching for. Who? Not me.


Spoiler timeeeeee, I'll put a title at the top of each spoiler, so pick and choose your poison.


Male lead Candidates



4th Prince, Richt


Male lead + some descriptives



Also translated as: Carl, Kalen, Kaen, Kaleid, Karl...... Finicky haha

Our mercenary king hottie. Tall, dark blue hair, two verticals moles downward from his left eye. This man bound his magic to Rubian and they have a telepathic connection to talk from where ever. His overflowing magic was contained with a magic restrain item created by Rubian, he has massive quantities of magic, and Rubian has knowledge of nearly all magic yet not so much magic power.

They work well together. Rubian draws the magic, and Khalid supplies the magic power to activate it.

Oh, you want his personality? Ok, one sec.

His power can communicate/control animals so he usually has his pet squirrel nearby to send messages or play with Rubian. Uninterested in others, he doesn't talk much except to Rubian, he's not openly rude or argumentative to others unless something irks him. He was raised with Rubian in the Dukedom by Leviathan, so he respects/cherishes him as a father figure. Khalid is a good kid, he is supportive, protective, calm, rational, and takes pride in his capability. To others, Khalid is a sly good kid who likes Rubian, runs away from training, and doesn't play/socialize with others much, also the older knights love to tease him since he's a cute hedgehog.

He was locked in a cave when Rubian first found him, she utilized her deep knowledge of magic to break his restraints and remove his rusty shackles. Despite the mystery of 'how human is he?' Khalid grows at the same rate as Rubian, so he has/using a human growth pattern.


The Northern Dukedom. Just chara descriptives... that are spoilers now that I think of it.


- Leviathan: Adoptive Dad, Current Duke, and main hero in Rubians life. Tall, strong, black hair, purple eyes, knight physique. Dark power aura rises when his power fluctuates/unstable, 9.9/10 children cry when they see him, tends to show an emotionless face when under extreme stress/duress.

- Rosetta: Adoptive Mother, Current Duchess, and hilarious personality. Tall, strong, light pink hair, blue eyes, talented archer, leader of a retired/nonactive mercenary group. Hobby: unannounced town hide-n-seek with Leviathan.

- Unnamed Gerbert: Rosetta+Leviathans baby's tomb in the Gerbert family cemetery. Died in a carriage accident when Rosetta was attacked by a runaway wizard.

- Boyd: Second oldest brother, treats Rubian warmly. Purple eyes, I don't remember else, Rubian grew up with him so he got tall and strong too. Youngest son, or now the middle child, no actually still the youngest son. Rowdy, affectionate, shy yet became a proud older brother to the new recruit, I mean younger brother, I mean younger sister. Had his diary swiped and returned with spelling corrections by his younger brother, I mean sister.

- Liam: Oldest brother, tad OCD, offends others when pushing up his glasses, study manic/bookworm, monster encyclopedia researcher, no sense of direction. Confident in beating up nobles with words. Purple eyes, I don't remember other details, he's tall and has his mental strengths.

- Grandpa: Tbh I forgot his name, but he's Leviathan's dad, the former Duke. Has a leg injury and likes to rub his scratchy beard on Rubian. Greying/white hair, knight physique, looks like can wield bulldozing techniques to kick down sturdy thick doors.


What else? Ah.

Sorcerer King's Kids


As of chapter 230. The Sorcerer King's children are the most magically adept children he found and plucked to raise for his benefit. Not biological, just magically strong.

'First'. The most relied on, longest lived, right-hand man of the sorcerer king. Not much personal opinion comes from him, that's why the king keeps him around I guess. He says what the king wants, and works to improve the king's plans.

'Second'. Female, a bookwork that never left the castle. She studied all day. She secretly left the kingdom to find Rubian.

'Third'. Unknown.

'Fourth'. Male, red hair, anxious, and a bit dumb in the sense of believing the king's lies. He left the kingdom on the king's orders to capture 'Seventh'.

'Fifth'. Unknown.

'Sixth'. Unknown.

'Seventh'. Rubian, our MC.

'Eighth'. Unknown.

I could tell you whether they live or die, but. I guess I won't.


Rubian's Identity. Ding Ding Ding, don't read this.


Should I even write it? I feel like knowing this ahead of time might ruin the novel.

Hey, I'm all for spoilers that make the novel a little more fun and give a sense of security in 'this character can't die yet since they're in ch 104 or so'.

But this novel is based on 'Who is Rubian, and What happened to her?'

So solving that right here and now for you will remove the ping pong guesswork that will happen from reading.

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Jan 11, 2024
Status: c30
This story is a mash of various genres (childcare, crossdressing MC, elements of war, and I'm sensing a possible (not very sure so please take it with a grain of salt) ... more>>

yandere ML?? If the ML is who I think he is. We've barely seen him and he's like my type already (by that I mean ML type, not my irl type lol) BUT he may not be the ML (I'm talking about the mage whom FL saved and communicate with through some ear marking??)


Btw, this brings me to how the author is able to turn a classic cliche into an actual mystery (for me).

Usually in cases like this, it's obvious that the MC is the "dead" unborn child of the adoptive parents, but in this case, I'm actually on the fence about whether she's the daughter or not since the author gave her a parent (the king of the mage kingdom) and that backstory seems equally compelling/legitimate.

The FL's interactions with the other characters are all very cute, and the story flows quite well (although I've only read 30 chapters). Thank you to the translator for their efforts!

Another small detail that stuck with me was when

FL's adoptive father realized that she went to look out the window to gauge the time instead of looking at the clock, and he wondered if she was involved in the war (yes, she was, sadly as a child soldier) before ultimately dismissing the idea. Just the fact that this detail was caught impressed me a little. On a similar vein, the other minor characters all kind of had a gut feeling that FL was a girl, which added a touch of realism to the story, but they sort of deluded (?) themselves into believing that she was a guy because no way would her adoptive family not know that... right? (Yeah right 😂) I can't wait for the reveal lol.


I like how the family is sweet but not to the point of being unbearable or cringy. Grumpy tsundere grandpa is my new favorite! He (and the second oldest brother) have a way with words that makes me giggle.

Grandpa calls FL booger LOL. I guess because she's very tiny in their eyes and sticks to them??


Lastly, I want to urge people to give this story a chance because as someone who has read dozens of stories in similar genres, somehow this one has managed to stand out and hook me. Of course, it may be due to the timing of me reading this story (I haven't read OI in a while) or my taste buds, but I do think it's worth a try! <<less
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Apr 24, 2024
Status: c59
This is such a fun novel. Even though you think it's the usual cliche type of childcare rofan (which I would still enjoy) it's well written and engaging. The characters are all zany and have fun interactions with each other. MC's personality is bright and fun but undercutting the humour is this interesting mystery.

MC is sorta an unreliable narrator in some ways but it's also because she herself isn't unaware of many things. Like there's this desperation about her that isn't just guilt you might not pick up on until... more>> someone else's pov.

The story drip feeds with interesting lore mainly about her past and sometimes the future she thinks she knows. Like at first you think she's just a child soldier and the you find about more and the story recontextualizes.

There's plenty of cute moments ofc but it's buoyed by a fun cast of characters and an intriguing plot. Give it a try! <<less
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