I am Being Chased by My Husband


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“Hello, Duke. Please marry me.”

Johannes Noavik, who is chasing the first-class bounty of the temple, ‘Blue Ruby’, suddenly got a proposal one day.

“You can have what you want by us sitting next to each other. You can use it even if you don’t trust it.”

His new wife, whose bright smile was lovely, whimsical, but insightful.

“Please just marry me. I’ll live well on my own.”

What is the secret of his mysterious wife?

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남편에게 쫓기고 있습니다
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Devils_muse rated it
April 3, 2022
Status: --
To the translators,

first of all I really hope that you will continue updating this novel. Because I am so tired of translators picking up a beautiful novel and then discarding it due to certain problems.... and then I will come to the story. As of now, I will be rooting for more frequent updates and when the novel goes a little deeper I will come back. To anyone reading this hope you have a good day and once again thank you so much translators.
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Nightkiss49 rated it
November 12, 2022
Status: c14
It's a pretty awesome book I hope they complete translating the whole novel. The female lead and the male lead are a pretty cute couple.

The male lead is like a coconut hard on the outside and soft-sweet inside.

  • It's so cute that both the female lead and the male lead are each other's first love and they both have no clue but in the middle of the novel, the female lead realizes that she is the First Love Of ML and she realizes that the main lead has no clue that she traveled back in the past to save him and she is his first love.
  • The ML is the Duke who is trying to find out the person behind the illegal (Hunters) organization 'ACE' and his main motive is to save and protect the victims because as a child he had encountered a girl AKA a female lead who was the victim and could not protect her so the only clue was this one particular illegal Hunter.
  • The female lead is the illegal Hunter who protects people from evil spirits she knows a lot about who is behind evil spirits and stops this illegal organization as they are motive is for doing and selling illegal stuff.
  • The main lead's son Leo is not a biological son but a biological nephew born between his late elder sister and the late Crown Prince who is the older brother of the novel villain the present Crown Prince.
  • The female lead have two people who are ready to help her when she calls them, she calls one brother and another childhood friend in front of the main lead and yes the male lead is jealous of the childhood friend and kind of distrusts the brother because of his behavior.
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