The Young Man Who Got the Anti-hero’s Power Swears to Revenge for the God World and Will Crush the Different World Hero Who Will Be Sent One after Another


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Alex was forcibly summoned and had to become the Hero. Used and betrayed by everyone around him, Alex remembered the ban*l life he had in his old world. Finally understanding his true enemy, he swears to get his revenge from the gods and reign as the demon king

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Anti-Hero - A Young Man Who Obtained Power Swears Vengeance Upon the Divine World and Crushes Heroes Sent from a Parallel World One After Another
Anti Hero
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Cryarc rated it
December 11, 2016
Status: --
The plot is a blatantly copy paste of ライブ・ア・ライブ game plot... though the author managed to turn it bad.
Taken from wiki of live a live game plot:

... more>>

A brave knight named Oersted, a hero beloved by the people, defeats his best friend, the wizard Straybow, in the final round of a fighting tournament, winning the right to marry Princess Alicia of Lucretia. That night, she is kidnapped by the Demon King. The next day, Oersted and Straybow set out to rescue her. First, they find the heroes who defeated the Demon King thirty years prior, the knight Hash and the priest Uranus, and convince them to join. They fight and defeat the Demon King, but Hash dies due to the plague, Alicia is nowhere to be found, and Straybow is seemingly killed by falling rocks. Oersted and Uran*s return to Lucretia in defeat. That night, Oersted is tricked into slaying the King of Lucretia by an apparition of the Demon King after seeing what looks like Straybow exit his room. He is accused of being the Demon King himself, and he is later imprisoned. Uranus, who is also a prisoner for being a "demon ally", uses the last of his strength to help him escape. Oersted returns to the mountain of the Demon King and finds Straybow alive, having faked his own death. Straybow reveals that, out of jealousy for Oersted, he sold his soul to become the next Demon King, and tricked Oersted into killing the King. Oersted is forced to kill him. He then rescues Alicia, but she confesses her love for Straybow and blames Oersted's heroism for Straybow's fall to evil, she then kills herself. Oersted, in his grief, searches through his memories and realizes that he no longer has anything to believe in, anyone to love, and that he has nowhere to go. Oersted snaps, sacrifices his soul to become the next Demon King, and names himself Odio, deciding to teach humans "the folly of their selfishness". He then takes revenge on all of Lucretia, killing everyone.


Then it's turned into mindless edgelord chuuni story..... We've got a lot of heroes turned evil series already with some of them are pretty acceptable but some are cringy, this series is probably the best contender on the most cringy series among it's peers.

The story only consist of the MC mindlessly slaughtering goddesses and heroes. There's no catharsis in it since the people who he slaughters are basically innocents or doing nothing to him before he turned edgy, heck what should be his object of revenge has already been dead in the first chapter lol. Later he just acts like edgelord and spew chuuni lines such as "Curse your own fate for being born as heroes/goddess."

The author then introduces annoying characters in an attempt to make the MC seems justified to kill them, cheap lazy trick... <<less
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AvERaGeNP rated it
December 11, 2016
Status: --
Great concept but the pacing of the plot is so fast that you won't care what happens to MC as you just knew him for a brief amount of time. You also won't care about other side characters no matter how author forces us to. Also the novel is barely readable as translation feels like its copied straight from google translation. How about the plot? Oh its revenge plot, sub-par at best. The reason for the revenge quest is good but whats built on it is plain old boring.
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