The Villain’s Regression Survival Method


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Kwon Eui Hyun, raised under a success-blinded father, mechanically lives through each given day like a puppet.

One day, a successor of the “Origin Ability” appears, forcefully tearing open a portal, leading to the world’s destruction by monsters emerging from within.

The successor’s identity turns out to be Jung Jae Yi, whom Eui Hyun’s father adopted.

Since that day, unable to die and stuck in an unwanted cycle of regression, Eui Hyun decides to feign love to kill Jae Yi, the culprit behind all the incidents.

“To kill a god, make the god love you.”

* * *

Without a moment to regain his senses, Jung Jae Yi gently s**ked on Eui Hyun’s lips.

Hmm, hmm! Eui Hyun, biting down on Jae Yi’s tongue that entered his mouth, forcefully pushed him away.

“It’s a pity before waking up from the dream.”

“What’s there to wake up from…!”

“This is a game you’ve been winning from the start, hyung.”


“So, please finish it quickly.”

Associated Names
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Survival Method of the Villain's Regression
Villain's Regression Method of Survival
악역의 회귀식 생존법
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