The Villains I Raised All Died


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Ye Chen’s mission was to correct the villain’s three views and thus saving the world.

She bled for the villains, she blocked swords for the villains, she raises those villains to be fat and plump, three views upright.

Who would’ve thought —

The villains she raised, Are! All! Dead!

The System recalled painfully: “This won’t do. Host, you can no longer be so good towards the villains. Otherwise, they would fall in love with you. It would create too much of a shock to them when you run away after you finish teasing them.”

Ye Chen nodded.

The next world…

System: “AHHHHHH, Host, what are you doing! Stop! Don’t treat them so well!!!”

Ye Chen pulled the knife out of her body and looked at the shocked man in front of her with a gentle smile.

At the same time, she burst into tears like a violent storm in her heart: “T T Sorry, as a face-judger, I couldn’t control myself when I looked at this face.”

The female lead is a scumbag that was heartless but pretends to hold deep affections. The male lead is an unreasonably true loyal dog and male god.

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srrrahim rated it
May 18, 2020
Status: Completed
I cried like a baby after reading the first arc
1st arc is modern world
... more>>

It was so sad!! 😭😭😭MC tried to avoid ML because she started to really love him. In the end, she selfishly called him before she left the world. Poor ML have to bear all the loneliness after she leave him. And as the title said. All the villain (ML) died after she left the world


2nd arc is cultivation world


ML is MC's master. I love how heart breaking the ending. And just like the 1st arc, ML choose to die instead of ascend to the heaven


3rd world is magic world? Something like that


F. ck I hate this world. I especially hate it when fate and plot make MC abandon ML on the altar. Made him waiting for her for the whole day in front of everyone. Making him a laughing stock. If I am ML, I'll hate my lover for eternity for whatever the original reason why he/she can't attend the wedding 😤


4th world Martial Art


I cried again!!! 😭 The author is so cruel. I can't stop crying. Waiting for the eternity!! So cruel

I hope translation will soon reach this arc. Reading MTL is sucks

5th World Feng Shui


I love the ML here. He is such a fanboy of FML 🤣. I thought this one will have a good ending, but author is a real scum. The level of abuse in this arc is so high, and the dog blood relationship is much more complicated. And there's a twist! I love the twist 😆😍


I am a sucker for tragedy tag + world hopping. So, I really love this novel. Plus, so far, all the 2nd FML (the original heroine) is not a b*tch. She is actually a really kind and sincere girl. So, I love all of the characters is each world

All the arcs broke my heart, but just like drinking coffee. It was so addicting I can't stop

After the twist in Arc 5, everything become much more interesting 🥰

The title of this novel after Arc 5, can actually change into "Scum Wife and Loyal Dog Husband Quick Transmigration's Adventure" or "Quick Transmigration : Chasing My Runaway Wife" or it can also can have title like "Counterattack of The Abused Loyal Dog Husband" 🤭

I love how author developed their relationship. And I love how much MC gradually change after she realized her feelings towards the villain (ML). I especially love the Zombie Apocalypse's arc, where MC act like a sugar mommy for ML, and said something like "Don't worry, I am rich. I can rise you" 💅💰

Their real world arc is so good. I especially love how independent and smart MC. At first, I thought she was s*upid, and can only hide from ML. But it's not. And, she is a real wayward and lawless girl 🤣

MC deed is well known, and after the news that MC is ML's wife, her wayward behavior is known to all the god realm. This includes her peeping into the fairy monarchs, confessing to Shaohua, writing love letters to Wenchang, painting portraits of Ziwei, proposing to the unknown and beautiful fairy monk, courting to the dragon prince... and so on. I laugh hard when ML realize that for so many years, MC has been fangirling to his 3 best friends 😂. Even has their poster on her bedroom

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Neneee rated it
September 1, 2020
Status: Completed
I totally love this novel!

My favorite arcs are the one where the MC is married to the ML aka villain aka crown price and the last one.

I really like how the author considered some aspects which most (quick) transmigration novels don't.
Usually when the MC transmigrates and takes over another person's life the people around that person either don't realize that that person has changed or just accept it, regardless of how big or how abrupt that change happened.

The author herself states that she does not believe that someone who loves that person would not notice such a change and realize that the soul is a different one. Therefore in one arc after the MC transmigrated into the story and met the body's original owner's childhood friend, who was also in love with her, the childhood friend realized that she was a different person. In the end he helped her with her mission so that she could give back the body to the original owner and afterwards he got together with the original owner.

Another thing is that when the MC transmigrates from one arc into another and the ML/FL is always the same one or rather the soul is the same then the MC always loved that person regardless of how that person has changed due to the storyline. It's feels more as if the MC loves that person because the ML/FL is that person from the MC's last transmigration.

However in this novel the MC herself knows that when she transmigrates she does not love the ML from the first moment on but once again falls in love with the character in which his soul is residing. In the later arcs the ML also has his own system, he remembers the MC and transmigrates along with her, although their missions often oppose each other. The MC does not know that the ML remembers and has his own system. The ML can only recognize the MC by her name and knows that she usually has to help the story's ML. In one arc however the MC transmigrates into a body with a different name, instead the story's FL has the same name the MC usually has. In this arc the ML still falls in love with the MC despite thinking that she is not her and he keeps questioning himself why he doesn't love the story's FL because he thinks the she is the MC. In this arc he also starts to understand the MC's past struggles because he starts worrying about what would happen to her after he leaves and transmigrates into the next story.

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Crayon rated it
August 18, 2020
Status: --
I love all the arcs, even though I cried so much ?

Fortunately I didn't see the tragedy tag or else I won't have a chance reading this masterpiece. Not my cup of tea.

I hate the system at first, I feel like it forcing MC to always make a choice in it own way. Erasing her sentimental feeling without asking her first (she didn't mind it tho). Fortunately MC didn't always follow its way.

Posternotes: I really can't choose which chapter I like the most ? I hate angst, but this novel... more>> angst I can tolerate. LOL

Just finished reading this. Omg ? It was so good! After I finished reading the last chapter I have the same feeling after finishing There is Beauty (BL). ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I will definitely comeback to read again. 100star for the author! ❤️❤️❤️ <<less
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BoredMonster rated it
July 6, 2022
Status: c28
I just fcking couldn't with this anymore.

Let me tell you straight up. I thought the 1st arc was a masterpiece, it was funny but didn't shy away from getting his hands... dirty (lol).

... more>>

Our MC becomes his bully and has to find a way to get close to him and lower his 'blackening' value and raise his favouraility.

A lot of stuff happens, including a hairbrained scheme that involves her trying to fight a group all by herself only to fail epicly, then use that failure to try get close to the ML because he's her 'saviour'.

She finds out about his abusive household and gets him out of there. And he, in time, finds out about her neglectful one.

Hell, even with all that, he still kills his family.

I won't spoil you too much but since she has to leave this world, she refuses to be with him, even while knowing how much he longs for her and marries the second ML just moments before she dies from her brain cancer.

We're then given a summary of all the stuff the ML did after her death and how he killed himself because she was the light of his life and that light was now extinguished.... that sh*t made me tear up😭


But of course since this is a QT, the classic and stomach churning elements are still present. Some examples would be


How, in the second arc, the f-ing ML is the same one as the first world. Idk why, I didn't really care for it since I thought it was wrapped up perfectly but I guess the author didn't want to write a novel where there are several romance partners and where the MC wasn't made for thr one unexplained world hopper Ml. Oh and did I mention he assaults the MC?



How the drugs/aphrodisiac/heart demon makes its scene to justify why the ML gets to assault the MC.


Honestly, this trope is in every Quick Transmigration taking place in a wuxia world. If you've read 5 QT novels, you've read them all (really hoped this one would be different).


Oh no no, he had no choice but to do so snce the MC knew that he would kill her for his dao so she did her best to get close to him ever since she was a literal child (5 yrs) but in doing so made the ML, practitioner of the ruthless dao, susceptible to the fox demon's lustful illusion where he sees fragments of his first life and then the scene of himself fcking her, you say?


And if you don't want to real all that:

ML gets trapped in illusion, sees himself f*cking the MC (after feeling the loneliness of his previous life), realises he wants that in his life, assaults her in her 'sleep' where she watches what happens with the system.



Her fcking reaction to being assaulted? She f*cking likes it.

I found that to be so gross because there was no build up to this, no foreshadowing. Just,

'Oh, I like beautiful faces. A beautiful op man is coming to fondle/bite/play with my body and makes me say sh*t like how I'll never leave him or how he's the only one for me in my sleep with his powers, you say? Well as long as he's pretty.'

And I found that so revolting. She had so much characterisation and growth in the 1st arc that it's kinda sad seeing it get stomped and ruined on in the 2nd.



And did I mention he semi-raised her from when she was 5 yrs, talk about grooming (yes, even though she is mentally an adult, no one besides her knows and she is in a body of a child).



And did I mention the dude practises the ruthless dao? He literally killed his childhood friend because they got caught in a demon's trap and she got her body possessed and was about the kill them (ML and MC).

All that but he couldn't cripple his hands after the first night his 'heart demon' controlled him? This dude had a massive internal conflict about wanting to stop but not being able to. And even though he managed to get control back of his body for the day while the heart demon got it for the night, we're shown nothing on what he's doing (besides the assaults). Honestly, my first action would be to cripple my hands and jaw to at least slow it down a bit but nope, all we get are a bunch of whining with no, even if ineffective, measures. Just him internally screaming Please stop this... and if you wanna make a case that he did nothing because he liked that he could blame his action on the Heart Demon or how he went into retreat to cultivate so he didn't fully raise her or how since she liked it, it's not assault... that's not the argument you think it is.


Overall, 4.5 for the 1st arc and less than 0.00001 for the 2nd (I freaking hated that shit). <<less
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Potatoxxcake rated it
June 12, 2022
Status: Completed
I have finished this (all the extra too). I have to say the story is overly good and funny. Though, the tragedy tag is also so good. I won’t say much as most of reviewers already stated most of what I want to say. Our MC is not s*upid, I find her to be very smart and accommodating. She knows when she should act like a smart ass and when she should pretend to know nth. The side characters are so funny. And the final plot twist is quite unexpected... more>> (their real world). <<less
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Pudica rated it
October 20, 2020
Status: c160
Finished reading the main storyline, currently reading the extras.

it was good, the writing and storytelling was good, that I can bear having my blood pressure worsen to keep reading this novel (JK, lol). Really, usually I like 'misunderstanding' themes and can breeze through reading them, but this novel's misunderstanding kinda made me impatient. This is like the perfect example of 'proper communication and exchange of information can lessen unneeded heart-break'. But still I can't bear to stop reading halfway through, and glad that I didn't.

This QT is kinda real-like to... more>> me, the pair isn't always harmonious all the way, when really needed be, they can properly set priorities on their job rather than temporary indulgence.

All the characters and side characters were likeable, they have their own circumstances, so they felt 'alive'. I like the author's view in QT, they were not overly sweet and all-dreamy.


Although every time except for the 1st arc they ended up together, they understood that they cannot force or expect the other to fall in love with themselves automatically with no reason. Even in the Emperor arc, the ML totally thought he fell for another woman other than our MC, but still go through with it, with self-blame but accepted that that was how it was

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Momo199 rated it
April 8, 2022
Status: c17
I can't read it any further. Not because it is bad. Just because I can not handle the pain.

I avoid tragedy like a plague and here I went in without looking at the tags. I tell myself I wanna read the next arc but I just can't bring myself to abuse my poor and FRAGILE heart.

Jokes aside the 1st arc was really good but I am gonna drop it because I actually cannot handle such endings. Dropping 5/5 just for that 1st arc 😭😭😭
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smlsqshy rated it
February 22, 2022
Status: c64
i have been interested in reading world hopping or quick transmigration stories lately, and this is one of my favorite, seriously guys it's so well written by the author, mo shubai love u bby.

it has interesting setting, and the world's background story is well explained.

the MC here, Ye Chen is really like-able. She always succeed in capturing the target, unexpectedly making them loves her.

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stella.novels rated it
April 26, 2022
Status: Completed
It was good. The endings extra about kids were cute and so funny, while the other extras were useless. I like FL but I dont understand why did she pike ML in the real world?... more>>

why would she go save him?? Didnt she forget that it was him who helped her?

the plot wasnt boring, the characters were cute even though I wanted to kill some of them.. Cough.. The ex-wife (?) of the dragon.. Cough. I cried the first world because of the ML but its a HE. So dont worry about abuse later it will so sweet you'll have a toothache. <<less
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Eeria rated it
January 3, 2022
Status: Completed
Another great novel by this author. To be honest I found the FL annoying at the beginning (maybe the first 10 chapters?) but then with her growth I started to like her more and more. All the arcs are quite unique in themselves and I didn’t find them repetitive. All the stories were so touching I found myself crying a few times and I am usually not an emotional reader. The ML is also awesome. I loved loved absolutely adored all the characters.
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oopsaloo rated it
November 8, 2021
Status: Completed
Completed this note, by MTL. Several of the arcs are unique, and MC and ML grow so much. Some heart wrenching moments but definitely later happiness. Highly recommend, fantastic novel!
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September 2, 2021
Status: Completed
Pros :

The MC and ML are sooo good. I like how MC slowy recognise her feelings. Love the dog blood and cries shed. I also have a thing for novels where the relationship is doomed cus one of the main protag died. I like to make myself suffer.

The system are fun. The twist w ML having his own system is good. Both of their system know eachother and kinda ship them together.

... more>> The ending w their children is very funny.

The arcs are good, in one of the arcs, someone actually realised that MC took over someone else's body. I like the attention to detail. There are also some fanwai about the cultivation arc.

Cons :

Need to mtl, not so enjoyable. The arcs are long, each chap is freaking long w little theater. Kinda skimmed through it. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
bluesonnet rated it
April 27, 2021
Status: Completed
This was so good. I couldn't put it down even if I was only reading MTL. It felt episodic at first but I didn't feel like there was an arc that was unnecessary. I enjoyed all the stories. I will definitely re-read this once it's been fully translated.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nixxara rated it
July 21, 2020
Status: --
Jeez the first arc is heartbreaking. I love torturing myself though.

MC is a face dog and can't help but treat the villain good. To the point where she becomes their world and without her, there's no meaning to their life.

me like
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shouahang58 rated it
June 22, 2020
Status: c17
So I just got done with arc 1, and I'm giving this a 5 star but I won't read any more cause the end of arc 1 got me crying like sh*t!!!

My heart can't handle the tragedy!

Go read this novel if you can handle it!
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Fulminata rated it
October 5, 2021
Status: c10 part2
This story stands above many qt novels. Although the characterization is relatively simple to the ones done in the author's other novel, you can see the strands of complexity in each arcs. Ever got tired after being sanitizer by the rinse-and-repeat, op plot from some other qt? Fear not, this one will manage to lightly pluck on your heartstring with each arcs—not enough to make it break, but just enough to make you feel the pinch.
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