The Villainess Has Changed


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I found myself transmigrated into an explicit 19+ novel.

“If Chloe gets pregnant now, it’ll be troublesome.”

“…She might be pregnant though.”

“But didn’t the examination results say otherwise?”

“We can’t always exclude the possibility of ‘what if,’ can we?”

Throughout the overheard conversation, my heart felt like it would burst from my chest. I had a gut feeling.

Dante’s next response would tear me to shreds.

“…We have to kill her.”

That man is the secondary male lead of this novel and my husband.

I decided to leave for my own sake.

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악녀가 바뀌었다
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Raving Crow
Raving Crow
Feb 11, 2024
Status: c2
Edit. The below is true. I still like the series. I am not liking how the release dates for chapters keep changing. I read up to chapter 8 a week and a half ago, but now chapter 8 is locked. I checked 7 days ago, and it said it would unlock in 5 days. I checked 2 days ago, it said it would unlock in 3 days. Last night, it said it would unlock in 1 day. Today, it says it will unlock in 2 days.

I read the first... more>> two chapters and I am already heavily invested in how this story unfolds. The plot set up in the first two chapters does not disappointment and displays the variety of character personalities.

I enjoy stories where not everything is as it seems, and the roles of "heroine/hero" and "villain/villainess" are not so black and white.

Azure scans posted chapter 3 and I definitely want to read more. I cannot find any spoilers, but the story looks good so far. <<less
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