The Tyrant Couldn’t Fall Asleep


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She tried to save her husband, the emperor, by turning her back on her father, Duke Lauchen, who dreamed of rebellion.

The result is a failure, and Izaya faces a terrible death.

She thought it was all over, but when she opened her eyes again, it was around the coming-of-age ceremony 10 years ago.

To protect him, she has to stay away from him.

‘I have to step up and prepare to divorce.

So first of all … let’s use a separate room first!’

However, there was a problem that she couldn’t ignore

“Don’t go, I think without you….”

That is that her husband can’t sleep without Izaya.

‘I have to find a way somehow.’


“I’m unable to sleep without you, and you’re leaving me? You can’t.”

Ern’s gesture of wrapping her wrist was very polite and persistent.

“You made me like this, so you have to take responsibility, Empress.”

His voice was friendly and sweet, but his gaze on Izaya was colored with a dark obsession.

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폭군은 잠들지 못하고
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babkye rated it
May 14, 2022
Status: c4
This novel is really interesting! The translator also did a great job!

I usually don't like novel with misunderstanding and lack of communication in it, but this one I can bear it. I would like to see how FL and ML relationships develop.

Their misunderstandings is also understandable, because:

... more>>

Her husband, our ML always give indifferent reaction and flat expression that easily makes people misunderstand, especially in her past life he is also cold towards FL, I think that's why. Also, FL being active at changing her destiny is also one of the reason of their misunderstandings. Maybe our ML think that FL dont like him anymore or set her eyes on other men (Which is very cute side of ML, he's jealous.) Please just read it, you'll get what im talking about.


Our FL:

Not a brain dead fl, on the contrary she's very clever!

of course, she used to learn and took class as successor of duchy, I expect no less. She's really good at getting people on her side, especially the emperor (I might say, she tamed him). I'm a bit worried when she's about to get assasinated by her own father, but turns out she did learn swordmanship. Plus point for her! She's strong, beautiful, clever, and active at changing her destiny.


Our ML:

His personality is like a cat. Tsundere, obviously. He isnt actually ignore and abandon FL, instead he likes her and really care for her. (Well he can't sleep without her, so...) Even in first life, we can see that he genuinely care for FL when she told him to run from the duke's troops. He's cute actually.


I hope that they clear the misunderstandings and communicate with each other as soon as possible. <<less
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