The Strongest Necromancer with Evolutionary Abilities


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Adrias Cromwell. A minor minion of the mid-boss in the game, serving as a disposable character who dies for the player. [There are unselected traits.] Determined to escape fate and survive at all costs.

Associated Names
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jinhwa teugseong-eulo choegang nekeulomaenseo
Necromancer's Evolutionary Traits
Shinka Tokusei de Saikyou Necromancer
Shinka tokusei de saikyō nekuromansā
진화 특성으로 최강 네크로맨서
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10/31/23 DaoistuDBhcT c147
10/31/23 DaoistuDBhcT c146
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2 Reviews

Aug 20, 2023
Status: c370
This is one of those novels that started off strong, but slowly started to lose momentum as it continued, just to finally crash and burn at the end The novel creates the impression that it will have a harem ending, which I don't particularly love but I don't mind either. However, that's not what happened. The author did something that I genuinely can't make sense of. The author sets up five different relationships, only to choose a random, mediocre one at the end. While I have no problem with the... more>> person he ended up with, I was much more invested in him getting together with another character. I liked her much better. Liked her personality more end her powers etc.., but the author paired her off with a random guy who just showed up at the end of the novel for such a baffling reason. They're implied to be together now, even though she's been through so much with the MC. This is really frustrating because it feels like the author was writing a novel, and wrote most of it, then when he started posting people didn't like the harem aspect so he took it out last minute and just said published it with the most convenient female lead. To justify the ending Honestly I genuinely dislike those long weird love triangle novels where most of the characters end up unsatisfied and unhappy at the ending, and that's what this felt like towards the end, and that really ruined it for me. I was honesty half reading the novel just to see the happy ending with the FL that I genuinely liked to end up with him. Without it this just feels mediocre then a letdown. <<less
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Sep 19, 2023
Status: c90
The story was doing mostly fine ignoring the occasional s*upidity from a MC that should know better until the alchemist girl suddenly lost all her brain cells and couldn't take a hint until she almost got the MC killed.

Seriously there is honest mistakes, foolishness and the there is this ret*rded b*tch... her reaction whe he told her he knew took idiocy to a whole new level...

At this point I kinda lost respect for the MC for going this far for that idiot. If she insists so much to f*ck herself... more>> up you just have to let it go... why risk you life for someone who couldn't take a hint if she got run over by it? <<less
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