The Road to Becoming a Top-Notched Old Lady


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The heavens made a joke on Yu Sheng. It turned her from being a young woman into a mother of five children, and would even be a grandmother in a few months.

Locust plagues, droughts, floods, snowstorms, disasters came one after another. Fortunately, there is no such thing as a road that can’t be crossed, and she got a magical trading shop with her.

Let’s see how she leads her family out of poverty to become wealthy and live a splendid new life in the era of scarcity. However, she glanced at the people around her, ‘What if the husband comes back from the dead?’

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Kokoro Mugen
Kokoro Mugen
Jul 18, 2023
Status: c200
I MTL’ed this novel and dropped it out of peer frustration. A lot of misunderstanding between the MC and ML could have resolved IF THEY COMMUNICATED!!

... more>>

Or if the MC just revealed that she was not the original MC and so the ML’s identity of whether he was truly her husband (which he is) doesn’t really matter!!

ML basically divorced her at one point and left without saying goodbye because he thought he wasn’t her true husband/father of the children!!!


It also doesn’t help that whenever there is a love interest or love rival, people’s IQ seems to drop. Luckily, MC doesn’t believed in other people’s words...

Still, this whole novel frustrate me and the ML doesn’t recover his memories until 300+ chapters.

Maybe the drama appeals to other people, but this type of drama only frustrate me and put me in a bad mood. I do not read novels to make myself feel awful. <<less
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