The Pretty Widow in the 1980’s Remarried with Her Baby


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Pretty Widow x Pure-Hearted Man

In the early eighties, a new pair of orphaned and widowed came to a certain downtown in a small seaside town.

The widow was beautiful, but it was not easy to raise a child. She was eager to find support, so her neighbor Sister Liu enthusiastically introduced her to a partner. After finally matching with a twice married man, she unexpectedly fell into the water. When she woke up, Qiao Lu from modern times replaced her body.

The older leftover girl, Qiao Lu, time travels to a young widow with the same name. Not only does she have a small milk doll next to her, but she has not escaped the fate of having a blind date.

A blind date is okay, but she is very demanding. He must have a good temper, be diligent, and have a flexible mind. He must not be chauvinistic, must not curse, must not dislike her second marriage status, and must love her children. To sum up, this person does not exist!   

Sister Liu said, I have never seen such a picky second-married girl!   “These days, the iron rice bowl is king! Old Li from the steel factory is so good, he is an 8th grade worker!”  

Qiao Lu: “No, he is already forty, an old cow eats young grass.”

  “What about Xiao Song from the chemical plant? He is only twenty-nine, tall and strong, and easy to rely on!”   

Qiao Lu: “No, he has four children, my Xiaobao family is afraid.”   

“… Then Xiao Luo from the radio factory! Thirty years old, one child, honest and hard-working!”   

Qiao Lu: “No, he… looks too ugly.”   


Sister Liu finally couldn’t stand it anymore, threw a photo on the table, and said angrily: “Qiao Lu, this is the last one I’d like to introduce to you! He has never been married, he doesn’t have children, his financial situation is tight, and he has nothing but a handsome face and a dilapidated house! You’re on your own!”  

She picked up the photo and looked. Oh, he’s so handsome, like a picture star. Qiao Lu was eager to try.

“What does he do?”   

“A street vendor!”   

What? Isn’t this the first generation of entrepreneurs? !   

Roll up your sleeves and get to work!

“Okay! I want to go on a blind date with him!”   

However, after getting along with him, I realized that the dilapidated house = small courtyard in the city center = a major demolition house in the future!

Just the face? But he clearly has an excellent business acumen! You won’t lose money on this bet!

Xu Haizhou left his hometown and came to the south to start a business. With no money and no background, and a life without touching the ground, he never had the luxury of having a wife and children.

 Unexpectedly, one day his neighbor Sister Liu introduced him to a woman. Although she was a widow, he fell in love at first sight. As long as her character was passable, he didn’t mind whether she was married for the first time or for the second time.

And you have a baby? Just in time, pick up a ready-made son. So the two hit it off immediately, and against all odds, they got married!   

After marriage, with the concerted efforts of the couple, small street stalls gradually opened into large shopping malls, becoming the first batch of the self-reliant rich generation in the 1980s!

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