The Pig Teammates of the Thriller Game Are Overturning Every Day


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When Bai Wenxia entered the world of infinite flow, he was bound to a pig teammate system at the same time: we must become the most pig teammates of the pig teammates! The faster you die, the more rewards you will get!

Bai Wenxia is geared up, full of confidence: Okay! If you can’t be a boss, can’t you be a pig teammate?!

In the end:

Bai • cleared the level inexplicably • became the golden thigh of other players • fell in love with ghosts • Wenxia : ?


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Date Group Release
08/07/22 Universal Novel c1 part2
08/04/22 Cherry Lips Translation c1 part1
1 Review

New BestBLlover
Aug 10, 2022
Status: c93

I don’t even know what to say. The novel is good at first but the protagonist’s dumb luck and density gets really annoying after halfway through. Not even to mention that there is no solid ML, just Boss NPCs kissing the MC with everyone on the broadcast uwwwuuuing afterwards. MC is also persuing an acting career in real life and that is not fleshed out at all. We don’t even know why he is so set on being a pig teammate when he is clearing the dungeons really well... more>> and has a great reputation. Just poorly written tbh. <<less
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