Losing Money to Be a Tycoon


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I really just want to lose money! T_T

Best boss ever, prodigy of the business world, genius creator, visionary of the century.

These are the descriptions used for Pei Qian, President of Tengda Corporation.

Ever since his rebirth, Pei Qian finds himself in possession of a system that rewards him if he manages to lose money.

Instantly, a brilliant idea comes to mind — making crappy games!

“If the game flops, all my investment cost will be lost!”

“How difficult can it be to lose money?”

Indeed… how difficult can it be?

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20 Reviews

New bheyer
Jul 09, 2021
Status: c129
Please note, my review is based on my perception of this novel up to chapter 129, at which point I switching to reading it more intermittently / casually. My main complaint is that this novel is incredibly repetitive hence the loss of interest.

Looking at the other reviews, other readers still seem to be enjoying the novel even into chapter 1, 000. So I'm not sure if it gets better or if other reviewers are just masochists.

Anyway this novel is similar to 'I really am a superstar' where the MC is... more>> transported into a similar parallel world with a different arts, entertainment and business scene.

the MC has a system which helps him to run a business and rewards him slightly for earning money, and rewards him greatly for losing it.

These perverse incentives inspire MC to do whatever it takes to invest in loss making projects, the MC will have a zany idea to try and lose money, his employees try to scrutinise and rationalise his behavior, his project for some reason or another will go on to be a smashing hit, MC's company makes a tonne of money, but the MC himself earns very little personally due to system rules. So the MC decides to double down, in an attempt to lose it once more. Basically Rinse and repeat this, ad infitum.

On other notes; the translation quality is excellent, the Supporting characters are interesting enough and MC has a pretty decent personality and dark sense of humour.

In summary this is a decent 4 star novel, only reason it loses a star is due to its repetitive nature. Overall I recommend you give it a go. <<less
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Apr 21, 2020
Status: c882
Original Review for up to ch260:

This series is around a 3-4 in my opinion. The MC always wants to lose money due to this system, but fails from a variety of factors and ends up being seen as a money making god from everyone else. Some thoughts:

    1. The main problem with this novel is that it doesn't feel as good as it should as a wish-fulfilling fantasy. The MC is always trying to screw over every single one of his businesses and it constantly feels like he's actively letting down all of the people who work under him and respect him, and is trying to destroy his reputation. However, when he actively succeeds instead and rakes in the big money, it still doesn't feel great because the MC will constantly have depressed monologue regarding his sadness that his losses didn't come to fruition.
    1. The story up until the point I've read is just a bunch of repeated fiscal quarter cycles with very similar repetitive plot of make dumbass idea -> it loses money until for random reasons it becomes a success -> MC is sad -> tries a even more dumbass idea ->...
    1. The interpersonal interactions in this novel are severely lacking, as the MC just sits as the CEO and never interacts and gets close with anyone. As a reader, all characters other than the MC all seem bland and shallow.
Overall, while the story concept is fun at times, its just lacking depth and isn't as enjoyable as it could be.

Added review for up to ch882:

After catching up to the latest chapter half a year later, I have to say that it gets better, around 3.5-4. I think the problem with this novel before, was that I was reading it with the wrong mindset. Looking at this novel through the lens of a wish-fulfillment fantasy, it lacks the catharsis other novels often evoke with emotions of lust, obtaining power, slapping people's faces, and overall ascending to the peak of life. This novel isn't about that and around ch300 the author clarifies this very clearly in a statement addressing why readers comment that "it doesn't feel good to read".

Rather than focusing on ascending to the peak of life, the author points out that the MC only really needs a million or two yuan to maintain a very high standard of living and perhaps buy a villa or something - what would he need 300-400 million for. Instead, this novel explores more on the anti-capitalist. What would happen if a capitalist doesn't use their earned capital to expand their own personal capital (in real life it wouldn't work out, but our MC happens to have a system) ? And in the end, it explores alot of the improvements to society that our MC ends up accomplishing. There are also parts where it feels good to read, but once your let go of your mentality of the traditional urban wish fulfillment fantasy, it gets alot better to read.
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Apr 06, 2020
Status: c60
So far (up to ch.60), this has been pleasantly better than expected.

    • [The Premise:] Main Character (MC) wakes up in the past of his modern world and finds that it is similar but not the same as his own. Some industries have developed differently and other such differences. He also finds he has a 'Golden Finger' in the form of a system geared towards business. In short, it gives him a company fund that can only be used to do business with - if he legitimately does business (and the system has plenty of rules to keep him from wasting the money) and ends up losing that investment then it gives him the same amount of money for personal use before topping up the business fund again. Conversely, if he breaks even or makes a profit he receives a 'salary' for his personal use at the tune of 100:1 of the business fund ($100 business fund = $1 personal profit). Or at least, that is how I understand it. The only real drawback is that some of the characters misunderstandings of what he is doing (business-wise) is a bit of a reach at times.
    • [Technical Quality:] While there are some typographical errors, they're pretty rare and relatively unnoticeable. The only other issue is when the system is showing his statistics and deadline, it has the numbers representing the stats appear in the stat indicator text line instead of after the ':'. Otherwise, the story has good pacing and grammar - hats off to the author, translator and editor for a very good job.
    • [Character:] The MC immediately tries to lose money doing business so that it can be converted into money he can use for whatever he wants - and fails to hilarious results thanks to various factors, not least of which is that things which would fail to work in his own world tend to succeed in this new one due to business and industry practices having developed differently. The MC is surprisingly likable, and the story does a good job of making us like his failures even more. It also offers a decent view of the perspectives of characters around him instead of just focusing on him all the time.
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Oct 02, 2020
Status: c653
"A very soulless novel haphazardly put together without any real passion for the work or its quality."

That was how I began the first review back in October 2020. Now that I've read all the translated chapters - I take back what I said. (February 2021)

First off, I would give this novel five stars was it possible.

I was in a bad headspace when I wrote my first review (fully in spoilers at the end) and I've come to regret leaving it here, which is why I've decided to mend... more>> my errors.

The protagonist Pei Qian, a resident of former Earth, is transmigrated inexplicably into a parallel universe of Earth. The brands are different, the celebrities changed, and as will be introduced in the first chapters already, the development progress of games is changed as well.

Game development is easy when it comes to technicalities; no programming. It's good for the story, even if a bit strange. But it's a parallel world in the end, and it works well and consistently. Basically, what game development will be like in the eyes of a reader is just a matter of purchasing assets, hiring a designer, and creating the gameplay with what you got. The path has changed yet the end is familiar; it's only simpler and easier to read of game development like this.

The system? What is it? The system grants him company money in cycles of a month to six months. For example, he is given 50k. If he loses the whole pot, he receives 50k into his personal account. If he earns 300k from the 50k? The system gives him remuneration with terms of 1:100, meaning, he gets 3k from the 300k system earnings. The system has rules for needless spending and such as well, so he won't and can't just scatter it in the wind, so there is a lot of room for maneuvering around it; looking for the easier ways to lose his fortune.

I had some grievances with Pei Qian at first; his reasons for getting wealthy and all. I had thought it was just a crutch to move the plot, yet I've come to realize it as much more. The main character spent his first hard-earned money on his parents, even if they have a minimal impact overall (like 3 appearances so far). Even if, at times, Pei Qian seems somewhat strange in regard to his pursuit of earning tons of money, I've come to understand it somewhat.

The system threatened to off itself, leaving Pei Qian stranded and vulnerable once more; without the confidence and security it afforded him, were he to make its existence known. Over time, as his scale of business grew from pure games to physical services, he grew to rely on its backing, as it was the one thing that made him special and granted him the backing to succeed, and now that he reached the heavens in some meaning of the word, he still relied on it, even if it would be better for the long run to simply make the system off itself and do legit business. I think it's because of the feeling of having a system to hold everything the world could throw at him. If he didn't have it; he would truly be lonesome and vulnerable.

He develops an aura of success, the employees revere him, the whole nation thinks he is a genius, yet all he wishes for is to have negative revenue. Hence he throws money around at every opportunity of losing his capital, yet most of them succeed, even if he himself is sure of failing.

Thankfully there isn't any annoying peanut gallery following him around whenever he invests in seemingly braindead things. I could imagine the novel being ruined if some NPC1 was throwing catchphrases like, "Wow! That is s*upid!" at every opportunity given. Instead, most of the side characters, even if somewhat lacking in depth, try to scrutinize his moves. -which leads to the other crutch I've come to appreciate:

Misunderstandings. They are very common. Some have you clutching your hair admittedly, yet if you think about it in the eyes of the 'misunderstander', then you can see how he would come to the conclusion.

There hasn't been any romance. Some friendships we have seen, though not pure. -Pei Qian likes to think of all his - well, they think of him as more of a friend really - as backstabbers; the bastards who keep earning him money when he wants to lose it. It's quite amusing really, though somewhat tiring at times. There have been wholesome moments as well at some parts as well, so no worries about that.

The author has some philosophical ideas thrown around at times, but in good taste always; only elevating the reading experience, rather than sounding out preachy and pretentious. The translation job was good overall, even if I had some dissatisfactions with part of the formatting.

I recommend reading it. Seriously. It's good.

What I've learned from delving back into this and reading my past review, is that sometimes, your first impression, especially when not in the right frame of mind, can really cloud your judgment. I'll keep it in mind in the future as well.

I didn't want to delete my older review, even if I'm somewhat embarrassed by it.


A very soulless novel haphazardly put together without any real passion for the work or its quality.

I can't imagine how - as the translator had put it - the novel had become trending in China, and how it had set a new genre altogether.

The main character transmigrated into a parallel universe yet with the same people in his immediate vicinity - only different games and stuff. At least from I've understood after reading these 31 chapters.

It kept me interested at first, yet I soon realized the pure degeneracy of the work. I can't imagine what would happen to the Chinese novel market in the future if this truly had gained as much traction as the translator had said.

The MC's goal is to make money. But why? No idea. He doesn't seem to have any plans or goals, nor any reason to make money. The system provides main character funding for games and perhaps movies in the future, and the rewards distributed through the income greatly differ when it comes to losing the original settled capital and the income generated from the distributed capital - with the system prioritizing losing money.

And from that - comes the whole gimmick of the novel: the main character trying to lose money, but with some ridiculous, and downright illogical reasons ends up making money from the product.

He doesn't seem to like making games. He doesn't particularly have a goal for saving/gaining money either.

It's just a cheap plot gimmick, and as the gimmick isn't covered with an interesting plot, a somewhat interesting cast of characters, or even an anyhow interesting world - the gimmick becomes the only driving factor in the plot progression.

I found myself being bothered the most by how novels like this - and especially this particular one - handle the societal and individual reactions towards actions - conventional, or not - by which I mean the convenience of just forgoing any negative, or perhaps simply uninterested viewpoints towards the actions. In this case: the games.

It's like...

Just forgo all complexity in the world, and focus on the easy things, the ones that make the reader feel giddy and satisfied at how well it goes for the one-dimensional self-insert of a character without any defining traits or goals.

I feel worse after reading this. Maybe somewhat bitter at how novels like these receive more translation work than the ones I enjoy more - but that's life. Not everyone enjoys the same things.

I didn't rate the novel because I couldn't read it too far, and hence feel authorized to rate it. This was more of a rant and a way to vent the feelings blossoming in the aftermath of spending some time reading this particular work.

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Jan 02, 2021
Status: c1192
TLDR: The misunderstanding in this novel revolves around the MC wanting to make his company lose money and his employees wanting to make a profit. Then in the end they really end up with a profit as the mc's attempts to sabotage his own company backfire on him. However I find his entire mindset to sabotage his employee's work very disrespectful regardless of the misunderstandings and the end result. I can't stand this. However I applaud the author for parodying our videogames and entertainment industry. As well as other industries... more>> where excessive focus on maximizing profits has resulted in less than desirable problems for the consumers and employees.

Writing wise this novel is just not up to my taste. You'll realize that it's essentially the same plot-line being recycled after the first 100 chapters.

This novel has a mechanic where the system gives him company wealth, and personal wealth (his own money/ earnings). Company wealth cannot be used for himself so he wants to maximize his personal wealth. However the system has a 'bug' which makes it so that the conversion ratio of the profits he earns in the company wealth part gets converted at a worse rate to his own personal wealth compared to when he is making losses.

So for example, if he makes 1 million in profit, he might only receive 10k in personal wealth. However if he makes a loss of 1 million, he will receive 1 million in personal wealth. This mechanic therefore encourages the owner to make losses, the more the better. Hence the mc's his goal changed to losing money so he can become rich himself.

Therefore the story loop is as follows; The MC tries to make a loss by giving bad orders trying to sabotage his own company -> His employees try to do their upmost best to make something good out of it and misunderstand the mc's various orders -> Hilarity ensues -> The project/product looks like it is failing -> Suddenly it makes a comeback and makes them loads of money -> Employees are happy -> MC is mad he didn't incur a loss and tries to do his best to make more losses -> Hilarity ensues

I could understand if the MC wanted to make a loss in order to convert all that money into his own pocket. However after a while the company is literally earning him millions in personal wealth because the profits are that good. And he still wants to make a loss in order to earn more.

Now comes the part which I do not like. He intentionally sabotages his own products, and while they always turn out well I find this very disrespectful towards his own employees who are working hard wholeheartedly for his company. He even gets mad at them (although he keeps this to himself and doesn't lash out on them). I get it, he treats his employees well in terms of salary, work environment and work benefits, but him disrespecting their hard work is simply infuriating. Especially since he himself does barely anything worth earning him those millions. Yet he still puts his own greed before the respect for the work done by his employees. And yes, he does wholeheartedly praise them sometimes, but he really is only happy when they incur losses for him. I simply cannot stand this mindset.

As some people might have already noticed but this novel is also a parody that makes fun of the current games and entertainment industries in general. What the author's idea is in my opinion not full blown communist propaganda. He wants to appeal to a form where you remain capitalist but hold a little bit back on that greed, think of the consumers and your employees. Currently our real world gaming industry is really plagued with micro transactions, p2w mechanics, bad and unfun mechanics for the consumer in order to maximize profits. Too much copy pasting of already existing franchises in order to make money and little innovation. Ie. Mmorpg's constantly copying WoW's style. Or Ubisoft turning many of their games into reskinned Far Cry games with the same open world settings and gameplay elements, for example the Assasin's Creed franchise is one of them. Another thing is the treatment of employees. Lots of crunching, unpaid overtime, bad treatment, low salary, massive lay-offs after a development cycle and many more issues. These are all problems in our videogames industry nowadays. I think it's good that the author talks about this and makes more people aware of the issue. He also makes fun of many other phenomena that happen in our internet culture and entertainment industry. Such as hivemind/sheep mentality, information overload and lack of critical thinking of the end user, fake news and fake reviews and many more. <<less
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Aug 11, 2020
Status: c289
If you're looking for something business-related in a realistic sense, this is definitely NOT a helpful novel. The ways in which everything moves directly opposite of how the MC anticipates isn't really something that would happen in real life. But don't get me wrong, the parts that I enjoy really sell it for me. I just want to let people know what they're in for.

The main aspect of the comedic effect for me are his responses to failing at losing money. He has a continuously hilarious inner struggle every single... more>> time things don't go his way, and he has to keep showing a poker face.

Pretty much everyone around him thinks he's a genius and are trying their best to help him improve the company. But he's always cursing them inside saying that they're getting in his way. LOL, whenever one of their products becomes profitable, he tries to get rid of the person in charge, but then they just start bringing in more money even after he transfers them to a "failing" business/department. Also, the author created a sort of deadline for him, so once it's reaching time to check his results and it doesn't seem like he'll make the cut, he gets really frantic trying to lose money. I've never seen someone try so hard to come up with so many different employee benefits.


It's really hard for me to decide whether I want to root for him or burst my gut laughing at him.

Like, you kind of feel for the guy, since he just wants to have some personal money to be able to spend for himself. But then since he's always being so sneaky in trying to sabotage everything, you kind of want to see him fail.


Anyways, if you're able to overlook some of the unrealistic aspects of the misunderstandings, I think it's worth reading. It's definitely a good novel for casual readers who're not looking for anything overly complicated. <<less
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Jul 13, 2020
Status: c1200
I've read it to chp 800 and in the beginning of chp 300 the MC start to learn not just failing the project is how to lose the money, but there's many ways. And some ways that he choose later on did impact positively in his company. Not just messing around

... more>>

This novel is good, the MC learn that failing the project of the company isn't just the only way to lose money, he too learn how to burning money in another way. Like advertising as much as possible, since his company is already big it's useless to fail the project that already been successful and many other way


This is not face slapping. Wish fulfillment or anything like that. It's just comedy and slice of life. But hey, I love this. And read this daily.

Update : caught up to 1266+ chapter. And I can say I still enjoy it.

Update : 1320++ this is my daily dose novel xD, probably I will rate it 5 stars later <<less
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Jun 17, 2020
Status: c788
I really like this novel.

... more>>

In the beggining the MC fails a lot to lose money, because of his golden luck, but there were times he manages to lose money too (I think). He has character growth and the way he changes people life for better and even saving them sometimes is a plus for me.

He has a way to lose money, but if it causes harm to other people he won't do it and will even continue to win money, like the apartments arc.

The side characters are really lovely, you won't forget them even if it appears more and you can tell them apart.

I will continue to follow the novel until tengda company becomes a hegemon in the world!.

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Arcadia Blade
Arcadia Blad
Jan 26, 2021
Status: Latest
Three words I can say to this Novel:

'Task Failed Successfully' or 'Suffering From Success'

Hello, this is my first time Reviewing and I rarely review novels since I don't know if I'm good at it or not but I want to share my opinion with this novel.

... more>> I really like this story because of how the genre of system had been all about making the MC OP or gaining profit of this. But for this novel, its the opposite.

It all revolves around the MC making plans on bankrupting his company which all ended up making even more successes that he intended. Even if he found a loophole to how he can gain money from the system, it will end in a failure and he can barely earn money after the stunts he pulled.


The MC is a guy whose transmigrated back 9-10 years on earth but on an alternate time which different events had happened. He is given a system which helps him start a company and given him capital to start one. However, he found a loophole on the system that if he loses more money from the system, he will be rewarded with more money for his own instead of his company. This is the premise of the Novel.

He isn't what you call a good guy or an evil guy, but lean more on the neutral side. While he doesn't want to make his employees suffer, he is greedy and employs plans that capitalizes on losing money. He is also cautious as past failures makes him worried for the profit and so he doesn't redo the mistakes or comprehend from his past failures.

The other cast are only there to empower the novel's plot and I don't have any comments other than how their lives change because of the MC. I can't say much for them but they are flesh out that they have personality and not really mindless bots. The other reviewers already pointed them out so I don't have to explain any further.


As pointed out by other reviewers, its basically just misunderstanding after another misunderstanding. They all followed the same plotline.

MC makes plans on burning money -> It works and some almost even succeeds or even burns money -> Event happens to make his company flourish to which the MC either plans more loses or basically give up on seeing the profits rise up -> Repeat.

While this is just the same plot, it also implement different ways on how the plot revolves on the loses becomes profit. By pure luck, the MC's own doing or getting misunderstand and ended up succeeding. Which is why I sometimes predict the plot what would happen while some I would be surprised at.

Also, because of the MC's burning money plan, it ended up not only helping those around him but also creating future events which will turn in more profit for his company or his own city.


I like this novel because of the misunderstandings and how the MC is suffering from the profits he can't use for himself.

He does earn loses but its only miniscule that it gives reason why he had to keep low-profile so that he doesn't want the people related to him to hound him money.

The MC is misunderstood as a Saint since he wanted to burn money but he is restricted by the rules of the system such that he is only benefiting his employees or those that can help him burn money.

He is smart but is limited by only his future knowledge and the system's restrictions that he had to think many ways to burn money.

I won't bring spoilers so I can only give my own review and bring out some suggestions if you want to read the novel or not.

Overall, my own rating is 5 stars from my own perspective and only let you guys find out if you find my review plausible. I just like this novel and wanted to give a review of this one. <<less
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Jul 30, 2020
Status: --
I love this! The MC has a system that gives him money for losing money. Unfortunately, he's an unintentional business genius, and everything he touches turns to gold. He ends up turning into a godly CEO in his employees' eyes for giving the best workplace benefits in the industry and always creating successful products. It's hilarious to see everyone misunderstanding him as he tries to burn money and sabotage his own products, and how miserable he is every time he fails at failing.

No romance + no distinction between female/male characters,... more>> which is a plus for me.

Also, the games/films are described really well - to the point, I'd like to see them made in real life! <<less
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Dec 31, 2020
Status: c1176
This is a fantastic novel!!!!

There are novels that start out weak but get stronger. Then there're novels that start out strong but end in ruins. This novel is none of them! It starts out great and continue to amaze me even after more than 1, 100 chapters! I can count on two hands the number of novels that I managed to read to 1, 000 chapters without dropping.

Let me start by saying that I don't like novels with system. I think it's an overused trope and not done that well.... more>> This novel is a breath of fresh air. While it has a system, the system's presence is very minimal. Instead of focusing on the MC's interaction with the system, the novel is mainly about his interaction with the people around him. This makes the story telling doesn't feel as grindy as most of the other system novels (ex: do this task, get points, get stronger, rinsed and repeat, etc.)

I typically also don't like the misunderstanding trope. But the author did it so well here. The misunderstandings manage to be mostly logical and extremely hilarious. Poor Boss Pei. 🤣🤣🤣 In fact, misunderstanding is the overarching plotline of this novel.

While being entertained by all the character interactions, I also feel a sense of satisfaction by seeing how Boss Pei's company, Tengda, continues to grow and enter different sectors. It starts out in the game industry then branches out to other industries that unintentionally made positive economic and social impacts in the region.

Besides Boss Pei, all of the other side characters (mainly his employees) are also very memorable. All of them are tied to certain projects that easily jog my memory when they're brought up again. Even as Tengda continues to expand, the author didn't leave older characters in the dust. They made cameo appearance when least expected, not just as fillers, but as part of relevant plots. I'm amazed at how the author managed to piece together different pieces of characters and plots so seamlessly.

Plus, it's also one of those rare novels that doesn't need (random, sometimes plot destroying) romance to become popular.

In short, this is the best business development novel with a system that I've ever read. It's packed full of hilarity and memorable casts. Definitely worth my time and my wallet. <<less
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Aug 23, 2020
Status: c317
An amazing read by an amazing author. I will be looking for more novels by this author
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Kawaii Panda
Kawaii Panda
Jun 07, 2021
Status: --
I really laughed while reading this. The MC, had a system on which he will get more money if he lose it. He tried but he failed haha, he was always misinterpreted by other people xD
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Oct 18, 2020
Status: c30
This was not a fun novel at all. I kept reading it because I thought that the next game the MC made might be better than the last but they´re not. And the MC choosing a professional secretary off of her looks is enough to make me drop it. I thought he was supposed to be trying to fail but then he goes and hires the most experienced secretary they have available? Just no. It makes no sense any more and it´s really boring.
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Jun 26, 2020
Status: c198
I read this every day whenever there's a new chapter. This is my favourite story ever. It's just about money. :) Usually I don't know which character is who, but I remember the characters in this story since they're unique and characterized. :)
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Jun 11, 2020
Status: --
So the MC was blessed with a system that gives him a starting fund every cycle, to start his own company. The twist is a negative Gross Profit will give the MC a 1:1 rebate, while the MC will receive 1% equity share if it's successful.

It's basically a system that could drastically reduce unemployment rate, unfortunately the MC is too greedy and couldn't see the big picture. I wouldn't be pissed if that's just the reason, but there was a chapter that revealed a glaring loop hole to the system,... more>> he could basically hire himself to work for the company outside the job scope of a company boss. Not only the MC is greedy, he's also lazy AF, he could hire himself to do the character design which is being paid for 6 digits, and the shitty design could make his games fail too, hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. The author made this novel where the MC is so obsessed with the 1:1 loss conversion, that it suffers from the repetitive joke and use of "The MC is often misunderstood" concept. Yes it's funny at first, but come on. <<less
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May 12, 2020
Status: c9
Not to criticize other people's tastes, but...

This novel is mediocre. It's a copy pasta of all other in the same genre, the only thing that changed is that MC tries to lose money there to get rich.

  • no funny jokes, forced comedy
  • the novel isn't really for gamers, because the streams, videos or comments look like they were done by bots
  • no character development or growth
  • everything is bland and superficial
  • skips parts that could make the novel better (e.g. the process of making a game takes MC 10 sentences, there's no process actually it's just MC plagiarising some templates and game done no hardship no thinking nothing)
  • No business or employment strategy, the way MC does it is like a elementary schooler playing business simulator
  • This novel is supposed to be a slice of life but fails at it as interactions are few and far between, bland and cliche
In summary, poop.
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Stupid Novel
Stupid Novel
May 11, 2020
Status: c85
Treat this novel as your side dish at the most.

I tried to read it until the most recent update of the english TL. But, I don't know how to describe it. The only thing that you will got in this novel is a good laugh when you see the MC failed and failed again to spent his money. Other than that? Nothing. No character development (At least for now), no romance, no in-depth business strategy, no slice of life, every character have no soul.

When you read for example cultivation novel,... more>> you will got. Action, adventure, a bit of romance, harem. And so on. But, the only thing that you will got in this novel is comedy.

I am not recommend it for those who have so much brain cell that will got irritated because MC's line of thought. However, if you bored of looking at cultivation novel with thousand chapter left to read of any kind of similar novel. Then this will be your pit stop. It will recharge a good amount of laugh so you can continue your long journey to finish those novel. <<less
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May 05, 2020
Status: --
From what I read so far. The MC is a ret*rded greedy bastard, he was impact a lowly salary man before he go back in time and became a idiot ret*rded being that even a fool would know how to lose money.

His 1st failure is the hook that made me read this sh*t and the way he just shrug and throw the thought of making his business grow and let it be so that one day the company would lose profit but no he stick with the dumbest idea and... more>> continued his greed to lose profit that turn high profit.

He was a reasonable man but his decision and idea is ret*rded. Did he not know that if you make so much high end games it backfire and loss too much profit causing the game to be another cash sucking games for pay to win players.

If the story is not just seeing his failure to burn money and somehow get the profit loss then this novel is unique. You need to balance the uniqueness of a story if the story is just that then its boring like hell I'll read a 1000 chapster that MC always fail because of plot. We need to see that he can somehow loss profit and change his life to spend some of his hard working money then back to square one of gaining profits through sheer luck. <<less
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Apr 28, 2021
Status: c791
The novel is good and the translation is good as well. The translation does the novel justice and completely portrays the essence of the novel.

If it was my usual self and any other novel, I would have searched for the Raw and MTL it to continue the story. Because the translation wouldn't have been hindered in understanding the plot. Whereas I feel that this particular novel should not be read using a MTL or else it would ruin it for me.
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