The Phoenix Arises


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The female protagonist crossed over to become the Venerable Woman Kingdom’s Crown Princess. That’s right, that’s right, holding power and authority and handsome men!

What? She’s has the body constitution of trash and is unable to practice martial arts?

Having finally set her eyes on a good looking man, he turned out to be a snow wolf. Isn’t that just so sad and depressing….. Having captured a good looking man, a certain woman laughed sinisterly. “Remember this. You are already mine, so you have to remain chaste for me. If you do not obey, I will then reject the goods.”

The handsome looking man was stunned with his mouth agape. “You….. You’ve gotten it completely backwards!”

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01/14/20 Misty Cloud Translations c46 part2
01/08/20 Misty Cloud Translations c46 part1
01/03/20 Misty Cloud Translations c45 part3
12/30/19 Misty Cloud Translations c45 part2
12/23/19 Misty Cloud Translations c45 part1
12/18/19 Misty Cloud Translations c44 part3
12/17/19 Misty Cloud Translations c44 part2
12/12/19 Misty Cloud Translations c44 part1
12/06/19 Misty Cloud Translations c43 part3
11/28/19 Misty Cloud Translations c43 part2
11/26/19 Misty Cloud Translations c43 part1
11/23/19 Misty Cloud Translations c42 part3
11/20/19 Misty Cloud Translations c42 part2
11/18/19 Misty Cloud Translations c42 part1
11/15/19 Misty Cloud Translations c41 part4
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alrahe rated it
September 23, 2019
Status: c39 part2
I try to read this because it's translated by Misty.

The novel is simple, and refreshing. The couple is so sweet, there's no many misunderstanding, angst and secret hiding stuff that sometimes in another novel might dragging many chapter.

I don't know what might happened next (haven't read the raw, will be patiently waiting for Misty) but for now this novel is one of my cup of tea.
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