The Origin of Species


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“Count it well. I’ll give you 10 million won for every swallow.”

Alpha Seo Seung-hyun, a self-made young conglomerate, received a secret request from a high-ranking executive of a company to win a weapon at a secret auction held in Shanghai.

However, the auction went awry due to someone’s interference, and the request was in danger of failing. The only clue was a mercenary team caught on the spot trying to steal the weapon.

Hacker Lee Young-jin, who was sent on a mission under the direction of a mysterious figure, ‘Teacher’ proposed a deal to Seung-hyun, who was trying to deal with them coldly.

Instead of giving them a clue to find the weapon, he demanded the release of his colleagues and take a ‘s*x video’ as collateral.

Little by little, Seung-hyun started to show interest in Young-jin at the absurd suggestion of a young omega who was s*upid but exudes a strange sexiness…

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종의 기원
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February 19, 2024
Status: --
Here's a potential continuation of the story about the origin of species:

Charles Darwin strode through the lush jungles of the Galapagos, observing the unique birds that inhabited each island. He noticed that species on different islands had distinct adaptations - the beak of a finch perfectly suited to crack open the seeds of a particular plant, the longer wings of a bird allowing it to better catch insects.

What could explain this speciation across the archipelago? As Darwin studied fossil records, he saw links between modern species and ancient predecessors. On... more>> return to England, a fierce debate raged with the church over a controversial notion: that all life gradually diversified from common ancestors, adapting to fill ecological niches over eons through natural selection.

Darwin meticulously gathered evidence to support his theory. He bred pigeons, finding vanities arose from single species. He examined intricacies of carnivorous plants serving as living mouse traps. His orchid studies revealed complex, co-dependent relationships, exquisite adaptations between flower and pollinator.

Though derided at first, the sheer weight of Darwin's observations gradually turned the tide. His "Origin of Species" found acceptance as the mechanism driving life's rich tapestry - a single tree of life branching and diversifying. Darwin had revealed the natural order underlying nature's diversity - all living beings honed by imperceptible changes over generations, constantly evolving. A transcendent insight into the connections binding every organism on Earth. <<less
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