The OOC Villainess and the White Moonlight Heroine are BFFs


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When Yue Xia woke up, she had transmigrated and was bound to an unlucky system.

[You’re in an old-fashioned domineering CEO novel. As we all know, in these novels, apart from the easily jealous CEO that presses the female protagonist against the wall and the gentle second male lead, the most important character is the cannon fodder villainess. That’s you.]

[You fell in love with the male protagonist, but he doesn’t love you. You gradually become twisted and try to ruin their relationship, but you fail every time. You’re the catalyst for the protagonists’ beautiful love story, the tool that drives forward the plot. In the end, your reputation will be ruined and you’ll vanish.] [You must complete your tasks. Promote the development of the plot as well as upgrade the old-fashioned plot, otherwise you’ll be erased.]


On the day of her transmigrating, the plot had progressed to the day of the male protagonist and the white moonlight’s engagement party. Yue Xia had to immediately go to the engagement party, fail to snatch the protagonist, and start the muddled life of a loser.

[To avoid the melodramatic plot of the white moonlight miscarrying, and then miscarrying again, and again, the first novice task is released.]

Yue Xia held her breath.

[Go to the engagement party, cause trouble, and snatch the protagonist.]

Yue Xia: … Even a villainess has human rights!

And so, that afternoon, Yue Xia lived up to expectations by appearing at the lively engagement party.

Faced with everyone’s shocked gazes and the male protagonist, who had a hard time hiding the disgust in his eyes, Yue Xia swallowed the wasabi in her mouth and burst into tears. “Did you really forget me?”

The male protagonist: “Stop pestering me…”

“Shuyao!” Yue Xia suddenly turned her head and affectionately said to the confused white moonlight. “Please leave with me!”

The white moonlight: “… Umm, okay.”

Everyone watched with shocked expressions as the female protagonist was taken away by a strange woman. They didn’t come back.

From then on, the plot spiraled out of control.

In this regard, the suspected culprit replied that she was just an ordinary, silly villainess.

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The Villainess Acts OOC in a domineering CEO novel
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5 Reviews

Feb 24, 2024
Status: c1
hehe oh man it really feels like this series was written for me specifically.... main girl yue xia has transmigrated into a terrible dog blooded domineering ceo novel with a system! and according to the system, she's not the baiyueguang female lead, nor is she the "red rose" second female lead; she's the "single use" cannon fodder villainess ex girlfriend! the domineering original male lead is absolute unrecyclable tr*sh so obviously to it's time for her to seduce.... the female leads!? she picked the yuri route... ♡_♡ (just kidding --... more>> unfortunately there is a male lead in this. he is a stoic facial paralysis ice cold man on the outside but u soon find out he's actually a cute lil socially awkward puppy boy on the inside so it's okay)

yuexia is your main character who's winning the idgaf war: she's got terrible fashion sense, a 4d personality, and so much foolishness you start to feel bad for the male lead. her brain works on a level even the system doesn't understand. she's so relatable tbh out in the trenches making nonsensical life choices and fighting adhd.

this novel has everything it's got jokes, its got face slaps, it's got the sweet fairy type, pure innocent who is always getting stepped on female lead learning to stand on her own two feet and find success! (i liked that the MC basically tells the FL like being gentle and forgiving is not a personality flaw but you cannot let other people walk over you) it's got.... the MC trying to get the cold and th**ny rose like second female lead to be her friend for literally half the novel.... I joked about the yuri route but it does feel like she spends most of the novel trying to befriend the two skittish female leads.

yuexia's family is really lovely especially her parents. like her life is my dream tbh, to just laze around all day winning the idgaf war, insulting scum, making friends with pretty girls and playing video games... this is wish fulfilment literature. it's VERY silly and slice of life, a fun and enjoyable to read. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 15, 2024
Status: --
I really enjoyed this story because it doesn't focus on romance, but on supporting and bringing up the confidence of women. It is a novel that has more focus on the friendship between girls and it's amazing.

Our FL transmigrates into the villainous ex-gf of the oriML who is SCUM. He is supposed to marry his White Moonlight and White Moonlight suffers in the marriage before this scum oriML goes off to find another woman nicknamed the Red Rose.

FL is forced to go to the engagement party due to the Main... more>> System's warnings. She has a System who talks to her and can be tricked etc, with a personality, and another Main System thing which gives her warnings and plotlines and notifications. So FL goes to the party and saves the White Moonlight from the engagement.

I won't say much more cause you should read it but basically FL will become friends with the White Moonlight and Red Rose and support them through their problems, encourage them to find their true self and break the shackles that bind them. I love the novel because it doesn't put down other women, and instead supports them. Most CNovels tend to let the other female characters have terrible endings. This one does not.

There is a subplot of romance with a green flag ML who is so cute. I really love his interactions with the FL.

A good read. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 29, 2024
Status: Completed
Ah this is actually so good!!

Adorable ML, cold in front of others but shy and tongue-tied in front of the MC. A great family and cast of characters. A cute and bold MC.

One thing I really love about this is how through the MC’s friendship and support the “white moonlight” and the “rose” learn to stand on their own and stand up for themselves. To see them go from terrible situations to confident and successful women was really great.

The romance was very cute! 🥰 I definitely recommend trying this out <3
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 09, 2024
Status: Completed
Loved it for sure.

My laughter couldn't stop at all because of Yue Xia's antics and scenes which evoked laughter.

For eg.:

... more>>

System: You have to go to engagement and stop it.

Then after getting to the place.

Yue Xia: Crys while holding White Moonlight and saying how could you forget me. You had helped me. Totally acting crazily.

And White Moonlight falls for that and goes with her. On other hand others even suspect MC of liking girls while some say MC did it to wreck engagement.

(This scene is the one in synopsis.)




System: Male lead (of the novel in which MC has transmigrates) saves you in a fire instead of white moonlight as he mistakes you for her.

Yue Xia: My face doesn't matches her. Even my height is 8cm more than her. So how the heck did he mistook me?

System: You earlobes look similar.


(I am just describing the scenes. I didn't copy paste it from there so don't mind if there's difference.)


Whenever I get a hold of myself, another thing happens and I burst out laughing again.

Also the fluff was nice and sweet. Quite cute. And Male lead was same as MC's ideal type lol. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 01, 2024
Status: c7
Love it so far. Many thanks to the translator! I laughed in every chapter and the story pulled me in right away. The pace was fast and I couldn't guess what would happen at all. Looking forward to it <3
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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