The Obsessive Male Lead Wants To Become My Husband


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I reincarnated as the wicked older half-sister of the female lead of a rated-19 novel.

And here, I’m destined to die at the hands of the obsessive male lead.

So, I desperately tried to prevent my sister and him from meeting each other…

“Sisterhood is a wonderful thing.”

Like a beast, the golden yellow eyes shone dangerously in the dark.

“But Evelyn, it’s time for you to know.”

“Cas, Lord Cassius…”

“I only wanted you from the beginning.”

…How did it get to this point?


“All I need is my sister. I don’t care about others!”

Something was strange about the original female lead, whom I thought was only kind and gentle…

“My son is too soft for you, but I will do anything to get you inside my house.”

Prospective mother-in-law, who was a little more outcoming than her son…

“Evelyn, why don’t you love me?”

And, even the original male lead…!

…I’m just struggling to survive, but everyone is obsessed with me!

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집착남주가 내 남편이 되려고 한다
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August 30, 2021
Status: c10
This story is a bit bizarre. The transmigrated female lead, Evelyn, is an idiot. She really is an idiot. Ranks quite high among the idiots of the genre.

Cassius, probably the male lead, is completely insane. Like the joker of male leads in this genre. This is not an exaggeration. In the original story he murdered the family of the story’s female lead just so she doesn’t have other close relations. Another time he killed her pet turtle and then served it to her for dinner.

So the combination of an idiotic... more>> MC and a sociopathic ML is increasingly disturbing and frustrating since you know the sadistic abuse is coming, but the MC is too s*upid to avoid it or fight back. Even knowing the future isn’t enough because she is too s*upid to use it effectively. Is this going to become a horror story ? Maybe things will turn, I don’t know.

Also, the translation, to be honest, is not very good. <<less
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honingzoet rated it
June 16, 2022
Status: c51
this story had a lot of potential at the start and I was excited to see that i'd be reading about an MC, who, for once, does not have the personality of a toenail, and a fun ML who has a few screws loose. I was wrong.

the story loses all interesting aspects after ~ch10 or something. It should've spent a lot more time detailing the MC and ml's time together as the ML was nursed by the MC so the ml's random obsession with her wouldn't seem like it came... more>> out of left field. They seem like complete strangers to me even after 51 chapters, and honestly, I cannot fathom why the ML is so hellbent on marrying the bland MC. Sure, he's crazy, but he's also been said to not care for other people. MAKE IT MAKE SENSE.

the MC is a complete and total idiot and I hate how she behaves like she's some sort of genius. With the way she acts with the ml, you'd think he's a crazed rapist who spends his days eating people alive and dissecting infants. Nope! He's just a yandere that the MC can literally tame if she threatens him, because she literally has him wrapped around her finger and KNOWS IT but doesn't use it to her advantage.

i have no idea why she would ever think that wasting cassius' money would make him dislike her, but she does, and it just makes her even more annoying. She even behaves rudely to his parents, hoping they dislike her, but then goes on to say his parents' opinions never matter to him, so why the hell is she being s*upid for no reason? If you're going to actually be rude to someone, then be rude to the guy who's starting all this.

she seriously has some brain damage and it's hard to read about. She takes to running away from home and abandoning everything for an insecure, unfamiliar life and HUMILIATING HERSELF ON PURPOSE in front of all the big guys of the kingdom, like, I don't know, the ROYAL FAMILY??? This dumb bit*h shoves aside a singer performing for everyone in high society and proceeds to belt the phantom of the opera theme song, hoping cassius will be so embarrassed that he'll cut her off. Why would you EVER wish to embarrass yourself in front of the biggest nobles in the kingdom??? The ML obviously won't give a sh*t and she knows this but still proceeds to do it anyway. I'm convinced she has a humiliation kink because no sane person would ever willingly do such a thing.

the ML hasn't done anything bad so far and just seems to be really emotionally constipated when it comes to his feelings but the FL trembles and shakes in front of him like he's satan himself. Bro has done nothing but exist, and like I said, she holds the power over him, so if she threatens him enough, he literally won't do anything weird.

the romance is super weird too–you mean to tell me the crown prince of a neighboring kingdom decided to ditch his royal life to come to another kingdom to beat people up at a souvenir shop? That is the single most ridiculous thing i've ever heard in my entire life. If he needs to gather information or some dumb shit, then he can have someone else do it in his stead, and getting information by fighting people at a store is clearly not the way to go. Why wouldn't you just enter the palace as a servant or be the servant of a really gossipy, outgoing family that knows everything about the kingdom?

the worst part is that after ONE (1) conversation with the fMC, this f*cking guy (gabriel) is like "run away with me babe I love you" YOU DONT EVEN KNOW HER YOU DUMBASS WHY ARE YOU IN LOVE???? Everyone seems to fall in love incredibly fast and it so infuriating. Why is ophelia's boyfriend proposing to f*cking marry her when they've barely talked?? F*ck out of here.

and why the f*ck does gabriel know that cassius plans to lock the fMC up? Why does the fMC not believe him because she thinks cassius isn't crazy enough to do that? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This f*cking dumbass bit*h just ran around acting like some sort of clown in front of all high society to the point where everyone thinks she's lost her mind (which she has) and trembles in front of cassius because she's so scared of him but she doesn't believe he'll do something tame like lock her up? He f*cking turned his own PARENTS into vegetables and slaughtered ophelia's entire family so ophelia wouldn't have anyone there for her in the original novel, and she thinks that cassius keeping her in a villa is farfetched?? She shouldn't believe gabriel because the guy's 1 in love with her and 2 obviously not in his right mind if he falls in love with someone after one conversation—why doesn't she think that he's, I don't know, making sh*t up? Why does she not believe him because she thinks cassius isn't that s*upid? I will isekai into this story and strangle her, seriously. She is so annoying.

and why does cassius leave his diabolical plans out in the open in the fmc's room for her to see? He literally has a note talking about how he's going to lock the MC up left in the mc's room for her to see. DUDE. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU.

anyways, TL;DR this story is sh*t and full of dumb people. It starts off good, then just derails and turn into a generic korean isekai novel. <<less
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koco2018 rated it
July 30, 2021
Status: c28
So far so good.

MC is likable, ML is so annoying. Honestly, that's a full-blown psycho. The author should've just had MC take the OG FL on vacation and avoid ML's psychotic self.

She tried to warn ML about assassins, he ignored. She shut down the meeting place where ML would be targeted, he just became more interested in her. NOTHING happened to him yet he still found trouble with MC. UGH. Unless the author prevents that psycho from his future behavior then maybe I could like him. Right now he is... more>> too crazy for me.


ML would get injured by assassins, then climb over the wall to MC's property. MC's sister (OG FL) would treat ML's injuries and he would go psycho over making the OG FL his own "property" you know yanderes.

MC decided that she could prevent ML from coming to her house if she prevented him from getting injured.

    1. MC sent an anonymous letter stating that ML's meeting was a trap
        1. ML praised how smart the sender was by using a famous widespread commoner's magazine and cutting out letters. He thought it would be fun to find the sender who warned him.
    1. MC sent another anonymous letter stating that ML shouldn't make light of the Assassins that would appear at the meeting, because they were professionals from another kingdom.
        1. ML was even more curious about the sender because the letter was dropped off at the door of ML's secret organization. (what a blunder by the MC, even I would be searching for the sender to find out about how they came to know about that well-kept classified information.)
    1. MC got the meeting place shut down, so that the ML couldn't have his meeting.
        1. Now ML is dying to know who is so keen on protecting his life. The sender of the letters did not leave a name, which indicates that they wanted nothing but to warn ML about the danger.

This punk ML just jumped over the wall of MC's house and stabbed himself near the heart to make an excuse that MC needed to treat his injures.... what an annoying psycho. Now, this is what you can call the "will of the novel" interfering with the world's logic. Gosh I'm pulling my hair just thinking about the stress MC has.

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Loosergirl rated it
July 16, 2021
Status: c6
5 stars for being hilarious! It's worth reading even though there are only a few chapters out as of yet, highly recommended.

If you only read the novel description, you might think this is your average villainess noble girl transmigration. In actuality, it's very unexpected. No spoilers here, but let's just say the male lead is a wack job.
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April 4, 2022
Status: c33
It went from being funny to the MC becoming annoying for me. So if you can’t handle a stubborn MC and an over domineering ML; then don’t read this lol.
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s1d rated it
April 30, 2022
Status: c41
Thus novel started really good and translation is also so accurate but when a novel has a tag of yandere or obsessive they male lead's POV is most important part of it this will show how obsessive the guy is in this novel up until now ML' POV is lacking greatly and character development is also less only FL trying to run away and all of her tricks are magically failing in start we were able to see guy' POV just a little too but its not there anymore there... more>> is no balance in character evaluation.. Im still keeping my hope for future updates because 40 may still not be enough <<less
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Kawaii Panda
Kawaii Panda rated it
February 3, 2022
Status: --
This one is good, expect that ML would be like that since its in the title. I do agree that he was a madman, but ML isn't worst obsessed ML, He actually respect her tho. He even stay in the ship just to be with her and didn't force her to go with him. He even have seasick. Also the MC should have an upper hand since she know the plot, but she seem to forgot the plot where the ML kill the OG her because she's (OG) is rebellious... more>> :V anyway, I kinda like their interactions. I mean ofcorse those fluff scenes (ㆁωㆁ) I also like the mother in law. She even want to help ML to keep MC because she likes her and oh dont forget the sis (ꈍᴗꈍ) she's cute


MC sending anonymous letters to ML to save him from the assasin. He become curious and grow interest toward to this person who sending him letters to save his life. MC's identity got known because of the spy. He jumped to MC's home like in the original plot, but this time he isn't injured. The MC saw he wasn't injured so he literally stab his chest close to his heart for her to take care of him until it heals. After that he come back again and propose to MC, parents immediately accept it. The MC wants to run away so she said, she will go in vacation with the sis. Then the ML plan to created a scene where there is bandits and he would arrive like a hero to MC (≧▽≦) good thing MC saw his trick so they had a deal not to hurt her family. She thought he was after the sis but then realized it was her. The sis realized she doesn't like him so she propose they run away together. But BAAM the wedding is just next day (≧▽≦) she wore a luxurious dress so she can sell it when running away. She switched dress to sis while they were in carriage and met another guy who's sus (I think this guy is the 2nd ML). She asked for help to find job and so fort. The ML got pissed off when he knew the truth xD it takes him a week to find MC who's in the ship. He proposed that if she doesn't want to get married, they should date first. The sis have crush on the commander in duke's household and ask if she wants to run away (≧▽≦) like their dynamic. Pfft its kinda funny when MC planning to make ML's household bankrupt but in the end it gain more wealth instead haha
Then when they were in the ball, some baron hook the sis but got warned by the ML, at night he visit to MC's room and give her a box which contain that baron's hand. Holy cow ⊙﹏⊙ then ML proposed to MC that if she want to be the empress's handmaid, they must held wedding and announce to everyone she was his. He spend splendid (≧▽≦) even put pressure to royal family and a composter to write song for her lolol

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Microgiant rated it
November 18, 2021
Status: c22
The translator is still updating this novel so click on the chapter and just keep going to continue the novel unless you catch up
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August 13, 2021
Status: c8
This can easily become one of my favorites. The translation and writing are of good quality. Poor FL is in a world of crazy and dense people and she's just struggling to make sure they all survive.


Except for the ML, she's thought about killing him a lot, which he knows and only seems to make him more interested in her. Not only did he stab himself but he also kept reinjuring his wound so she wouldn't put him out.

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laexdream rated it
January 2, 2023
Status: c77
It’s ok, a yandere man falls for the MC and she’s too caught up in the plot of the novel that she can’t see him for what he is, so runs around escaping. She’s stubborn and selfish and whimsical, wrapped in a self righteous package. She asks many people to do things for her, chastises them if they fail, but never lives up to her own promises. The ML is marginally ok, half of the time hes not even doing much, but because of the MC’s prejudiced assumptions, it makes... more>> him seem more sinister than he actually is.

Can you tell that I don’t like the MC? The ML is fine. The issue is that we barely really get much character from him, because the MC keeps running away. He at least keeps most of his promises, which cannot be said about the MC herself, who treats the world as her playground. You know those really annoying Saintess characters who go around saving people without regard to other people’s consideration, and bulldozes past people in the name of righteousness? The MC is around that level of obnoxiousness. <<less
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September 29, 2021
Status: c14
What a great combo of lunatic couple?! 😂 Yandere ML plus tsundere FL 😍

Shining shimmering splendid
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katanaspaun rated it
June 22, 2022
Status: c51
the comments above are correct aside from the MC is so boring and just so lucky that everything goes right even if she wants it to always go wrong and always fear the ML is just so bland. The ML is interested in her just because she saved him and even though while saving the ml, MC didn't do anything remarkable to be attractive fot the ML. I always hate the thinking of MC. The ML didn't hurt her or ophelia, the OG FL but because of the story and... more>> suspicions of her she didn't gave the ML a chance to prove himself or even comfort the ML but instead always opposed the ML which is everyone feel infuriating. It's like she wants to avoid the blackened ML but she is the one who is making it worse because of her reckless decisions. I didn't recommended this and dropped it after chapter 51. <<less
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May 1, 2022
Status: c29
umm I feel 'flat?' by reading this so far, I stopped it for a while, maybe i'll read it again later

the yandere is just so so in my opinion so far

sure the MC is smart but she's lack of self-confident, the original FL is pretty like an angel but you yourself is also pretty and attractive, dear young lady😭 she had sister complex haha the original FL also had sister complex

the way Evelyn (MC) protect Ophelia (ori FL) is kind of tsundere, she pretend to be harsh and. Cruel but... more>> her act is so kind and she's caring for Ophelia more than anything else, that's why Ophelia love the MC so much, she's the best sister for Ophelia

ML is cunning and scheming (i love the fact that MC know his personality sm that she didn't fall for his trick easily haha) he's a paranoid guy and he think of obsessive as love. He got that genetic from his father 😭👍 the father also like that, that's why the ML's mother told the MC to pretend to love the ML for a better sake than trying to run away cus she know better that anything what kind of son she give birth to 🤗

i love Ophelia and the ML knight interaction HAHAHAH I shipped them and actually that guy is the second ML for Ophelia in original novel but now he'll be the ML for Ophelia, I think cus they r a match!

Gabriel is the second ML right? Although he's not the ML but he's in match with MC huhu 😭 he understand the MC and know how to be a gentleman (well I have the second lead syndrome 🥱)

lmao this is funny that I didn't remember the ML name but I remember the second male lead name 🗿 <<less
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scaramouche rated it
May 6, 2023
Status: --
MC is so annoying. She acts like she’s a good person, but all she does is use the people around her. I don’t get how she can see the whole plot change, see the ML treat her differently than in the story, and still act like he’s still the sicko. The story started off good at first I can’t lie, but once I hit around chapter 40 her actions just made less sense. One thing that was good about the story is the translation which was a 10/10.
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