The Noble Girl Who Finds a Nerdy and Plain Guy Moe Thinks that the Arrogant Prince is In the Way


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The stunning Prince, who draws all the attention in the vicinity–

–and the Earl’s daughter, Sharina Clydea, the average student.

…At first, I thought I was uninterested in men.

However, I was soon proven wrong when I met a plain and brooding bookworm in the school backyard.

–Riol Glen; the third son of a poor Baron who lived in the countryside.

Nevertheless, he never took me seriously, no matter how bold my attack was.

Moreover, the prince of this country suddenly called out to me for some reason;

“For you to not be interested in me… heh. aren’t you an interesting one?” He said.

It’s a romance story involving a girl who chases after her love despite all the rejections.

Associated Names
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Gariben jimi moe reijō wa, oresama ōji nado oyobidenai
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Date Group Release
11/12/19 American Faux c6 part2
11/09/19 American Faux c6 part1
11/06/19 American Faux c5 part2
11/04/19 American Faux c5 part1
10/28/19 American Faux c4 part2
10/27/19 American Faux c4 part1
10/19/19 American Faux c3 part2
10/18/19 American Faux c3 part1
10/15/19 American Faux c2 part2
10/09/19 American Faux c2 part1
10/07/19 American Faux c1 part2
10/05/19 American Faux c1 part1
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New davaling
October 24, 2019
Status: c3 part2
So far pretty interesting. Don't really like the arrogant prince right but Riol is definitely best boi. Sharina herself is pretty interesting as well.
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New OtomeAddict rated it
October 21, 2019
Status: c3p2
Ahh ol stalker prince is not one of those cute “I have watched you from far away” shojo stalker princes. No~ He’s a thick faced rude baka. (In a bad not redeemable way) Nobody likes a high handed food thief.

The main character girl is sweet and cheerful and I quite like her. She knows what she wants and goes for it. The fact that she clearly finds the prince annoying antics stupid makes her even more enjoyable.

As for Riol. He’s great! I think I might like him as much as... more>> MC does. He’s cool, funny and witty.

I’m sure many people are concerned about who the ML is...


I skimmed the ending with my poor Japanese and it appears Riol is the end game!

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herochii_banana rated it
October 19, 2019
Status: Completed
A decent novel about the heroine who got the prince eyes and become a princess---no, this novel is not about that.

I love how this novel is'nt like the usual heroine/villainess troupe. This is pretty interesting for a short novel, with her fluffy but kinda straightforward ways to hook her man, the nerdy boya.

By the way I want to stomp on that prince face.
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