The Nine Cauldrons


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Emperor Zi Yu used 5 strikes of his axe to split mountains and unify everyone underneath the heavens. He partitioned the land into 9 areas, thus establishing the Nine Cauldrons which eventually became known as the 9 prefectures.

When Emperor Zi Yu died, disputes unceasingly arose

One thousand years later, a once in a generation genius, Heavenly Emperor of Qin Mountains was born. Able to split a one hundred meter river, equipped with his peerless martial prowess, he finally united the land under the heavens. However, when Heavenly Emperor of Qin Mountains died, chaos once again shrouded the land. Another one thousand years passed and no one was able to consolidate the nation.

From contemporary society, great Chinese Martial Artist Teng Qingshan, unexpectedly arrived into this world.

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Llamia rated it
March 20, 2016
Status: --
The first book was so sad I cried. Just finished the 1st book and I had to review immediately. What I find different about this one is the amount of time the author spends on the before-reincarnation (a whole book 1 on it). At first, I was like “hurry up and freakin die man, ” but that was just my eagerness. I thoroughly enjoyed book one. It gave us a look into why he’s so powerful, who he is/was, and his personality. I’m moving on to book 2, and will... more>> update when I have time.

I also have to say to people who are discouraged to read this because of SC (2/5) rating. I have read all releases to date and it is an inaccurate review. I will explain in a spoiler.


The MC’s wife dies way before the beginning of book 1. Its not like we done spent time with the woman and got to know her. She died before the period where we start reading, so to me, it doesn’t qualify as killing off. Also, so far the MC doesn’t have another love interest. Though one girl did like him and pursued him, he only entertained her as a friend. This is all before reincarnation

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DeathStroke96 rated it
May 18, 2016
Status: c118
I like the story overall, tbh I only read CD, ST & DE from IET and I liked all three but my favourite of the three is CD but that is not important. This is a very good novel and I can proudly say that I enjoy it. Like with most or at least with CD and DE the build of power takes a while for the MC and the story around it is quite nice, the only negative that I would say is that IET keeps reminding the readers... more>> that the MC was a grandmaster in his previous life and in this new one he is still this grandmaster because he achieved it in his past life, which at first didnt really get me to think much about these reminders but if you see this in almost every chapter since book 2 until the present it can get pretty annoying however other than that the different arcs and the slow power up with little knowledge regarding anything currently is what is keeping me to check back each day to see what else I can see from the story <<less
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
March 1, 2017
Status: c368
It's not good but its not bad either. I'm somehow satisfied. I love the way things started.. but as always the Author has a bad habit of discarding characters and forcing things. The romance is terrible and misleading! I love the fact its not Harem but it feels like he's doing bad written romance on purpose... Please read my spoiler. I don't blame you for dropping this.
... more>>

At first the Author makes you think he reincarnated with his Wife to this world. I love how she's mentioned in this story time to time. It makes you feel as if its foreshadowing for her appearance. Not only does the Author gives good details about her but she gave the Cauldron to the MC which made him reincarnate. The MC pretty much ends with the "Im just beautiful" type of girl. If it weren't for her Father being sect Master she would just be an ordinary girl. She's overly sheltered who doesn't know the difficulties of life. Im deeply infuriated how Wu Man or Li Guan who have such crazy amazing characters are discarded and not the main heroine! Wtf those characters are gold and have only few appearance. Wu man talks like a drunken old man its hilarious and Li Guan is a stone cold tsundere. Im just flushing red now with anger.. By the time the MC 100 he would still look 20! And she an ordinary girl wouldn't love that long.. Everything is forced... The author is a son of b***h with this. I love Teng Qinhu. Despite being a cousin he had never held greed to MC. He fell in love with her first and MC said he would not interfere and this Princess wasnt his type. Teng Qinhu comforts her all the time and is with her. Who does she end with? MC! She was told not to go to battlefield. What happens? She gets stabbed!


Despite it. I love the little sister and I love this more then Desolate Era. Desolate Era is a lot more forced with badly written deaths. I find this a lot more heartwarming which is rare in CNs. I recommend 'Invincible Conqueror." That writer took a lot of ideas from this Novel. I actually prefer this Novel more though since-

The romance for the little sister was not rushed and her romance was satisfying to a degree.. but invincible conqueror its marriage right off the bat.


Thank you for reading the Novel starts at chapter 18.

The Author is just so half ass about every character and every Arc. I want to rate this 3 stars and I've dropped this Novel plenty of times... Its just of curiosity that Im still reading. I want to be a loyal fan but.. If lord yue xing and dragon coiling is as bad as this and not have improvement... then ill be truly be disappointed. The author has such good ideas and isn't generic harem. But if he keeps doing this ill start rating this badly.

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Zari rated it
October 3, 2016
Status: --
It was going great, that is, until I read chapter 238 today. I'm the type of person who absolutely loathes it when my OP MC is clearly meant to be a "dragon amongst men" but gets caught up in romance with a girl.. ESPECIALLY when he wasn't interested in her in the first place. ESPECIALLY when the hoe isn't even as OP as he is. She just stuck herself by his side. Other aspects of the story are cool though. I guess. Reincarnated person who had skills in his previous... more>> life is OP in present life because of said skills and more. MC is not the overbearing/arrogant/jerk type.

I normally love IET novels so the content of the story shouldn't really surprise me (female who forced herself into being mc's woman, easygoing but strong mc) but this time it's too much. Maybe I can't take it because by this point I've read so many CN and it's a recurring theme for the mc's woman to be useless and I'm tired of it. If you have no problem with the aforementioned points that grind my gears then I encourage you to read it! This story isn't trash. I'm just an annoyed person who's ranting. <<less
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Stark3 rated it
June 13, 2016
Status: --
A pretty good IET novel. Giving it a good basis first on modern martial arts, and then afterwards giving it that xianxia twist makes for a fun read. My only complaint would be, it feels like the novel was cut short. Am at the next to the last volume, and from my standpoint there's enough material for the story to go on for a couple more arcs, 3-4 more volumes at the least. I think it's a complement to the novel though that I want to keep reading more of... more>> it. (As opposed to other novels that you just have to drop because things have gotten too repetitive, weird, or too drawn out) <<less
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ZhaWarudo rated it
March 26, 2016
Status: --
Too early to really tell (v2c36), seems slightly worse than ST, CD, SS... or it could be me getting used to xianxia (though this one is wuxia) but I can tell you this : read from the beginning at Gravity Tales, otherwise prepare for grammar ruining the story so much you may drop it like I once did
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Viperz rated it
May 28, 2018
Status: --
IEatTomatoes, I love his other works like LXY/CD/ST/DE and I really love it and it's so good I complete read CD 3time without getting boring. This novel is the worst by far, boring, force plot and frustrating to read.

IET mentioned repeatedly that MC can hear something/sound from far away and has extreme speed skills and superb throwing stone/dagger skills and MC is so friking good at it, but when it come to the most needed to use all this skill, MC becoming useless and IET he amazingly create a nonsense... more>> excuses to make up for it.

MC he couldn't have saved them in time or has not much power. WTF??! For real?!! All for the sake Force romance!


I hate it when any author using this kind of plot to force romance or relationship to MC and a female character.

Repeatedly mentioned about MC past pain of losing the one he loved so many time! In many chapter and it's little annoying

but still let his cousin suffer and taste the same way as he did when he had the strength and skills to change all of this.

Scare enemy may recognize him? He's a GrandMaster of disguise! Don't have power to kill enemy? He's even stronger than enemy! Enemy to many? He had a godly throwing stone/dagger skills that can instantly kill the enemy with one hit superb fast it already be prove that he can!

EIT you are the one who repeatedly mentioned how good MC is with all this skills. For the sake of force plot you abandon all of this and turn your MC into re**** and completely useless.!

As a father you should never ever bring yours Kids with you to a battlefield which is the most dangerous place in the world even if they beg for it. You cant even guaranty your own life, don't say your kids life. I feel sorry for XX. I also don't like you at first but when I start voting and like you, you are to be replace completely by annoying one and turn him into fuktard. Sigh.. RIP.

MC trained on his spear arts so hard and create so many new spear arts but in the end when it come to real combat his throwing stone/dagger skills is prove is more awesome and powerful than his spear arts. WTF?!

After MC meet with x** he turn into completely fuktard and gay! He can kill a guy with bullsh*t nonsense reason and saying he can feel the guy has kill many innocent just from looking at his "AURA" whom he just meet and barely ****ing know more than killing someone who try to kill, rob and and insult him many time.! So many ****ing times!! What he do in return? Fk me!! What he fking do is talk like a girl smiled and say i'll beat you Awrw! A ****ing smiled and I beat you, oh yeah babeh! Aiyaa! You are full with bulls** maa!! HAHAhaHa.!! Seriously?!!

After reading this I experiencing severe depression. My doctor says 10-15% of my brain cells are missing. I have a problem to calculate from one to three and forgot how to walk using my legs for a weeks. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Even if he really kill the innocent, maybe he kill some innocent that enter that place so he obviously just doing his job by killing someone who trespassing a forbidden place, which is everyone already knows it is forbidden to enter so who are you to blame if you are being killed even if you are innocent, obviously you are the one asking for it? He's just doing his job!

It's same if you try to trespass into any Country or a place like Palace or Military Camp, you can be shoot down and killed instantly or facing a death penalty and being sentence to death at court in some country even if you are innocent because you already know its forbidden and you ask for it.! This is happens in a modern world! So don't say ancients world!

I'm really sorry IET it just to much for me, I really love yours work and I am a big fan of yours work. I started reading Chinese Novel from just to kill my time and its now becoming my hobbies from yours novel first which is Coiling Dragon, but for this one it almost turn me into completely an idiot and dying from anger. HaHaha! <<less
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ziki rated it
April 25, 2018
Status: c493
Out of all IET novels I read (CD, DE, Swallowed star) this one is without the doubt the least impressive and has the most lazy writing.

It was still enjoyable read overall but there are many aspects that are really pitiful and author doesn't care about changing the already well established fact. Like MC is the mad overpowered reincarnated hitman with extreme power of disguise and impossible to track... still there are many occasions in the story where for the sake of the plot, all those abilities suddenally mean nothing. As... more>> usual there are many people wanting to kill MC... so MC uses his godly skills and when the story needs them, they are impossible to see through, when IET remembers that there hasn't been a proper battle in the while, any random guy can now see through this disguise with a single look. This is just one of few examples. Speaking of MC though, with him being reincarnated grandmaster martial artist, he is MAD overpowered and while the previous world had different cultivation methods, it doesn't take MC any time to learn and understand new one. Basically MC is absolute master from the get go and with it the best aspect of IET novels with is MC's improvement and grow is absolutely taken away. In DE, MC was reincarnated cripple so fighting and all that stuff was new to him and him growing in power was interesting sight. Here however MC is established as absolute master from a toddler standpoint so it's really boring this way. Like this, without the doubt this MC is the worst MC I read in IET novels and overall he is below average all novels. It's not like MC is bad but he doesn't really have any interesting qualities that would make him stand out in any way in form.

Generally this novel is for IET fans that already read the other translated series and wish for more... if you didn't read the other ones, it's much better to start there and after reading those deciding whatever you wish more. <<less
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MothEmperor07 rated it
December 29, 2016
Status: c292
This novel is one of those hidden gems which simply stands out from the rest of the bunch. Yes, being an IET novel, it contains his usual tropes but boy does it execute it well. Since the story is one of the shortest of IET novels the plot, which while being generic moves at a steady pace which always keeps you interested.

It follows the usual weak to strong trope common in xianxia novels due to mind blowing talent as a result of reincarnation. But the subplots serve the story well... more>> and unlike the other IET novels there aren't many minor characters which are like use and throw pens, although that could be because of the short length of the novel. The MC gets OP pretty quick but that doesn't take away from the novel. The only cons I would say are the first volume and the translation speed. The first volume is important as it foreshadows the talent of MC in next life but if you skip it, you wont miss much. The translation speed seems a bit slow, although that could be just me as I cant wait for further chapters, and it kinda takes away from the flow of the novel. But the translation quality is pretty awesome being a gravity tales project and it makes the wait worth it. I recommend it to anyone who loves xianxia. Even readers who don't particularly like IET's novels will find it interesting as its different from the rest of his bunch.

All in all, a pretty well deserved 5/5 from me. <<less
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tallrice rated it
August 18, 2016
Status: Completed

I quite enjoyed nine cauldrons. I was not able to get into other of IET's novels, but I should try again, perhaps.

The story itself is quite generic, so I can't give a stunning review in terms of a gripping plot or deep personalities or even original setting. It suffers of a common xianxia fault, which is a kind divorce of the MC from the world. The first arc (about 200 chapters) sticks to his hometown and local forces, but ever since the Da Yan Mountain arc, or even before that with the short arc on the fire fruit, the author starts going on these quests around the world, and there is neither proper description of his trials and daily life, or the sights he sees, nor is there a social context - enemies and allies, objectives to accomplish. So it grows harder and harder to turn the pages.

He does go back to his hometown, but it feels like the author lots touch with it a bit. He is so focused on getting to the point, setting up his Xing Yi Men and showing that he lives happily ever after (with a few intense battle sequences here and there) that he just resorts to time skips (both big and small) and informing the reader of stuff the MC apparently did that prepared him for stuff, but that the author was too lazy to write about. The biggest regret I have here is that his children become really shallow characters. They both seem lovely and interesting, but there's just not enough time given to them, the author was impatient by the end.

That being said, his cultivation system is good. I like that the MC focuses on his spear technique, and develops his own moves, slowly throughout the story. The author later in the novel reveals a lot about the 2 predominant schools and sets the MC on course to create another, and I quite like how he describes the process and the differences between these 3 daos.

I also quite like certain impressions the author here and there leaves on me. Sometimes this is a quick description of the weather to set the mood, sometimes the way he describes the MC's insight into a technique, sometimes in the unexpected decision one of his character's arrives at, or the introduction of music or art or other details that add to some of his arcs and ambiences.

I also enjoyed the romance.



The MC actually fails at protecting his first love in the new world. This is significant in Chinese literature considering most just end up with a girl and remain faithful for evermore. There was room here for the author to explore some other emotions, like the regrets and will to avenge, as well as the happier side of getting together with another girl. The plot with Li Jun is slightly insipid though. Our MC is so concerned about his previous life's lover that he denies he has any feelings for her for too long. Fortunately, he changes his mind and they have a sweet, if not all that exciting, marriage and family life. I do quite enjoy the scenes with his family when he returns to Jiang Ning Jun.


Be it the close parallels between names of historical characters and the geography with actual Chinese history, the close resemblance of the cultivation style with other xianxias, there is a lot of standard xianxia fare. But the execution is smooth and overall, this has been quite enjoyable.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ginko rated it
February 6, 2018
Status: c500
Entertaining - Generic but interesting cultivation and progression.

A few super minor plot holes such as:
... more>>

Meeting your ex-wife's reincarnation in another world - the odds?
Kingdom politics - You have minor domains and armies in a world, you later find out it's possible that a single person can wipe out an entire army with ease... if that's the case, how did your sect even manage to hold your entire region for so long?
Subpar romance

Worth a read if you have time or bored.
All in all, the ride you ride just because you don't feel like waiting in line at an amusement park. <<less
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Daoist LastWish
Daoist LastWish rated it
December 1, 2017
Status: c418
This is the best IET novel so far. It is better then even Coiling Dragon. Coiling Dragon has great world building but in terms of story telling, it cannot compare to The Nine Cauldrons.

The Nine Cauldrons is well written, has all the hallmarks of a good Xianxia and has none of the time wasting fillers. Simple, well written, direct. If you read novels like True Marital World, Immortal Mortal, SOTR, or any of IET's other novels, then give do The Nine Cauldrons a try.

... more>>

Teng Qingshan, is, like the heroes of all Xianxia novels, a hardworking genius. Like all the IET's heroes, he is a cultivation machine with superhuman strength and great dao comprehension. He is also a completely bland generic hero character, but that's how it is with IET.

There is a full supporting cast, including the Master whom the genius MC quickly outshines, parents, and a love interest. Different from other Xianxia novels, this one actually has reasonably well written tender scenes between the MC and his love interest.

Compared to the re****ed enemies of the most Xianxia, the enemies here are much smarter. The generic spoiled young master makes more than one appearance (and gets killed quite quickly).

All in all, a relatively well written Xianxia. I would rate it a 4, but a lot of low quality crap (such as ATG, ED etc) have scores above 4 in novelupdates, so I am rating it higher to give this a little push.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Love4NovelGuy rated it
February 10, 2017
Status: c300
Some reviews say that the first book was useless and wasn't needed for the overall plot, but I disagree with that assumption entirely. This novel really showed a good portrayal of the main characters overall personality before thrusting us into a parallel world with Martial Cultivators.

The action is good, the characters are good, and the MC is a lot more believable than any other MC who does stuff cause it's cool.

There are many interesting things being used in the plot of this story and the MC has his own unique... more>> type of cultivation. <<less
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February 28, 2019
Status: c500
Great novel written really well. To say what I dislike is that it really is a mystery how strong the MC is. I mean he acts very timid because he is afraid he is not strong enough. Yet the next chapter he destroys the enemy single handedly. It really is a wonder. The power levels are really a disappointment. Someone two minor realms higher than the MC can't even catch him despite the novel repeatedly saying that the speed is the same in that realm. I really wonder what the... more>> point of ranking up is.


one plot hole I discovered is that the blind swordmaster seemingly is portrayed as a very smart fellow who knows when to retreat and to advance. Yet he always overlooks the threat of Teng Qingshan. Like the blind swordman killed the elder of MC sect and he could have easily captured the MC family and brought them back to his place to threaten the MC. Since the MC was advancing too quickly he could have easily done this. Instead he runs back home and orders his armies to attack the sect. This ticked me off because I know that the blind swordman could have captured the MC parents and then easily took care of MC when he came to rescue them. But unfortunately the plot armor kicked in.

Other than that the MC is pretty whack when it comes to love but his a decent character. His not the smartest tbh but his character is also not bad. I'd say his one of the best characters in a Chinese wuxia but the story should have continued tbh

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maeth rated it
July 12, 2018
Status: c625
Just finished reading the book. This is a good novel and I enjoy very much reading it. Prologue is quite long if we compare to other novels. At first it was boring but to end of the first book I was like ''why it ended why ???''. It show people, how MC value his family and friends imo.

Anyway I found story plot and story development great. He value of his family and always try to protect them like all protagonists. There is a big drama in the early story and... more>> ninja onions attack me tbh. His cultivation speed fast if we compare to other people and quite unique. The world is not so big but not that small. Like I said earlier plot is great and always steady pace and there is almost none plot armor.

End of the story upset me tbh. I was expecting something big when he try to breakthrough the last realm but that didn't happen. It was quite boring like I said. There is some things that not disclosed.

Overall, great prologue and story but bad end of the story.

4/5 <<less
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LNFan rated it
April 24, 2018
Status: c508
Translation on haitus... wait a bit before you pick this up to see if more chapters are actually inbound. With that being said...:

Great novel! Good character growth, interesting story, mature character, and all the hallmarks of a good wuxia novel. I spent a few days looking for a new novel to read and this is it!
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Ruthless rated it
January 27, 2018
Status: v9c8
The story is pretty good, i'd even give it a 5 stars if it wasn't for the *imo* bad romance.

Every Arc is important and I enjoyed most of it, even tho there were some boring parts.. *Im looking at you Vermillion Tiger Roar*

The MCs cultivation is definitely the strongest point in this novel, he doesn't cultivate the same way the rest of the people from V2 + cultivate, he evolves the technique from V1 and makes his own style which gives him the edge in future battles.

The Romance tho.. Oooh... more>> boy.


His wife from volume 1 / his world dies and is mentioned throughout the novel as if foreshadowing that he reincarnated with his wife just that he hasn't met her yet. *Bull****ing sh*t* This wife btw, is the only one he ever loved, the other 2 he married / almost married were because of his family or just purely forced. His 2nd love / wife, Qing'er died during a battle arc and thank ****ing god. He mentioned many times that she wasn't his type and even said to his cousin that he should pursue her since his cousin loved her. The only moment of love came when she died like an idiot during the battle scene. His 3rd wife / love, Li Yun or w/e, is basically a maid. She forced herself on his boat when he was traveling so he couldn't just kick her outta there and kill her *even it was definitely a thought* she just cooked for him during his training time and talked to beasts, he eventually married her when she almost died *again, like a fking idiot, wtf was she doing so close to experts any fking way?*
And oh, by the way, the only reason he took an interest in her is because she looks exactly like Cat *his 1st wife and imo best wife* and even has a similar aura to her. The glorified maid was definitely better than Daddies little princess Qing'er but both of them don't compare to Cat.
The novel still hasn't finished but its only 200 chapters away, so it isn't likely that she'll come back.
*Yup, spoilers say he has children with Li Yun and Cat never appears*
Sigh, the author is a lil b for not bringing back Cat even after all that god damn foreshadowing and mentioning of Cat throughout every 10 chapters.


Still over all a great novel. <<less
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Chibidere rated it
July 20, 2017
Status: c438
One of my favourite novels that I still follow. Like most people, my first CN was from IEatTomatoes himself, Coiling Dragon, translated by the great Ren. At first, when I read TNC, it was slow and boring. I dropped it for a while, but after a while, I had nothing else to read, so I went back to it since I loved Coiling Dragon's early chapters. I will say, the first volume is a bit slow. I wouldn't go as far as other reviewers to say it's irrelevant, but it... more>> got better around chapter 10 or so. Potentially, you could skip volume 1 if you want so you can directly go to the 'actual' story. However, one of my biggest pet peeves in the past was when authors would have a reincarnated character, but never reference their past or have the character follow their ideologies or actions from his/her past life, especially since his/her personality was fully-formed in the past life as an adult.

The pros of this novel outweigh the potential cons: the character is well-developed and actually rather mature; the fighting scenes are decent with the details; the cultivation system is unique; and the story and plot is well-paced. My biggest con is in relation to my pet peeve. The main character was a former world-class assassin who was orphaned at a young age. He never had parents. In this life, he decided to almost discard his past as an assassin and follows the Asian ideology of being a filial son. This made me roll my eyes so hard. The MC was a fully-grown adult man in his past life. By all means, I think he should be respectful and grateful to the couple in this current world who raised him, but for me, if I reincarnated into a new world, I'm still me. I can be grateful and helpful to the people who raised me without sacrificing my own happiness and for me, I find it hard to believe that someone who has fully formed their own personality and beliefs can easily be lectured by his new parents. But other than that, this book is well-written and interesting, so definitely give it a shot when you have time. <<less
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Ged Merrilin
Ged Merrilin rated it
July 5, 2017
Status: c422
Personally I find that this is the best of IET's translated works. It is much shorter, however instead of making it fell rushed, that removes all of the filler put in most of his novels. It also has much better characters in every aspect. While the main character cares about his family they don't feel like a burden that holds him back, and the reader can actually get attached to them. The MC is similar in that regard, he feels human and never gets to the point of being 20... more>> million years old and able to destroy planets with a glance or any of that ridiculously inflated nonsense. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rakkusu rated it
June 22, 2017
Status: c436
Okay so first of all, I really like this novel. However I, myself, love stories with love in it or a really good romance and since this novel had the romance tag I originally thought it would be really nice. BUT here is the thing what they did.

... more>>

At the end of book 5 around 240 chapters or so the first love interest in the story was killed right after she opened mc's cold hearth from his past live and the MC decided to settle down and marry her and sh*t, stuff was looking really good BUT NO happy things shouldn't exist! That was all a death flag that they raised. Because she was shot and she died. I really liked the way the relationship was going they even had a "date" but no. She had to die and I don't really like it and if not for heshefell saying there is a second interest I would have dropped it because her dying literally contributed to nothing. Only MC realising how important she was that's it. No rage or anything just nothing. I haven't read after it happened but if MC does not kill everyone related to the people killing her I would be really dissapointed


previous review status: c244

Edit: Okay I have to retake some words because the first love interest did contribute to something as seen in the latest chapter

spoiler I suppose and during his time running away.

The way the story is going is really good and it's personally one of my favourite light novels out there right now. <<less
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