The Mightiest Leveling System


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Have you ever seen exposing holy vein?

Have you ever seen revealing a Divine Ranked Martial Technique?

Have you seen all the women in the world go crazy for a man alone?

“Carrying the dragon slayer on his shoulder and holding the Zhuge sword in his hands, he asked,” “f*ck, who else is there?”

The nerd Long Fei brought a type of Striking System and teleported here. Killing monsters and levelling up, killing people as well as levelling up, suppressing the Three Realms and destroying all those who were unconvinced!

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我狂暴升级 (manhua name)
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SerialBeggar rated it
April 19, 2019
Status: c200
Translator website has chapters up to 4373 (as of this moment), but is posting on NU 1 chapter a day.

Translations needs a proof reader. This must be based on MTL.

  • Persistent arbitrary use of he/she regardless of gender.
  • Persistent arbitrary use of "I" in place of you/he/she/they.
  • Persistent arbitrary use of "you" in place of I/they.
  • Glaring Replace-All mistake on the terms "Previous Chapter Next Chapter Boom!" and "dragon salyer".
  • Annnd, the really odd use of the word "pubes" in place of (I'm assuming) the usual dantian.
Story-wise, the MC gets his OP skill too quick.... more>> He didn't even have to experience any suffering to establish the pitifulness of his host body's life that's the typical setup in this genre. Then just about every subsequent skill the level-system rewards him with are Heaven or Divine tier.

The one particular thing the author does that really annoys me is that the MC stops and ignores everything every time he levels up to look over his loot announcements.


For example, in the first arc where he rescues his servant. The servant who was in the midst of being tortured, which was a continuation of several months of torturing. After the MC kills the torturer, he levels up and gets a batch of reward announcements. The MC pays no mind to his beloved bleeding servant and spends time to review the new skill he just got along with laughing happily about how OP it will make him. Right after, he notices that he unlocked the points exchange store. So of course, he spends some time to scroll through the store's inventory. He also takes a moment to check out how much his current gear is worth. Did I mention that his beloved servant is on the verge of death? He only turns back to her when he is interrupted as additional enemies shout to him from outside.

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scribbledoutname rated it
May 30, 2019
Status: c147
I can deal with the writing, and weird errors like using "pubes" instead of "cultivation" or constantly getting pronouns wrong. What I can't deal with is the frustratingly s*upid story developments. I have too many peeves to count.

... more>>

The worst one is probably the way the author ignores logic when the MC is losing and lets him kill people that are stronger than him, which just cheapens the story. It's not satisfying when you know the MC shouldn't have been able to win.

Or maybe the way the MC suddenly decides he wants to protect that leopard girl (for no reason) and make sure she's never sad... and then immediately provokes an enemy he knows he can't handle and gets her entire family slaughtered. This story has some decent moments, but other than that it's just one rage-inducing or "are you f*cking kidding me?" moment after another.

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silentd916 rated it
December 30, 2019
Status: c3179
Well... it's a bit tough to read in English at this point since most is machine translated. However, I've gotten used to it after reading several thousand chapters. Anyways, this story is quite unique. The MC is arrogant to the point of being s*upid, reckless and suicidal (where he actually dies several times and reincarnated to different planes or is saved by other people sacrificing their lives.) You would think the MC would learn a thing or two about time management after always being late to help him companions; many... more>> have to suffer tremendously or die tragically to trigger his crazy suicidal modes. Overall, maybe the author is a bit psychotic and just want the to MC suffer? There's also tons of crazy scene of innocent people dying left and right... and yeah... even children gets torn apart in this; it's something you don't see in most novels... at least not written in the present tense of the story. <<less
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White Dragon
White Dragon rated it
November 25, 2019
Status: c2230
It is really enjoyable, the MC's arrogance and face slapping villians. Specially, whenever he beats people and shouts, "I say Who else is there?" xD

Behind his arrogance is a lot of hardwork, tenacity, courage, craziness and pain.

I really like the MC, his friends, brothers, pets, summons, weapons, system, inheritance, subordinates, women, father, mother and grandfather etc. I like All the good people around him.

However, sadly this novel is not my cup of tea. The trials and tribulations he has to go through are too much of a tragedy for me... more>> to handle. I don't like tragedies.

Please add a tragedy tag to this novel.

Too many people around him have died. Sigh. After 2000+ chapters now he is starting his 4th life and will go from weak to strong again.

However, with the same kind of tr*shy 1D villians everywhere and annoying tr*sh talk that makes up half the novel, I just can't read it anymore.

If only the people around him didn't have to suffer so much... Then skipping through the tr*sh talk, I could have enjoyed a good comedy novel.

There are a lot of interesting things in the novel. However, the novel is too long and the villians are 1D. Hence, everything feels repeated and monotonous by now.

So what if he reaches the top by the end of novel, it's too tiring going through another journey.

So much tr*sh talking idle people everywhere. Moreover, the MC even lost his memory. However, I the reader didn't. Hence, it feels like watching a clown being so arrogant when he couldn't even protect a single person around him and now doesn't even remember.

The lamest thing of all is, he has to find 7 girls to awaken his powers. Sigh. Anyway, not my cup of tea. I don't like tragedies. <<less
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mcdgregory rated it
September 24, 2019
Status: c200
great novel, but it becomes so disappointing that I give it up after the oldest girl of three sisters from heaven something sect choose and hold her fiancee's hand instead of giving up her life to die together with MC. I prefer author make something like a power up for MC at that time or something sacrificing his power for sometime so that his girl wasn't taken but the way story written was as is.
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Ryantm rated it
November 5, 2020
Status: c75
This is supposed to be a Cultivation with a system novel but it might as well be a video game novel. Main character is you standard cliche transmigrator. Just like normal his body belongs to a heavenly genius who had his talent stolen, who also just happens to be the only genius (former) you will ever see with an average appearance. As for why I say it might as well be a video game novel its because without the system he has not nothing. I don't just mean no talent... more>> but no power, at least non the seems belongs to him from what I can see. The system didn't repair his dantian, his meridians are broken, and his muscles seem to be crippled (how is he even moving?) He does have access to Qi but were it comes form, is stored, or how he circulates it is not mentioned. No one, not even once has questioned how he has cultivation even when he is still crippled. The fact his (?) cultivation stage increases by killing, and he has nowhere to store Qi, makes it look like he is being granted more access to someone else's power rather than gaining his own. Also the author is constantly writing a dantian can not represent everything, this statement is absurd because in the novels setting it does mean everything. The only person who ever cared for him after losing his talent was his maid everyone else treated him like tr*sh before he got powerful again. Without cultivation your less than nothing in the novels setting, so a dantian does mean everything. The system giving him power doesn't change this fact. Its a strange thing to complain about but it just constantly reminds me that his cultivation doesn't seem to belong to him. Their are loads of other annoyances like the annoying percentage for activation abilities that are obviously their for plot armor, some techniques that have cool down times, and a luck stat. Basically things that just don't work well in real world settings. For example in chapter 58, he just happens to get a critical hit +100% damage against on an extremely strong assassin when in danger. Also why is he is still looked down own by 99% of everyone just because has no dragon blood? (His god grade dragon blood was stolen) His cultivated level is comparable to that of geniuses his age and he reached that in just 6 months, yet his cliche scum fiance, her family, and 99% of everyone still believe he will amount to nothing. The worst his the long family itself. Just because his negligent grandfather who let the original him constantly get beat up and eventually killed needs dragon blood to survive the main character ends up only caring about such. He is willing to put his life on the line to do it. Also he sends him tot he long family army for training telling him to be given the hardest assessment. He ends up saving other long family members but has to jump of a cliff for himself to escape afterward which makes them fail him saying something like it was a rash and s*upid thing to do, even though he had no choice. However its clear that the reason is because he has no dragon blood and so they look down on him. A few people speak up for up and now he is being my forced to go through and even harder trial that is all but guarantee to end up with death. The main character agrees since he doesn't want to let down his (?) grandfather. Honestly the fact his grandfather the strongest member of the Long family allows all this is insane. Just like before he allows his grandson to be treated unfairly and is putting his life in danger. Even after all this the main character still for some reason wants to make the long family rise and become more powerful and hasn't wavered in his loyalty slightly. Why is even he loyal to the Long family? It wasn't his life in the first place. I looked ahead but it only gets worse. One really big problem is when the author introduces the intimacy system. 90 - 100 points it literally written as can do anthing he wants with the women. The first girl who is hot introduces into this is cold women with no personality. The main character who even says he doesn't like cold women start acting different to increase the intimacy points. If every relationship is going to be artifical like this whats the point? Do people really like reading about someone who changes who they are to get a women? Also since when does a women being in love with you mean you can do anything you want with them? Even further ahead when he goes to the next world and has to start all over. At the beginning of starting over about 10+ chapters in the main character seems to return to someone with no experience, He doesn't even realize when his qi runs out. Whats worse is someone points it out to him and they are just guessing based on the fact he used an extremely powerful artifact. A young women can figure out he has no qi but he who was once an immortal can't keep track of his own energy? He even gets shocked by a sword attack from a weakling (he was an Immortal level powerhouse before he had to start over) which is described as him never seeing such a fast sword. The author even writes "so strong" Long Fei said with shock. What immortal power house becomes shocked by mortal cultivators? It might as well be a new novel or new character because he is acting like one. The only thing that hasn't change is his unjustified arrogance. If you think a novel were the author finishes his first like and death situations in a third life up by the system giving him control of a kunpeng from a higher realm for 3 minutes after which it will rebel which it does. Only for the Kunpeng who is angry from being controlled by what it sees as an ant to say your not qualified to be killed by me and leaves returning to the higher realms makes for a good novel then this is you novel. If not look elsewhere. <<less
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Hybrid10118 rated it
April 16, 2019
Status: c232
neat series, fast development it's a good distraction to read without having to think so much :)

  • a nice touch compared to other "Reincarnation / Game" series is that the MC in this one is actually clueless about a lot of things related to the system and not everything is unlocked from the start, he learns little by little.
  • lots of fighting and arrogance from all side.

  • the MC isn't just strong because he is strong his strength is actually believable since he's getting many stats left and right from finishing a quest or random objectives or even receiving titles it makes his power a bit more believable than other series where the MC just overpowered because he is. on Babelchain. Org the series is already Translated and many chapters are available but we need more people to vote for the next chapters to be added. If some people like the chapters please visit and subscribe to use your votes to unlock some new chapters to be released, there are

    over 4000 chapters.
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BAttle_God rated it
May 13, 2021
Status: --
I'm surprised about how I managed to read 500 chapters of machine translated novel from the beggining.

The novel really has some s*upid developments, but the whole system-cultivation idea I enjoyed it very much and I really hope to see a better version of a OP-system based cultivation story, where MC gets stronger and stronger by killing tr*shy charachters, but with some story development as well.

Does anyone know a good story about a system-based-cultivation-story? Thanks!
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