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Group Name Babel Realm
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Group Releases
Date Title Release
02/21/20 Invincible System: I am the Great Devil c85
02/20/20 Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife c111
02/20/20 The Immortal Taoist c43
02/20/20 The Cold Prince Dotes On His Wild Wife c24
02/20/20 My Cold And Beautiful CEO c24
02/20/20 Immemorial Sword Venerable c45
02/20/20 Co-renting Immortal Doctor c58
02/20/20 Control The World c55
02/20/20 Beautiful Farming Wife c63
02/20/20 Top Strong Cultivator as a Teacher c85
02/20/20 Immortal Emperor Returns c73
02/20/20 Profound Dragon Warlord c58
02/20/20 Landing in the Fantastic World c99
02/20/20 Refining Heaven and Earth c79
02/20/20 Rebirth As a Fatuous and Self-indulgent Ruler c93
02/20/20 Spiritual and Martial Conqueror c63
02/20/20 Martial Arts Murdering Nine Heavens c124
02/20/20 Ultimate Master of Martial Arts c106
02/20/20 Super Dragon Slaughtering System c110
02/20/20 Invincible System: I am the Great Devil c84
02/19/20 Co-renting Immortal Doctor c57
02/19/20 Control The World c54
02/19/20 Beautiful Farming Wife c62
02/19/20 Top Strong Cultivator as a Teacher c84
02/19/20 Immortal Emperor Returns c72
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