The Male God Has A Crush On Me


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Shi Qingning, who suffered from a serious cong**ital heart disease, entered a dog-blood novel. Although there were scumbags everywhere, he finally has the healthy body that he always dreamed of.

After kicking the scumbag’s ass, Shi Qingning found out that he was just an unknown minor supporting role, and the dog-blood plot that he encountered was nothing compared to that of the protagonist of the novel.

The genius who was supposed to shine brightly, was ruined by the so-called twisted plot.

Shi Qingning: ? The fist is hard.jpg

Shi Qingning, who most hated to see the destruction of a genius, successfully changed the plot. Watching the protagonist regain the flowers and applause that he should have gotten, Shi Qingning was extremely relieved, but suddenly saw the other party’s gloomy expression.

Shi Qingning asked, “What’s the matter?”

The protagonist lowered his long black eyelashes, and was silent for a moment before he said, “I have had a crush on someone for too long, but I don’t dare to tell.”

Shi Qingning laughed, “How is this a problem, just go and confess. I’ll cheer for you.”

Seeing that the protagonist was not depressed and world-weary due to the heavy injuries caused by the dog-blood plot, but also actively wanted to fall in love, Shi Qingning became more and more gratified.

The cub has grown up.

So that night, he realized exactly how big the cub had grown.

In his previous life, Bai Yexi was very cold-hearted causing people to avoid him. He was like a walking corpse, without any hint of sadness or joy.

Until that person appeared, after which Bai Yexi only had one wish.

I want to see him smile again.

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MountTai rated it
December 15, 2022
Status: --
I have completed the novel. It's a pretty good short read.

MC who transmigrates into a novel just wants ML to live a good life because of all the scums he has faced. The novel has good balance of plot and romance and school life. Below are spoilers for the novel along with some more opinions.

... more>>

So MC and ML are actually just reborn, and MC was just mistaken he was in a novel. He starts getting suspicious pretty early. It's really a series of misunderstandings from their previous life that slowly unravel. I for one would have just been like "who cares?! Past was past" lol but I understand that I'm not the one in love so...

ML is deadset on giving his heart to MC just like his previous life (An'an was MC's almost nickname as a kid). He is deeply hurt and thinks MC hates his for indirectly destroying his family and imprisoning him in previous life and the fact MC's final words implied that if they were reborn, he doesn't want to see ML.

I'm not sure if it was completely resolved but I infer MC meant that he has hurt ML so much, he doesn't want to cause more pain. Btw ML is just trying to shoulder all the blame, he is just very insecure. It was actually Li family who destroyed MC's family because they had dirt on Li's family and also that ML gave them a lot of money to help MC recover.

He also "imprisoned" MC aka MC's health was declining so bad, so ML did everything to take care of him, even to point of heart transplant.

Even side characters didn't turn out to be the way MC remembered.

Anyways, still a good novel, just wish that everyone getting ill so often was cut down lol. And the physics part kinda glazed my eyes.

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ylial rated it
November 21, 2022
Status: c21
The above novel description and the tags explain well the gist of the story. I enjoy reading a sane MC (not a brain dead), and a doting family. The novel is different from the lengthy and detailed novel. The author doesn't write some of the details directly, rather there are foreshadowing in almost every chapter through some minor narratives and actions of characters. That's why, I sometimes wonder why that chara acts like that or what does it mean - they are connected to succeeding chapters instead (some are not... more>> explained. It is sometimes hard to guess since I misinterpret the actions sometimes).

I don't know if I'll feel pity or creepy with ML. He looks and acts slightly like an introverted lunatic bcoz of his tragic past. I think the MC is reborn instead of being transmigrated or probably both. Because he has a different memory that he is unaware of. I don't know if I'm gonna drop. <<less
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D_D_M rated it
December 15, 2022
Status: Completed
I Liked this novel. Though I read I long back so I don't quite remember a lot of it.

MC and ML relationship is quite good. MC also has a good family who supported him.

Gonna read it again. Highly recommend. Lots Of Love ❤.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 19, 2023
Status: c21
I only got to chapter 21 so I won't rate it for now. So far the story is kind of boring, the interactions with the MC and the ML are meh. I was also unaware that this is a high school setting, or I probably wouldnt have even started it. I'm just not that into high school romances as I'm way past it's target age.

The MC is okay, not much too him really. Also not sure why the author bothered with the wearing a book route, it's obvious from early... more>> on he is just reborn. No explanation of the "book's" plot is really given so it doesn't serve much purpose other than to have MC forget his first life. Bit a bait and switch from the synopsis too, I was looking for a transmigration novel not rebirth.

ML is more angsty than what I'm looking for right now. He doesn't have much of a presence so far and I'm having a hard time picturing him, which hardly happens with me.

I may pick this back up after it's been translated more and when I'm in the mood for drama and intrigue (not willing to wait around right now to find out why the MC wanted to forget his first life) <<less
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xjgg rated it
February 12, 2023
Status: Completed
the story feels a bit... floaty? the MC is smart, but sometimes he says things that make me go ".... eh?? you only realized now? didn't we already infer this a dozen chapters ago??" it's like he knows about one thing, and if he thinks (even involuntarily) only a little bit more he will find out about other things, but he just. stopped. and he will get the second shock from finding out about those other things several chapters later. it's weird af. meanwhile ML is obsessed with MC and... more>>

suicidal. he wanted to donate his heart to MC because in their previous life, MC was incurable and his condition continued to deteriorate.


another thing that makes me feel unmoored while reading this is the way MC threw in theories about time travel. you know that feeling when a fictional senior high school student tried to explain his time travel (the kind that travels years into the past) and retained memories by physics theories and he acted like everything made sense? well I felt like I was losing my mind lol. I kept thinking "omg hawking anti"

MC also insinuated later that

his friend found out a way to send messages through time and space.

it's also such a pity the author didn't write any extra about mc's brother. I want to know whether stern gege really became 0 tsk what did you put that foreshadowing for, then? <<less
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ceannn rated it
February 5, 2023
Status: --
i think ML is such an idiot, if from the beginning he did have the thought of giving his heart he shouldn't have appeared in front of MC at all to avoid tragedy (it is said that he was reborn from a baby and recovered his memory in three years). Supposedly with his family's resources for over a decade he has to think of other solutions than temporarily making MC like and depend on him he also wants to die. I really hate the type of person who makes fun... more>> of himself. MC is also s*upid, with all kinds of clues he doesn't know anything. Idiots. <<less
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