The Magician with ‘Clumsy Magic’ Wields Gravity Spells like No Other ~ in a Worldwhere There Is No Concept of Gravity yet, a Boy Rises as the King of Universal Gravitation ~


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Wade, a boy born in the slums and raised by terrible parents, finds a glimmer of hope when he becomes an apprentice adventurer. Enduring grueling training, he’s promised to be taught magic if he perseveres.

On the day of his fateful magic instruction, while others are granted promising fire and water magic, Wade receives what seems like the worst of luck—a magic called “Slow Magic.”

In despair upon realizing it’s a spell that makes him clumsy, Wade recalls memories of his past life as a corporate s*ave.

“Huh? ‘Slow Magic’? That sounds like gravity magic, a powerful spell!”

Yes! In this underdeveloped world, where the concept of gravity is largely unknown, Wade is underestimated.

Determined, Wade faces his newfound gravity magic head-on. Increasing his own weight boosts his attack power, while being lighter makes him more agile. He can even float lighter than air and pseudo-create objects by manipulating gravity’s focal point.

Thus, despite ridicule, Wade uses gravity to overcome those who mock him, defeat goblins, and even topple boss monsters.

Teaming up with a fellow unpopular magic user and a boy aspiring to be a hero, Wade delves deeper and deeper into dungeons in search of thrilling battles against the strongest foes.

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Noroma Mahō to Yobareta Mahōtsukai wa Jūryoku Mahō de Musō Suru ~ Mada Jūryoku no Gainen no Nai Sekai Nite, Shōnen wa Ban'yū Inryoku no Ō to Naru ~
The Man Given "SLOW Magic" will become Unparalleled with the Gravity Magic
ノロマ魔法と呼ばれた魔法使いは重力魔法で無双する ~まだ重力の概念のない世界にて、少年は万有引力の王となる~
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Ixcez rated it
May 2, 2024
Status: c42
This is one of those novels where pretty much the MC is super powerful simply because he holds knowledge from earth and for some reason everyone else in the world he's in has no idea about the magic their using or any real kind of education they also seem completely unable to learn new things or actually test their magic, especially when it comes to the "unpopular" magics.

To give an example the MC get's gravity magic, which is called slow magic because it simply makes people slow. However, the magic... more>> they learn is called increase weight which every gravity magic user knows since the magic get's inscribed on their right hand and they can all check what the magic they know is called. So they all know that their magic increases weight but for whatever reason ppl only knows that it makes them slow. While MC is instantly able to use it to strike heavier blows or make other things or people/creatures heavy as well by at first touching them for a second.

While the first heroine for instance has ice magic which is also seen as weak because while they can attack with the same power as a fire mage they can only do it when they have water, because for some reason fire magic can summon big balls of fire and throw them easily while ice magic only blows a stream of freezing air that can freeze stuff in close quarter but quickly loses it's power at range only able to attack at range by freezing water.

So for some reason all the "unpopular" magics all seem to follow how the elements mostly are in real life, like how coldness traveling through the air would disperse. All the popular magics for some reason can do otherworldy, magical things or seem to work on game logic, like water magic being a magic for healing or how fire magic for some reason doesn't lose it's fire power as it travels through the air like ice magic.

On a side note when it comes to the magic logic between ice and fire magic it would make way more sense for ice magic being able to create for example an ice spike out of thin air since there is always water vapor in the air to some degree so while it would be slow it would make sense to be able to gather it together to make an ice spike. While creating a ball of fire and having it keep burning makes no sense since even with air fire needs fuel and if magic power can fuel fire why can't it create ice? But basically this is my biggest issue with this story since it tries to make magic logical and based on real life elements and how they work but thats only for the unpopular magics and the rest just throws that out the window.

Outside of the above the story is fairly generic without any real goal in site outside of te MC being poor and wanting to get rich and powerful + then remembering his past life as a corporate s*ave. While he quickly starts to build a group of followers + harem because of it, overall it feels like a powerfulfillment.

The chapters are fairly short, there also isn't much in the term of development for the characters outside of for instance the MC talking normally to the bullied ice mage and then helping her realize basic thing about her magic which makes her yandere. There is some combat but most of it is just over in a few sentences or doesn't even make much sense like in the first fight he uses increase weight to make himself really slow and then turns it off so then it seems like he's doubled his speed so the other guy can't keep up with him but he's just moving at half speed and then at his normal speed which most normal people can do without magic or how by increasing his weight he's able to bounce back a fireball that is hitting his shield when in reality it should have made the fireball explode more easily if the shield becomes more sturdy I guess when he increase the weight or just by the force he could use with the increased weigth. But yeah it just feels like there is a bunch of explanations in the story on the magic system but most things about it and how it's portrayed in the story just makes it seem like plotholes are everywhere. <<less
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atami-sama rated it
May 16, 2024
Status: v2c24
The protagonist keeps working hard naturally, without being weak or awkward. They're not weak-willed, socially awkward, or slow to act. The character development is well done, but the most captivating aspect of this work is its madness. Instead of being carried by typical protagonist tropes, his friends each have their own charm because they tirelessly continue their efforts.

For the plot, it will be revealed later. So, it well written.
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