The Mad Tycoon of Rome


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Lee Jae-hoon, who had lived his entire life with a dirt spoon, opened his eyes again, which he had briefly closed in the library due to overwork, and he became the eldest son of the greatest conglomerate family in ancient Rome.

A new life started once again. This time, he decided he was going to live a good life not having to worry about money. But fate had something else in mind.

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로마 재벌가의 망나니
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ObisidianRevenger rated it
March 1, 2023
Status: Completed
Precise. Interesting. Captivating.

I am a big fan of alternative history novels so I have a decent experience in them. This is undoubtedly one in the top ranks. Some of the other novels get caught up in massive info-dumps that break the flow and make the reading less interesting. The reason why I say this is because this novel is surprisingly to the point and makes sure to properly describe the necessary information needed. Other than that it doesn't focus more on the useless parts by giving us proper time skips... more>> in between the necessary events. By this I mean we don't have environment descriptions and fanciful literature like in SSS-Class su*cide Hunter nor do we have a story focusing on irrelevant events and characters.

The story mainly focuses on MC's rise to power and the events around the Roman Republic of the Before Christ Era so there is more emphasis on military, politics, scheming and the use of modern knowledge (more so after the middle parts of the story), while there is less emphasis on stuff like romance and similar stuff. There is a harem but nothing like cat fights and useless time wasting on drama and tends to focus on realism. Surprisingly Rome of that era was monogamous in terms of marriage but adultery was very prevalent (best example would be Ceaser going around sleeping with married women).

So to describe the setting, a modern person has transmigrated in the middle of the Classical Age into the body of 12 year old Marcus Licinius Crassus right after he wakes up from a massive hangover at around 50BC in Rome. From there on he cleans up the sh*t of the original body (there isn't much to clean) and starts with his journey by attempting to learn the family business. The MC is a pragmatic and super cautious person whose primary goal is to rise to power in such a way that he doesn't get assassinated by being labelled as 'power-hungry'. This means we have a lot of scheming and a lot of the work happens in the background. The MC also focuses on keeping the original timeline as intact as possible but inevitably there are a lot of differences due to the butterfly effect. There is also the usual introduction of modern knowledge but the protagonist here knows that he cannot have stuff like tanks and keeps himself restrained from over-innovation and focuses on practicality. It also ends on a good note with the side-stories adding alot to it.

Other similar novels to this would be Rasputin of the East and I Became Stalin where the setting is on Earth but at some point in our history. But if one wants to read and overly detailed one I would recommend Tyranny of Steel which is available on WebNovel. <<less
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Invadingcat47 rated it
September 12, 2023
Status: c55
Personally I find this one a garbage level of writing, I used to like heaps like this in my olden days of foraging for something to read, but now I know better it's just lazy writing.

... more>>

What I found; Characters are wet blanket for the protagonist to manipulate without taking into consideration of their personalities, they just followed him because he is "gEniUs", everyone would swallow his every word despite being a young preteen, like Pompey would follow his every order how to use his consulship power and stop talking in the middle of his roasting someone important. You get how f*cking silly that is? A proud and accomplished general with his blood hot from that person's failure and so he release one of the greatest roast in the history of Rome, but a single signal from our "genius" protagonist he shut his mouth in second in the middle of his venomous speech. That's just f*cking silly and lazy writing. He's somehow able to "plan" his scheme based on books written from the future down to the last variable that would give him the most benefit without need or consideration for the present making the book from the future act like a CCTV 24/7 instead of a book written with limited amount of information, lots of hearsay, and theories.

He can take advantage of the flow of timelines to make himself richer, more famous, acquire more glory but somehow conveniently does not change the timeline so can coast on easy mode based on his reading of a book written in the future. And Even worst than that is how characters who uses his "genius" advice somehow doesn't follow anymore conveniently at the timeline where they made wrong decision that ruined their career, so conveniently no change of timeline and protagonist can benefit from the opportunity guilt free.

But what gets my blood even more hotter is the protagonist' lack of personality consistency, this exploitive and manipulative snake who can use people without a single shred of emotion like a cold blooded legless reptile somehow found genuine emotion to fall in love with after just meeting with her for few days. Did I also forget that she's Caesar's daughter? See how absolutely convenient that is? He, a manipulative snake chasing power fell in love with the daughter of the man who will be the catalyst for the Roman empire?

And that's just one of the silly and convenient garbage this tr*shcan produce, Caesar's daughter is a pure and submissive girl who will only act in his interest, has no selfish desire for her own gain, will accept his harem (because why not) and will not bang another dude behind his back like other Roman wives. Isn't she just conveniently fit in the power fantasy?

There is no narrative tension, there is no challenge, nothing that test a protagonist character that will lead to growth or development. Not that that's even possible considering the protagonist is made to be as bland as possible so you can self insert yourself as him. Everything is convenient and easy for the protagonist so he can get fame, power and wet his stick with many women.

Don't get by the people who rated this above 1 stars, they lack enough brain cells to see beyond own reflection because this is one of the worst historical empire building I have the displeasure to read. <<less
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Lovise rated it
August 15, 2023
Status: --
My biggest gripe against this novel is the tidbits of the histories of Roman that were incorrect. Hence the 4 stars. I would give it a 4.5 if I can. Just minor details that annoyed me.

One of them appeared earlier i.e. spartacus and gladiators. Honestly beside him wanting freedom, the motives of the full blown rebellion is up for debate by historians. I mean depending on the source, some believe that it was just an accident. Dude wanna escape but was caught. It turned into a rebellion because he don't... more>> want to get executed. Marx... ofc made it a class rebellion for his communist argument. The oppressed narrative is the Hollywood narrative.

Also, gladiators are similar to wwe celebrities. Well the top dogs certainly are. Historians tends to agree that gladiators are typically middle class (hence why Marx argue for class struggle). Fatality rate are not high as the author stated. Historian tends to agree around 10%. Survival rate tends to be 80-90%. A good number to bet on if you were to ask me. I mean... you are more likely to get a divorce than losing your life if you ask me. <<less
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idfnfni1 rated it
October 28, 2023
Status: c50
I have to admit I was torn between a 2 star or a 3 star but after thinking for a while I decided to go for the 2 star simply because the love interest is 12 years old. The fact that the MC is an adult and she being a kid just made that 1 star difference easier.

Now onto the story... It is quite boring as there is nothing the MC doesnt know or struggles against atleast so far.
Everything happend as he had planned without any deviation. There are... more>> no surprises, no second plans needed and no failures. Everyone praises the MC for his smarts and actually listens to the person who was considered a waste and incapable for 15 years. They trust him without question and serve him without question because he was right a whole 3 times in his 16 years of living.

the characters.... So far there is only 1 person other than te MC who has shown a brain and that is ceasar. Other characters have only shined for a few times and that was only when they received a script from the MC on what to do and say. Ah, there has also been no character development so far either. They either do what the MC says, dont exist in that part of the story or they are the enemies who the MC goes against whom are also s*upid.

World building.... dont know what to say... its in our world but the past and thats basicly it? Just dont expect any place to be really fleshed out, the scenery is bare bones explained.

Well thats about it except for one thing that made me laugh. At around chapter 34 where Ceasar is stil alive and Augustus wasnt emporer yet (obviously) they were speaking of months. They said they had to be back in july because of an event in august. Funny thing is, july and august dindt exist at that time period. Emporer Augustus wanted his name immortalized and created a month for himself and Ceasar and as such, July and August was born. I always get a chuckle out of it when a book/novel about history makes such mistakes.

Anyway 2 stars because if you can overlook all that then you might find it intereset... it just isnt for me. <<less
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mysticalvoid111 rated it
September 30, 2023
Status: c152
I find the concept interesting however the storytelling left much to be desired. The characters seem so basic in both personality and interaction. I also couldn't really feel that they are from ancient Rome. In other words, the characters and the setting are not fleshed out. In short, it's bland. It's something you can just read when you have nothing to read.
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January 14, 2024
Status: c170
1D chara, all dancing to the MC's tune. Very little notable interaction bwt female chara. MC's enemies always got betrayed while MC folk just get along jussssst fine.

After the initial struggle, MC just charge on ahead without anything holding his ambition back.

A Roman wank, pure and simple, with a tinyyyyyyyy hint of Korean culture ... more>>

(wacky Korean bow :D)


Good to read if you're interest in Roman history.


Worst points: MC is a unapologetic s*aver (Spartacus arc), spouting fascism ideology (Egypt succession arc) while focusing on conquering neighbor and concentrating more power to himself after improving the live of mostly Roman living in Rome somewhat (better bathhouse, soap, entertainment for the mass, better ride, paper for noble, better weapon and armor for legion).

Plot/History just rigidly marched on, little to no butterflies, else developed to the MC's advantage.

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Fluffums rated it
September 3, 2023
Status: c75
It was amazing at the beginning, but as the novel went on it got drier and drier. More focused on Marcus' ambition. I'm not really impressed with this as a story... However, it's pretty good if you're interested in ancient Rome's political structure and military. It reads better than a textbook or thesis at least.

I would have enjoyed it much more if the author stuck to the description. It was less 'fate' and more 'Oh, I know the future. I should take advantage of that and..." It would have been... more>> nice if he did his best to live a good life but in order to protect his friends and family he was forced to seek more power. The novel just feels different from the description.


I know there's the thing where his dad and brother are supposed to die in battle, but even more political power than he has just from his family name and wealth isn't necessary at all to prevent that. He has a gold spoon and a cheat ability; if he wants to live a good life without troubles it will be easy for him.


Also, this is another story where someone who mysteriously went back to the past is casually atheistic. This one even has a superpower, so... why dismiss the gods without even the slightest doubt? <<less
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bongoboymeow rated it
August 30, 2023
Status: Completed

It is a wonderful alternative history novel full of political intrigue, plots, schemes, MC bringing in modern ideas/inventions, wars, and a bit of family life. One of the things that was in the earlier chapters was MC's cheat ability was that he could read books from the modern era in his sleep and change books every 2 months. Sadly, this ability was sidelined in favor of everything else that was going on but suffice to say it served its purpose in giving a reasonable explanation to how MC knows all of these modern things and how to implement them.

The story itself was great, fun, doesn't bore you with too much details, and had me wanting to know more and from what I can tell it is historical accurate until the butterfly effect kicks in. The only things that I hated was Pompey's death which made me cry and the downfall of Pompey's family. Though it is survived by his second son's wife, it is a bit disheartening to see a great ally and his family fall. But, I suppose all great things come to an end and I am glad the author stop the main story where they did. And though MC and his family and friends will pass away in their future, I am sure they will all reunite together in their afterlife (maybe Pompey been watching the whole time).

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shelwyn rated it
September 4, 2023
Status: c79
I like this historical genre myself. It's a bit boring for some. The story itself is carried by history. The plot and intrigue follow the The bc history closely. The author lacks in writing ability, the fights and descriptions are a bit lacking but the story itself is entertaining and carries itself based off history instead of the authors poor writing ability. The MC has insane plot armor and rarely suffers a setback. The author covers this plot hole with the early library system.
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