The Lingering Sounds of Blooming Flowers


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Lu Chenfeng, 32 years old, a gem merchant and also a jewelry designer. He was cultured and refined, handsome and steady. At the end of 2017, his unloyal friend secretly plotted against his business which was passed down from his deceased father, ten years of hard work went to waste. When he was discouraged about life and started traveling after closing his workshop, he didn’t expect him to step into Lin Chaosheng’s life instead.

Others brought back souvenirs from travel, but Lu Chenfeng brought back his love.

> There is too much absurdity and helplessness in this world, but there is also someone who will make you hopeful again the moment you see them.

“To be born, to grow old, to get sick and die is the framework of life, fitting happiness, anger, sorrow and joy into the framework becomes life. The percentage of happiness and sorrow differentiates who’s lucky and who’s not.”

“I used to think that I was the unlucky one, but I never thought of myself as the unlucky one again after I met you.” – – Lin Chaosheng.

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New D_D_M rated it
May 24, 2022
Status: Completed
This is one of the most emotional novel I ever read. Almost most the chapter I felt like crying 😭.

I really loved how ML and MC expressed their emotions and feelings to each other.

ML and MC life experience tells us that though we have to suffer to face the society, there are also sweet movements which we will experience after coming out from our dark past.

... more>> I do recommend this novel though I don't think I am ready to read it once again.

There is no complicated drama or angst. This novel is all about how ML and MC help each other to face their difficulties, after which they have a happy life. 😍😍😍 <<less
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