The Last Slag


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With her superb skills, Tang Ming has countless peach blossoms from small to large.

There is a President willing to contract fish ponds for her.

There are also overbearing male masters who are willing to make a fortune for her.

School grass keeps his body like jade for her, infatuated male leads are countless.

There are countless peach blossom debts, and the whole body is written with slag from top to bottom.

Until she encountered the system.

From then on, the road to ending slag, is getting farther and farther away…….

*School grass means the hottest guy in school.

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Sam7 rated it
October 12, 2019
Status: Completed
Tang Ming binds to a rejection system, basically brushing up the male leads favorability, and then rejecting them when it gets to 100. Some of the male leads are slag, some are not. Some get rejected and some are accepted. There is tragedy and there is happiness. I love the heroine Tang Ming, she is such a cool girl and a strong female lead. The arcs get better as it goes on. I think this is such a great story and it definitely stands out from all the other transmigration... more>> stories out there, its unique. <<less
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